A Wii game developed by a single person makes the European launch

By Spencer . December 8, 2006 . 11:13am

One of the European Nintendo Wii launch titles is Super Fruitfall. It’s a puzzle game where pieces of fruit on a stage to clear. Instead of matching pieces like Bejeweled players rotate the world to move three fruit pieces next to each other to clear them. Super Fruitfall is not going to be the number one game that European gamers are going to get with their Wii, but the game’s creator is still excited about it coming out. Unlike other Wii titles, Super Fruitfall was made by the one-man computer game development company Nissimo. Tony Williams who runs the company says, "This is the kind of deal that small companies don’t usually make. The large publishers don’t have time for the small guy, so working with System 3 has been a vital step. Everyone I show the game to enjoys playing it, this will make it available to the mass market.” Granted not all Wii games are gong to have one man teams, but this suggests there still is a place for budget titles on the Wii. Super Fruitfall sells for £24.99 ($48) compared to a full priced Wii title, which sells for £39.99 ($78). See some screenshots of Super Fruitfall past the break.








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  • Eric Fox

    I’ve been hoping that the online capabilities of this round of consoles would spur indie game development. Perhaps such online resources are not necessary?

  • ShadowMarth

    Looks pretty low quality, but still a good sign that some random guy can put out a game so easily. Looks like a flash game really…

  • What we need is more small developments in general, now with stuff like Xbox live and the Wii being more open ended like this, smaller games get a chance, at least!

    I am sure this won’t change gaming over night but it’s a sign that the little guys can still muscle in and get a say if they make good enough, addictive little games.

    -=Kim Kaze=-
    Games Editor, Entertainmentwise.com

  • Honestly, I think it’s great that this guy has made a game for the Wii without any outside funding or a dev team of any real description, but how many copies does he really expect to sell?

    The game does not seem very entertaining (or original) in the slightest, and to be frank, I’m not quite sure whom his target audience actually includes.

    It’s all well and good that indie developers get some attention, but shouldn’t they be producing ever-so-slightly more than a Tetris edit?

  • I love it! It may not be the most intuitive game, but it means theres hope for solo game creators. Its a GREAT start and a step in a very positive direct.

    I dont think RyanPT understands how complex some coding can be even in Tetris or such like games. More so, its not the coding really. Its pulling the game together as a whole. If I see it on the shelf here in Canada, resonably priced I may just pick up a copy in support ;)

  • I don’t have a Wii, but i do have a PS3…

    I’ve played the Flash version and i find this game pretty fun. It’s almost as good as Lumines on PSP.

    Although 60 bux is a bit exagerated pricy. But its a fun game to have… the creator should publish his game on small portable console too (DS lite, PSP)

    I too wonder how much money he made.

  • Michiel

    It’s great these really small developers can create low budget games that are all about gameplay, and then find someone to help them publish it!

    Also, here is some interpunction: ……………. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Go ahead, they are free. You are allowed to use them in text.

  • Denis

    It is great that a console like the wii is allowing the small budget gaming developers to make such as these. These developers are sometimes the ones that produce the hidden jems in gaming.

  • Hi all.

    It seems the facts have been somewhat misrepresented here.
    The original Frutfall game was indeed developed by a single programmer, however the Wii version, and other versions, have been developed by licenced professional teams under licence.

    Tony Williams
    Creator of Fruitfall

  • Gary Reynolds

    hi all i love this game and it is awesome.

  • Jordan Clark

    I have a question for the creator…what software did you use to create this game? I have found programs online to create Regular Video Games for PC’s but none for the Wii. It would be great if you could leave the program you used to create your wii game.

    Sincerely, Jordan Clark

  • Yeah i wonder aswell if you can make your own with a SDK or something ? would be great to have alot of developers !!

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