Mario Party 14 for the Game Boy Advance? Not really…

By Spencer . December 6, 2006 . 1:22pm


I love looking at pirate multi carts because you never know what kind of crazy game you’re going to find in a package. Seeing NES ROMs dumped on multi carts is standard practice, but I haven’t seen “Mario Party 14” before. This Mario themed multi cart claims to have Mario Party 4, Dr. Mario 64, Mario Party 5, Super Mario Advance and Mario Party 14 with a badly photoshopped picture. We’re only on Mario party 8 and since I doubt the cartridge is from the future Mario Party 14 is not going to be on the Game Boy Advance cart. Also in the window was a box of a 110 in 1 multicart with pictures of Mario, Rockman, Donkey Kong and Universal Soldier. See how many other icons you recognize on the 110 in 1 multicart box past the break.


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  • ShadowMarth

    Only for SUPER GAME Advance, eh? Must be one of those neo geo things…

  • I saw one of these in San Francisco, except it also include Pokemon Diamond!

    Man, I love these pirated things. They are really cool, all except for the fact that they include hacked roms. If I had seen this, I may have bought it. But alas, I did not, and I also did not. Two did nots in a row. I envy you for this find.

  • Kakashi

    I used to see a lot of these multi-game carts in Chinatown, NY, when I was younger. I never had the cash to buy them and always thought they were neat. However, now that I’m older and have the cash to buy one, is it really worth it, or are they trash?

  • stonerocker

    They’re usually trash Kakashi, I wouldn’t trust putting one in my system.

    And I remember when I used to have Nintendo Power back when Super Nintendo was new, there was this thing on the back cover about how “Mario was stomping mad” about pirated games, and he wanted YOU to report it to Nintendo. I thought that wasn’t much of a problem anymore but I guess I was wrong. That’s to funny. I wish I had a Super Game Advance =(. lol

  • Malik

    I’ve seen pirated games like that all the time. I’ve seen Winning Eleven 41, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Blackout(WTF?!), 100 in 1 games with a game repeated like 10 times, just with a different titles, etc. I’ve seen bootleg Playstation games but with the name “Gamestation” instead. Also, for Xbox, I’ve seen “GameBox”. XD I’ve also seen games with similar titles to the actual company. I saw two different names that were very similar to Namco and Konami, and the logo was exactly the same, just with different colors! XD I’ve also seen one super awesome bootleg game: Super Mario Collection, for the, get ready…PS2. Nintendo would go nuts. Hahaha. It was basically a SNES Emulator in a disc. Hilarious. Living in a country full of bootleg games can just be so funny sometimes.

  • I see Adventure Island, King of Fighters 2001, and Diddy Kong Racing…

  • mmm

    queeeeeee queee queeeee queeeee

  • AnThOnY

    Yeah, I found 1 of these in a yard sale, the Game USA color/advance 100-in-1 ir sum $#!T, and 86% of the games either don’t work, or are total pieces of glitchy bull$#!t.

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