Contest: A Wii for you and a Wii for me

By Spencer . November 27, 2006 . 1:53am

01.02.07: Contest is CLOSED. Thanks for playing!


By now you probably noticed our “Clicks for Charity” banner. It’s a new part of Siliconera where we are going to be using the site to help make the world a better place. Right now all of the proceeds are going to the Mercy Corps. They provide disaster relief and aid for developing nations around the world. If you like what we do here at Siliconera please help out by visiting the “Clicks for Charity” sponsor. Each click goes towards a good cause.


Now for all of our readers we have something special. To celebrate our server migration and “Clicks for Charity” we’re giving away two Nintendo Wiis! One goes to you and the other goes to one of your buddies.


Here is how the contest works:

Each Sunday we’re going to select up to ten comments as comments of the week. We’re looking for intelligent, hilarious and thought provoking comments for the section. Post comments anywhere on Siliconera for a chance to be one of the comments of the week. The last time we’re going to select comments of the week for the contest is on December 31, 2006. Then on January 1st we’re going to randomly pick out one of the comments of the week as the grand prize winner. The winner will be notified by e-mail and they can choose one of their other friends who also posts on Siliconera to receive the other Nintendo Wii. Make sure you use registered e-mail addresses when you post comments since you and your friend will be notified by email.


Protip: Get your friends to post comments and increase your chance of winning a Wii!


See the official rules past the break

Can I win a Wii if I’m not in the USA?

Yeah! We’ll ship the Wiis anywhere in the world, even Antarctica. Be aware that the Nintendo Wiis are designed for North America. If you live in Europe you probably need to get a voltage converter and have a NTSC TV ready.


How long is the contest going on for?

Right now (Nov. 27, 2006) until December 31st 2006.


When will I get the Wiis?

That depends on where you live. Prize delivery can take up to three weeks.


So how does the whole buddy thing work?

If you win we’re going to send you an e-mail. Then you send us the e-mail of your friend you want to get the Wii. We will verify your friend’s e-mail on Siliconera and send them an e-mail to them that they also won a Wii. If your friend’s e-mail address is not found on the Siliconera comment database we will e-mail you asking to select another one of your friends who is properly registered on Siliconera.

Do I get the monster or Mario?

No those are ours. If you want to trade your Wii for the monster we’ll talk.




How do I register?

It’s easy just fill in your name and e-mail address in the comment box.


Can comments be anywhere on the site?

Yes! Place comments at the end of every thread and we’ll select

what we think are the comments of the week every week.


Can I post more than one comment?

Yes! Post as many comments as you want on the site.


Should I post comments here?

No. Because people haven’t been reading the instruction comments posted in this section DO NOT COUNT. Please post comments on other posts on Siliconera. 


Lastly, Siliconera reserves the right to make all final decisions about the contest.

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  • Pesmerga00

    Great news! The best contest yet, but “sniff” I don’t have any friends on here.(Goes to cry in corner.)

  • ragingdwarf

    Neither do I. :(

  • UberNoCrono

    Ill be your friend if it gets me a Wii :)

  • david

    i want to win a nitendo wii

  • david

    i want to win a wii it for my brother or a friend . i will be happy if can get a wii

  • vysethebold

    I asked a girl today if she wanted to come over and play with my Wii, and I got slapped. I’m never going over to the all-women’s campus ever again…

  • jedibound

    I ran in the store yelling out WIIIIIIII
    and security took me down

  • IceAmp

    Great contest! So if I get my friends to come they can post and win Wiis too?

  • John

    thw Wii is very tiring. BUT ALSO VERY FUN

  • Brendan

    so, what if i have my mom use her E-mail address and win a Wii? could i then E-mail myself? or vice versa? or would that be against the rules? because technically, there are still two people who are viewing the website. and if thats NOT illegal, could i then use my dad’s E-mail address, and my older Bro’s address?

  • Diane

    i think you should be able to use multiple E-mail addresses. its only fair. i mean, if your going to spend your time on the website, you should have a fair chance.

  • darkonilink98000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    nintendo wii is a awsome sytem i would like to get two that will be cool

  • phantomlink100

    i i told one of my friend that i got a free wii he looked suprise i said i didnt get a free wii i got to go wii in a toilet

  • tootie

    and this little piggy cried wii wii wii all the way home

  • Chumbawumba

    I wanna get drunk and play wii beerpong

  • retrogamer

    I hope I win a Wii so I can share the joy with my friend at He really deserves to have his very own Wii this Christmas.

  • robert

    I hope i can win the wii my friend shaun crombie really needs it since his parents divorced he is begging for one.

  • KageNaruto

    SO…. what if we have no friends on this site, will just another randomly drawn person win a wii?

  • tootie

    wii are family, all my brothers and sisters and wii

  • Jason Keays

    Wii support, wii encourage, wii enlighten – but honestwii, Wii love Nintendo for this new console innovation unbelievably!

  • warhawk

    Clever ryhme of the Wii word’s. If only I were so clever. (If you win the Wii can I have your extra?)

  • Ok, I’m from Slovenia, so I’m ready to buy a converter… I just want a Wii, pretty please nice people from siliconera :D

  • If my calculations are correct………SLINKY + ESCULATOR = PERPETUAL MOTION.

  • Louise A Brouillette


  • Denise Mower

    I want to win a Wii too!

  • Toddvb

    I want one!

  • lynne Goodwin

    Love to win one!

  • Matt Long

    I hate winning things, strike that, reverse it.

  • Robert Cullen

    Me want! Me want!

  • Michelle Hill

    I tested my IQ by tickling my brain but I did not laugh. Does that mean I’m stupid? I need a Wii to occupy my endless hours of relentless searching online for some form of entertainment that I thus far have yet to find, but still I insist on exploring every nook and cranny the world wide web has to offer. SHOW ME THE WII! Please put me out of my misery.

  • Nadine Larsen

    On the other hand… You have different fingers…….Wii!!!!!!!!!!

  • Margaret Tokonitz

    ME TOO

  • David Camilo

    A wii wow finally me and my friend will have so much fun, I hope my mom likes it.

  • Teresa Nelson

    All you married women out there listen up. BUY your hubby a Wii, I did, and I haven’t seen him in days!!! :)

  • Tracey Allen

    Where do you view the comment of the week?
    Can the comments be anywhere on the site?
    It says “registered” email address where do you register?
    This seems like a fake contest.
    Where are all the legal rules & regs?
    I’d really like to win a Wii but it seems a little fishy to Mii.

  • Tracey Allen

    Nevermind….. figured it out.
    Where’s that IQ test again?

  • Dawn R

    Great Contest – Perfect Way To Brighten The Holiday.

  • Edward

    Wii Would Enjoy This – One For Me And One For My Grammy

  • tracy

    one for each kid

  • joseph welch

    I share my ds lite with my sister! I wouldn’t have to share eurecka

  • Joshua Boudeman

    U + Me = Wii

  • Great contest!

  • Denise M

    A Wii in the hand is worth 2 in the box!

  • David Bertolo

    My wife yells Wiiiiiiii when we make love!!!!

  • Michelle Draveski

    This would make my son and his friend very happy!!!
    Thanks for the great contest!



  • Very cool!!!!!!!!

  • Rita Sheppard

    I wanna win a wii so I can play like my other friends! Gotta get them to post here too so one of them can win a wii like me.

  • I need a wii to relax with after a long day at work!

  • cynthia beauclair

    Wii love Wii, we love winning wiis

  • Claudia Vitello


  • Lisa Nicholson

    id like to win a wii so i can gift one to my son and gift one to a friend of mine at work who gifts me way nice things all year long … she is a kind soul and id love to reward her in return with something Ive Won !!! … please enter me and thanks for this great contest …

  • Melinda Toungette

    I have the perfect friend to share this with.

  • Robert Fantom

    This would make an excellent XMAS present!

  • Susanne ODonnell

    I will show you my WII if you show me your WII!

  • Jeff Donahue

    Wish I could win a wii!!! I can’t afford one at the moment :(

  • Lisa Sheldon

    I want this more than a Wii bit!

  • Susan Eby

    This is mine, mine, mine!

  • Steve Dadolf

    Wow, a great contest, thanks.

  • Helen Bender

    I wanna win!!!!!

  • Pixie Crider

    It appears Wii have a winner! That would be Mii!

  • Vetere

    consistant loser I want to win……

  • Deanna Diebler

    I have 8 grandchildren..when they come over we can all play!!

  • Eileen Burke

    Thanks for the great contest!

  • Tammi Worrell

    This is my kids’ main gift. It would be great to win it & bless someone who can’t afford one with the other.

  • Gail Abazorius

    Wii Wii, Winning this would be a dream come true. I have been looking for one but really can’t afford those bundle packs. So if Wii can win one, that would be free free! Now I have to go Wii Wii cause I’m so darn excited!

  • Jill Brott

    My kids and I would love this.

  • Patty McCall

    I want one for my son and husband

  • patricia woolverton

    I’m going to wii wii in the corner if i don’t win one!

  • Angela McClurg


  • Jill Hoelzer

    I want to win a Wii for my kids!

  • vicky boackle


  • Ryan Hoelzer

    Win a Wii for me too!

  • gpc

    Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.
    Nothing don’t mean nothing honey if it ain’t free.
    And feeling good was easy, lord, Iwata sang the blues,
    You know feeling good was good enough for me
    Good enough for me and my Nintendo Wii.

  • Shyronn Crider

    wii wii wii

  • Denise Sachs

    Count me in!

  • Shaymaa

    i wanna wiin!

  • jennifer wilson

    i think the wii is a great idea. it gets couch potatoes up and doing something.

  • Shanna Manley

    we want a wii,or 2 lol.

  • Alice C.

    GLTA :0)

  • Terri DeProspero

    One for me and one for my hubby!

  • Angela P

    Oh, Wii not? Old ladies like to play games too! Right?

  • pat griffith

    wii, be wanting to play

  • David

    What a great Holiday gift to… ME!

  • Nancy Bird

    We all want a Wii
    but alas it’s not to be
    I sure would like to see
    that Wii going to me

    And if I’d get one free
    I’d look forward to delivery
    of my free Wii
    and my friends free Wii
    and we’d all say Oui! Wee! Wii!

  • Angela Jacobs

    Great, one for each “kid”

  • Chrystal Jones

    I want to win a Wii.

  • Suzie Lockhart

    Suzie Lockhart, 779 Chalybeate Springs Rd., Angier, NC 27501

  • Michael Capp

    I need a Nintendo.

  • Audrey Larson

    This granny wants to win a Wii!

  • Barbara Burney

    wii the game tooo have my boys would be crazy about this wii

  • David Benedict

    wow!! after all the hype I really want this game for my stepdaughter, she is just the greatest kid!!!

  • Susanne Troop

    for Wisconsin winters just the game to have all WII long!!!!

  • Karen Mead

    Please choose me!! I love the WII and my kids would be so happy!

  • Jason Yang

    It’ll be the best!!!!!. here I come Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah!

  • melanie blanco

    How do you pronounce two Wii’s?

  • Judy

    And the last little piggie said “Wii Wii all the way home.”

  • darksasuke100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    i want to two wiis that will be cool i hope i will win

  • Steve Runquist

    Wii oh Wii can’t I win RIGHT NOW!?!?

  • Sandra Hollars

    My grandson said if I don’t make him my friend he is not going to let me see my greatgrand child and he wont’ give me a christmas present. So I need to win so we all can have a great christmas.

  • Marjorie White

    My grandson had surgery last week for testicular cancer. I’d love to give him a Wii to enjoy during his chemotherapy. Thank you for the contest.

  • Kim Davis

    I want to win!

  • Frank Blados

    My daughter did Wii Wii on the floor!!

  • Todd Horosewski

    If I win it my wife will finally let me play inside the house

  • Kenneth Adams

    Great contest

  • Robert Vaile

    This must be female contest cause it takes two in order to wii wii.

  • Gail Abazorius

    There was an old woman who wanted a Wii,
    So she entered a contest to get it for free.
    Her children all begged and hollared all day,
    They had nothing to do and nothing to play.
    Dear children I know that you want a Wii,
    Mama did her best, and wii will see.
    Well they chose her nam,e and the world is right,
    Her children are all playing their Wii tonight.
    Wii Willie Winkie was her friend that day,
    He jumped up an yelled HOORAY,HOORAY!!!!

  • Linda Ellis

    wishin’ we would win a wii

    wank wu


  • bob keck

    weeeeee bring on the wi’s

  • Wynnde Calloway

    Winning the Wii would be so nice for me & my cousin. From the commercial, it looks like it would be a blast to play!

  • One for my kids that live with me and one for the ones that don’t!

  • Gregory Morton

    Wii will rule the world! oy!

  • Rita Melton

    To Wii or not to Wii — I say si! Wow poetic & bilingual.

  • Derek Carrol

    Sewiiously when did this site become “Godzillaconera”? and why in the hell is Gigan fighting Mario? “Mario use super jump punch!”


  • tootie

    all i want for christmas is my two wii wiis

  • Thank you for a wonderful contest. If I win, I will keep one for our household and give one to the church for the youth group room. Happy Holidays.

  • Richard Holub

    What if the hokey pokey really is what it’s all about?

  • Dolores Kauffunger

    I Love the WII

  • Karla Vetter

    wii me for wistmas please

  • Kristina Dyken

    Does anyone want to be my friend? I would really love to win a husband would love own one of these..

  • I always thought that charity begins at home.
    So many poor people here in the USA and yet money is being sent
    Sorry but i don’t get it.
    No laughing matter to me.

  • jennifer allen

    my kids would be so happy if i win this…

  • Jason Keays

    I love Wii, I love Nintendo. In fact I love everything about it. My N64, Gamecube, DS and DS Lite keep me thoroughly happy! And guess what – I live in South Africa, where Nintendo is practically unknown here. Thank God for the internet – now that’s dedication right there. This contest is fulfilling for me as what would probably never enter South African shores is up for grabs here. Thank you, guys at Siliconera.

    Why should I in South Africa not be able to take advantage of this wonderful gaming console – does that not raise a thought?

  • Tarah Pessel

    Thanks for this contest

  • Nicole Ace

    Santa needs help!

  • Connie Tucker

    What’s a Wii? :D

  • I would love to win this – I would put one in my living room and give the other one to my brother-in-law. The games look so cool and fun! Especially Zelda – everything requires motion so it’s like working out and playing video games at the same time! the graphics are great too. please pick me.

  • Dennis Kauffunger

    I Love Wii. Hope it Loves me too.

  • Aaron

    I regard the Wii as the best game system to date. The technology is revolutionary and it is a big leap forward in the gaming industry, as well as the technology outside the gaming world. As well, they usually have the most entertaining games that are not on the other systems (super smash, mario kart) the list goes on. These games are specifically nintendo and they are so original and spectacular, i cannot even imagine what they will come up with next. So at that, i tip my hat to everyone connected to nintendo, and more importantly the Wii.

  • stonerocker

    I personally liked that poem, that was one of the best poems I’ve ever read, it brought a tear to my eye… cause it’s true, the Wii is amazing.

  • Sean

    This is an incredibly well thought out and witty post. It includes a pun using the word “wii” as well as something completely original that no one else has thought of. This post will win me a wii.

  • Noah

    I want a Wii!!!

  • tootie

    old nintendo had a farm,
    and on his farm he had a new game,
    with a wii wii here
    and a wii wii there
    everywhere a wii wii
    now everybody wants a wii wii
    now i need to wii wii

  • Leigh Nichols

    Wii wii wii…all the way home!!

  • Chuck

    Wii didn’t start the fire…la la laaa la laaa la….la la laaa la la….

  • Emily Heinzelman


  • Dennis Kauffunger

    Wii, Wii, Wii. Please stop me from Wii-ing and help me win.

  • Demonicmailmoogle

    If Jesus were a game system… HE’D BE THIS GAME SYSTEM!!!!!!

  • Dolores Kauffunger

    Hey Didilee dee a Wii for me

  • Karen Taffar

    My grand ‘s would love this. I can not afford one at the moment.

  • Lisa Vanhook

    Wow!!! Count me in!!!!

  • sebastian

    wii wii wii wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,MUST HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angela Ebel

    I’m not sure what a Wii is, but everyone sure wants one!

  • I like the new commercials for the Wii! A lot of the people in some of the commercials are ‘older’ and ‘over-weight’. I think that advertising to those people (me), is a very smart marketing gimmick.

  • Tracey Allen

    Wii are the world
    Wii are the children
    Wii are the ones that make a brighter day
    So let’s start giving (hint, hint)
    There’s a choice wii’re making
    Wii’re saving our own lives
    It’s true wii’ll make a better day
    Just you and me (with our new wii)

  • Leslie A.

    Wii wish us a merry christmas!
    Wii wish us a merry christmas!
    Wii wish us a merry christmas!
    and a happy new wii!!!

  • Dolores Kauffunger

    Wii, don’t you come to sunny Florida

  • Mark Dunn

    Wii blew me away!

  • Eagle warrior

    The wii is so advanced that even Chuck Norris cannot control it.

  • Chief Storm

    The wii made the ps3 go wii wii all the way home! =D

  • Andrew

    I wish for two nintedo wiis i wish for two nintedo wiis and a zelda game!!!!!!!! Please Grant my Wish If you do you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan Skogen


  • Eliel

    I hope I A Wii for 2

  • tootie

    knock knock:
    who’s there?
    wii who?
    wiiwho i won!

  • tim h

    i need one for my son

  • Tracy Iglesias

    If I don’t win, I’ll be crying wii wii wii all the way home!

  • Cookie

    Wii shall overcome,
    wii shall overcome,
    wii shall overcome, TODAY A A A A A

    O deep in my heart,
    I do beleive,
    that wii shall overcome TODAY!

    OK, so I’m a Poet
    and I know it!

  • Jeanette

    Wii will, wii will ROCK you!

  • Joey Aiello

    Hell yes.

  • Jamie J

    What is this Wii you speak of? I’m on here for the charity. Well anyway, if I do win I guess I can sell one of them, and give the money to charity.

  • Sharon

    Me and my buddy want one

  • Wii; It does a body good.

  • Got Wii?

  • D-Fuse

    People did you even read the contest rules? If you want to win the Wiis you need to post comments like in places all over the site not just here. Well I guess more Wiis for me and none for you.

  • Swiitness. Nuff Said.

  • Christie

    I would love to win the wiis for my dad who has done so much for me and my little cousin who would love nothing more than a wii. Help me let them have a good Christmas!

  • Christie

    I wiieary need a nintendo wii!!

  • Marilyn Wons

    Hey dude, let’s play some games on Wii – oh wait I don’t have one – let’s go back to sleep

  • Rhonda Barron

    Wii need to stop war everywhere
    Wii need to live in peace
    Wii need to respect each other
    Wii need to help make this world in which we all share

    Wii can “MAKE IT HAPPEN”

  • Lan of Oz

    When is a wii not a wii?

  • Judy Abbott

    1609 Rucker Ave
    Everett, WA 98201

  • Jeff Abbott

    Jeff Abbott
    7111-47th Av NE, #203
    Marysville, WA 98270

  • Bogdan

    I’m from Romania (pretty poor country) and I want a Wii too! Too bad I don’t know any Wii jokes, but I’ll still try anyway! Why did the Wii cross the ocean? To get to me, here in Romania! Oh! And NINTENDO ROCKS!!!

  • mathias vanthienen

    Sorry to say this guys but I’m being honest. In Belgium they are talking about the wii as if it’s a wonder and “wow check those technologies, it rocks”. I loved the Nintendo consoles until I bought the Nintendo DS. The system is great but they only make “interactive” games. I now have my Nintendo DS abot 1.6 years (bought it on the release date) And I’ve only bought 4 games: Metroid Prime Hunters, Mario 64, Mariocart and Resident Evil. Ony 4 games and 2 of them weren’t what I expected (Mariocart and Metroid Prime) They were both too short. The rest of the games that are made for DS are or for small children or are weird japanese games that suck (ace atourney,…) or they are retro puzzle games which I don’t like or Interactive touchscreen crap. I’m now only planning to buy zelda for ds and pokemon because Those are fun RPG’s but that’s all. So I think that it’s going to be the same with the Wii like games where children have to stick a tale up a monkey’s but whit the remotes, they can make all kinds of stupid interactive games on the wii. The gamedevelopers think like this: “Let’s make a fun interactive game ow and make that first person shooter on the PS3 or the computer”. Same as the NDS and PSP. So it’s their fault (the gamedevelopers). So I’m not having this console unless I win it but to buy it is too expensive.

  • mathias vanthienen

    OOPS! I ment a Donkey’s but. That poor little monkey shure wouldn’t like it to have a tail in his but

  • mathias vanthienen

    Why 2 Wii’s? I would shure like to win twice because I’ve got 3 tlevisions at here but if I would really like to play on my room I’d just drag my Wii upstairs. So could someone answer this question?

  • mathias vanthienen

    ah now I get it I forgot to read for you and your friend. That’s good because I forgot to give my friend a decent gift.

  • Lauren DeBoer

    the wii is awsome I would love to get a wii for me and my best friend I have been beging for one for christmas and my parents keep saying there to much money! it would be the best if I got one

  • Wiiva-las vegas

    I wanna win a wii becouse i love to win a wii from a win a wii site like this win a wii site that i can win a wii on.
    I want a wii, no I wanna win a wii becouse it is fun to win especialy if i win a wii that i can have fun with becouse i won it.
    And the winner of the wii who won it can have fun with a wii that he/she won.
    I hope I win the wii so i can have fun with my wii that i won on a win a wii site that i post a win a wii comment on now.

    Hope everyone like my win a wii tongue twister, I hope this comment will win the wii ;)

  • Gail Abazorius

    intelligent, hilarious and thought provoking comments to win a Wii. AUGHHHH I guess that leaves me out of the running. OH Oh wait here’s a thought provoking thought, why does it take twice as long to get a check in the mail as it is a bill? Not thought provoking enough, ok here is some intellect. E=mc2. Not good enough,geesh ok here is my sad try at humor. “If there are any idiots in the room, will they please stand up?” said the sarcastic teacher. After a long silence, one freshman rose to his feet.

    “Now then mister, why do you consider yourself an idiot?” enquired the teacher with a sneer.

    “Well, actually I don’t,” said the student, “but I hate to see you standing up there all by yourself.”

  • Andreas

    Why buy, when I can ‘Wii’n it?

  • Dixie Theriault

    Oui! I want the WII!

  • Fred Downs

    Wow! With two Wii’s, I can have enough power to conquer the internet! Pinky! Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

    I think so Brain, but what if the camel doesn’t want to wear the lederhosen?

  • Susanne ODonnell

    Let it WII, oh let it WII, oh let it WII, oh let it WII,
    There will be an answer, let it WII, let it WII.

  • mathias vanthienen

    Ok you guys I have a great idea for a game!!!
    I’m a really big hitman fan and a sequel on the wii would rock. The story of the game goes like this: Number 47 takes revenge on the organisation that killed allmost everyone of his organisation and tried to kill him and while he tries that he discovers that the other organisation is installed at the asylum and that they are doing research about cloning. The Ending boss would have to be the twin brother of the professr who made you with the clones of your genetic fathers like Boris and fusch. There should be another albino clone and some cool places like in a huge airplane like the airbus, the homeplaces where your 4 fathers used to live. The controlls work like this: To fibre wire someone you have to really snap the wire with the wii-mote around someone’s neck. You can also throw coins and load guns with the remote and hit people and take them as a human shield. There would also be ome minigames like lockpicking with the remote and other stuf. Wouldn’t that be great ?

    I even made poster for it for on the hitman forums but it’s not so good.

  • Judy Chapman

    would love to win this , it would be so grand !

  • Thought provoking, hmmm… I will have to hold off writing it till tomorrow after I get my fortune cookie from the Chinese Restaurant!

  • Reine

    “Christmas gift suggestions:

    To your enemy, forgiveness.
    To an opponent, tolerance.
    To a friend, your heart.
    To a customer, service.
    To all, charity.
    To every child, a good example.
    To yourself, respect.”

    ~ Oren Arnold

    Happy Holidays! Charity like yours is what Christmas is all about.

  • Mathmagic

    Hey there are obviously people in here who want to winfor those people… Read the rules :D

  • ItachiForLife

    The WII is like letting those with the eyes to see and the rekoning to understand its like seeing the beauty in darkness.

  • Kouta


  • i hope i get the wii

  • Emarksz

    Ok, so I tried to get a Wii today… but I got to the store late.
    I have now gone into Wiithdrawl.
    Please Help!

  • i want to win a nintendo wii for my sister.

  • Christine Hosie

    pick me!!!!

  • Daniel Morrell

    i need a wii!

  • Petra Bosanko

    my son had flexor tendon injury this year, the copayments don’t leave us much for presents for christmas, his birthday is January 11, this woudl be a great gift, since he could play it without having to use his finger

  • mathmagic

    people read the rules please, people who post here on this page won’t get a prize. Read “should I post comments here?” at the clarifications. For people who are to lazy to scrol up, here’s the answer: “No. Because people haven’t been reading the instruction comments posted in this section DO NOT COUNT. Please post comments on other posts on Siliconera.”

  • Collin

    I would love a Wii. I’ve gone everywhere and they are gone. UGH.

  • I think the wii is the best gaming system so far.I would love to get one, but my mom is stingy with money, so i need help getting one. So count me in please!!!

  • Michael

    First off, this is a great charity contest. What christmas is all about. I don’t have much to say, or any cute poems, but a little cheer.

    My parents are both more than 60 years old now. However, my mom just got out of an operation at duke hospital with a full heart transplant, and she’ll be down for quite a while, and she said she would finally be able to play a video game with me (a first). I think both my parents (which are now both over 60) feel bad that they can’t afford a Wii because of medical bills. I don’t put any pressure because I know their situation, and see how the true spirit of christmas is giving, not recieving. I do think it would be funny however to have my parents jumping around waving a wii-remote in the air. haha, I can see it now :o) Well, good luck to all!

  • Michael

    Suicidal twin kills sister by mistake!

  • Michael

    IRS: We’ve got what it takes to take what you’ve got.

  • Michael

    The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the ability to reach it.

  • Michael

    okay okay okay! last one! night all.

    Smith & Wesson: The original point and click interface.

  • Mawaluigi

    As the French would say….WiiWii

  • Debra Hall

    Im not sharing with my son either

  • I should have said to hell with gettin presents for everyone else a purchase a Wii. Now I’m broke and bored.

  • ivory brown

    if you dont have any friends can you still win it

  • Sheila Branyon

    the kids would love this!Might even have to call myself a kid!

  • Monica

    I think everyone should get a wii . Except the people who are crazy enough to pay double retail prices . That is just dumb

  • Christina E

    This would be great for my kids and me! We are going through tough times and need a way to relax!

  • Susie Stewart

    Oh, great, my grandkids won’t fight over it if they get two !

  • Jeffrey Blake

    want to win
    want to win

  • JoFo

    My kids are dying for a Wii

  • Jeff Fenster

    show me the wii’s!

  • Wayne Dougherty

    I would have loved to get one for my son for christmas. I was recently laid off, we are having problems paying the mortgage. Needless to say that my son did not get much under the tree this year. This would really make his holiday season. Thank you.


    I would love to win theses because my son and i are both playing the new zelda on one gamecube. I am tired of sharing. This way we would both have a machine and we could see who beats the zelda game first. With me being disabled i love playing games. And i love love to finish zelda before son. lol

  • Marilyn walker

    A Wii for you and a Wii for me, two for me if we disagree.

  • wii – this is fun…..

    why dont any of the stores have a demo unit? I could imagine mass adoption (not to mention mass crowding) of the system if they had one…so…check it out- not at ToysRUs, Target, Best Buy, Curcuit City….etc

    need a wii fix ….man

  • Kesha Larkins

    If I had a Wii, I could cancel my gym membership! It looks like incredible fun.

  • I want a Wii!!!

  • Deborah Rosen

    I’m so sorry, an older lady such as myself doesn’t talk about wiiing in public!

  • wii not say i
    wii oh wii
    because says me
    i need to be
    a wii for i and you for me
    and we can play most

  • kierra

    i an’t scared to beg for a nintendo wii ….. i am only 9 years old i enter a lot of contest for a living……please let me have the wii for my birthday because it is coming on jan/7/07….plese and or thank you i say today !

  • kierra

    i all ready entered but give it to some one who needs it

  • Maria Layland

    There’s this um, “Special” person who works at my local grocery store. He keeps asking me if I’m getting a Wii every time to shop there. He claims to be a champ at it in fact, he brags that to every shopper in line. I want a Wii so I could play him and kick his ass. That’ll shut him up.

  • Bonnie Daiello

    So, can I play with your Wii?

  • Tammi Sparks

    Only way I can get a Wii for my children is if Wii can win one so come on, Siliconera, pick Wii-I mean me-as a wiiner!

  • Adam Blair

    Man, I came home for Christmas and played on my brother’s Wii- he had stood in line 2 different times for hours in the damp and cold NY weather and was one person short each time of getting it, then finally 3rd time after about 2 weeks that it had been out he got one. He is in college, I am a working man and don’t have the time ( nor the cash now) to buy one. It would be radically sweet if I can win one from you guys.
    Okay now for the thought provoking, intelligent comment to earn me a chance at the Wii. Only in America would people of all ages camp out in tents, sleeping bags with heaters and thermos full of coffee for a Wii or an Elmo, not knowing if there are enough for all standing in line. Have our senses been corrupted ? Are we a materialistic nation? Would we stand in line for hours for a loaf of bread?

  • Tammy Whammy

    I just want to knock the wii out of some of these people who want to enter for their entire famliy.

  • vickie white

    we need a wii in our household….i will give the other to a kid that doesnt have one

  • Julie Vineyard

    Sure would love to win!

  • Gene Garvin

    i need a Wii so my son loves video games and will come visit me more often if i have one so he can play with me

  • Gereld Garvin

    i would like a wii so my friends can come over and visit more often

  • Katie Garvin

    i would like to win a Wii so that my friends will come over to visit more often to play

  • Eileen Garvin

    i would like to wim the super Wii so that my children will come visit more often and the whole family can play together

  • Im just plain greedy.
    I want to win so i can give them away..

  • Gayle Morgan

    I want one for me. I want to win this bad……..

  • Rachel Mugridge

    My kids and nephew would love this!! Count me In!!


    please please please please

    thanks for the contest

  • Penny Pierce

    This is great!! I would love to WIN one for my HUSBAND. He loves to play all types of games !!! So this would be a WII FOR MY BELOVED.

  • jean fowler

    pick me!!! pick me!!! pick me!!!
    please!!! please!!! please!!!
    thank you!!! thank you!!! thank you!!!

  • Greg Sawyer

    Way cool prize!

  • Linda Prock

    Love the site

  • lynn brannen

    lynn brannen 315 peg wen blvd statesboro ga.30461 [email protected]

  • Andrew Berg


  • Watching the ads for the Wii made me wonder if I could lose my couch potato status if I exercised on the Wii. Even the ad inspired me to exercise on a video game. Thanks for caring about my cardiac status!

  • arline h

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I hope I win a Wii for ME!

  • Rodney

    A Wii Win Here and A Wii Win there, but have to guess where There is?

  • Mary Isaac

    You just want me to break my TV. And worse, you want my friends to break theirs also! Yeah, Thannnnks……..

  • Anthony Malaschak

    Wii don’t you send a couple of these machines?? I’ll say nice things about y’all.

  • Rose Graham

    I want to give it to my grandson, then we can both play.

  • Randall Curran

    I just bought a HD big screen TV and I think playing the Wii game would be great to see and fun to play a more interactive console.

    The directions says to enter email, but here it just asks for mail address…so just in case here is my mailing address…Randy Curran
    2425 E Street
    Omaha, NE 68107
    (402) 733-1025

  • Katt Lewis

    I would love to win a WII for my Grandkids. (Maybe one for me too!)

  • Jana Kappel

    Great contest!! Thanks

  • Tesa Shelton

    Santa didn’t bring me anything for Christmas – this could make up for it!

  • Gene Garvin

    It looks great, and look forward to playing it since no one in this family thought to get it for me for christmas

  • Gerald Garvin

    I have been waiting for them to make a more interactive video game

  • Katie Garvin

    I want to give it to my Dad for his birthday, since he is complaining so much about it (see above) and really wants one

  • Eileen Garvin

    Well, if Kate doesn’t get it for him, I will have to, since he retired I need to keep him busy

  • Elizabeth Percey

    You can all give it up…..I am going to win this. WWWWWIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  • Devin G

    Hell, I’ll take one. I can always lose whatever social life I have left playing Zelda.

  • Paul

    Cool deal!!!

  • thwiiguy22

    i hope i win, i posted alot, and i think mine r funny. one question though, do u announce the winner at midnight tonight, because that would be awesome to win a nintendo right when it turns to the new year.

  • thwiiguy22

    i think i’m too fat, i don’t know if i’m that fat, but this system will get me up and moving. and since i’ll be playing all day long, i think i’ll lose quite a bit of weight, probably too much, although, i don’t think there is a too much for me.

  • edwin millan

    I asked my Pa if he could buy me a Wii. He said, Son, we GOT you one for Christmas! You’re so dum, if I told you New Years Eve was around the corner, you’d go down the street LOOKING for it!

  • nannette ryan


  • I am the mother of three boys who woud love to have this console. Being the mother of three boys, I would also like to work on my tennis & golf, as well as any other sports my kids are interested in.

  • thwiiguy22

    i am so freakin bored waiting for the new year, where i am it’s only 4 and a half hours away. i’m also bored waiting for the winner to be chosen, i hope it’s me, i put alot of funny and serious comments on the site, more than any of you.

  • You can’t get what you want, but if you try sometimes….you get what you Need (Wii)…..

  • Carroll Griggs

    Would love to win.

  • ItachiForLife

    got milk??
    no i got a wii! :)

  • thwiiguy22

    my horoscope says (fortune comes in the new year, as also misfortune comes) the misfortune has already come, so all that’s left is good fortune. i’m pretty sure the good fortune is getting the wii.

  • thwiiguy22

    it just turned the new year where i am, i am so glad, i can’t wait for next year, i’m going to new york for the new year eve party.

  • MiTYH

    Everytime i see WII i think WWII…. then again after the console wars i may not be too far off….

  • MarShaun Hurston

    And, we didn’t have to stand in line for them. Ha!

  • thwiiguy22

    when r we going to know the winner. it said january1st, and it’s almost the end of january1st.

  • Devin G

    Did you guys pick the winner yet?

  • ciara

    i really want a wii nd just if i could get 1 i will be happy i really want1 i tried it out nd i want it ni dis is da best gme out nd i want 1 so bad

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