Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII the PSP’s killer app?

By Spencer . December 1, 2006 . 5:21pm

Square-Enix announced Crisis Core as soon as the PSP was launched and we still haven’t seen much of the game yet. Behind closed doors Square-Enix has been showing trailers at E3 and Tokyo Game Show. Yesterday Square-Enix released a trailer in their “Square-Enix” members section with actual gameplay footage. As you can see the game stars Zack, Cloud’s SOLDIER buddy. Since Zack is the main character, Crisis Core takes place before the events of Final Fantasy VII. Also look at Aeris, she looks younger sporting threads similar to her first Kingdom Hearts costume. Gameplay wise Crisis Core is an action RPG and the battle system looks something like Star Ocean: Till the End of Time with Zach running around doing combos. Look in the top left hand corner, notice those spinning slot reels? Cloud’s face is on one of them. Just how do these work into fights? We’ll find out next year when Crisis Core comes out.

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  • rootbeerking

    Holy sex this game looks sweet… From what I could understand the story sounds very interesting… I’ll play this game even if the gameplay sucks thankfully though it doesn’t look like it’ll suck.

  • the_importer

    Man, just how much can one franchise be milked? Warning, if you watched the Anime movie Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-, then the story if pretty spoiled.

  • KageNaruto

    Can’t wait for this game, i’ll finally use my psp for something other than music

  • xU-

    To the_importer,

    That’s true, but the CGs are still worth watching, esp the part with Aeris and Zack. Damn Squre, CrisisCore makes me want a PSP, and FFVIII makes me want a DS. Time to save up!

  • Feanor

    You want a DS for FFVIII?

  • xU-

    Whops! Take out the V.

  • ragingdwarf

    I agree with the_Importer. They’ve milked this part of the series until there’s nothing but dust left. Move on. Expand the stories of characters from some of the other ones if you have to do this sort of thing. Just stop feeding into the emo-bitches that think FFVII’s the greatest thing since sex and that Sephiroth’s the most bad ass bad guy ever in the series (which he’s not…a pissed off clone does not a well developed bad guy make…Kefka wins hands down). The series did wonders for Sony and Square, and turned a lot of people on to RPGs, but they have made FAR better ones than this…

  • Pesmerga00

    Yeah the milking has gotten bad. Ten years down the road when they have exhausted everything else you will have “Cait Sith’s Super Happy Fun time Adventure”, only for the PSWhatever.

  • stonerocker

    I guess now I have to get a PSP..
    I wish they’d release it sooner though.

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