Wield two swords in Red Steel

By Spencer . October 23, 2006 . 6:19am

Ubisoft’s Wii only action game, Red Steel, adds in the ability to use two swords at the same time. The control set up for dual katana action maps one sword to the Wiimote and the other to the nunchuck add on. If you want to get your sword skill up to the point where you can use two swords you have to follow the laws of bushido, which means limiting who you kill. Instead of dealing a final blow you have the option of forcing an enemy to bow to you. It looks like not killing an opponent is going to require more finesse than slashing through the game, but players who follow this rule will be well rewarded.




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  • Malik

    Man the character design sucks. XD

  • Grego

    isnt that just the blocking blade?
    the e3 videos had this as well, i’m pretty sure you always have this as you block with the second blade in the intro section as well

  • Bryan

    No look at the first picture, that is two regular katanas, however the second picture does show the smaller blocking blade

  • Ewok

    No, in all pics its a shorter blade – wakizashi. Look at the hilt – its only big enough for one hand.

  • Jedibound

    for once
    it looks good

  • That sounds like a really interesting system.

  • Eric

    I’m pretty sure that this is nothing new, and the first picture also shows the shorter, blocking sword – you’ve always been able to slash with it, and the videos have shown that. Since the nunchuck attachment does not have full motion recognition and can’t track gestures (just movements of the unit in a general direction), a second sword “controlled by the nunchuck” independently doesn’t make any sense, especially given as the thumb stick on the nunchuck is used for movement.

    Until something is said by Ubisoft, this is just somebody’s creative interpretation of a screenshot and attempt to make “news” out of thin air.

  • vman456

    You don’t parry with the smaller blade you morons. The smaller blade is the one you’re supposed to use to thrust into the opponent or slash him depending on the opportunities given.

    Where do you learn all this crap from? Retarded Ninja Fights volume 1?

    Do you realize how stupid it would be to block with an off-handed shorter blade when you have a perfectly good longsword or whatever else with good reach and potential for parrying?

  • poopbutt

    lol why are you arguing about how to sword fight, stfu who cares?

    and im sure your some sort of magic sword god…

  • umm

    how do you not kill some one when they bow ?

  • jimi

    i donr know how to spare some one every time i try i just kill them

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