Browsing the Japanese Wii Virtual Console shop

By Spencer . December 1, 2006 . 12:31pm

I got my Japanese Wii in early and after playing around with Odoru Made in Wario (Wario Ware: Smooth Moves) I hooked the system up to the internet to see the Virtual Console shop. There are 38 titles online now. Some of the big games that we don’t have yet are Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario World, Gradius Street Fighter II, Dungeon Explorer and the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. On the plus side North America has Sim City and Wario Woods first.

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  • WTF?! Genesis games are only 600 points in Japan, but 800 points here?! And, the yen is so much cheaper! NO!

  • Hatake Kakashi

    Yes! Japanese Wii has SF2 for download?! Now I don’t feel so bad for being forced to buy the Wii in Japan instead of in the US.

  • Hatake Kakashi

    Can you play against other people online in SF2?! That would be so cool, like the old days in the arcades, without the smell of sweat and cigarettes.

  • I’m pretty sure that Warioware intro is the greatest thing ever.

  • Hatake Kakashi, Street Fighter II doesn’t have any upgrades like online play, it’s just the same SNES game. As of now all of the Virtual Console games are just like the originals.

  • rickdun

    Sure, the cool thing to do would be to stay off the VC games until there’s some multiplayer functionality. But 1) the VC titles, are mostly one player affairs. 2) The library of titles for the Wii is still comparably smaller than either Xbox360 and the PS3. That’s what did the Gamecube in. So you can understand why they would release the as-is versions on their VC.

    The name of the game here is to inflate your library by whatever means possible.

  • emjay

    The library of wii titles is smaller than the ps3? lol you definitely need to get your facts straight

  • What i really want to know about the Japanese Wii, is if you can play american games on it.

  • Ranneko

    The PS library includes almost all PS1 and 2 games remember?
    The Wii’s only gets what is out on VC and cube titles added to it’s library.

    Effectively numbers wise all the consoles launched with large libraries.

  • bp

    I put up a translated list of all the Wii Virtual Console games taken from Nintendo’s website. They also list upcoming games on the site so I include those as well. I will try to keep this updated as often as they do:

  • chris brown

    Can play american games on a japanese wii?

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