Reminder: Win our Wiis!

By Spencer . December 13, 2006 . 7:42am

Just for posting comments on Siliconera you can win a Nintendo Wii for yourself and a Nintendo Wii for a friend. The contest is easy, post well thought out or witty comments on any post on Siliconera. If any of your comments gets chosen as one of our coments of the week, you’re entered into a drawing for the two Nintendo Wiis. The grand prize winner also gets to pick a friend who posts comments on Siliconera to get the other Nintendo Wii. We’re running the contest from now until the end of 2006 so get out there and post!

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  • mathias vanthienen

    yeah and… where’s the forum? :p

  • stonerocker

    Is there somewhere that you’re going to post the ten posts of the week or whatever?

    I wanna see them.

  • mathias vanthienen

    Do I win a prise now for being so dumb? :D just joking, i’ve found a place to post it but since you can post it anywhere it makes no sence.

  • rdaneel72

    After the hell I’ve been through over the last MONTH trying to secure a Wii for myself, if I win, I’m keeping BOTH OF THEM!!!!! Knowing that I am responsible for keeping someone else from owning a Wii (just as millions of others are personally responsible for ME not having one) is some small consol(e)ation.

  • Maxpower

    Gah, it’s hard to think about what to write.

  • Wii-fan

    Exelent that you give away a wii. It took time to write this poem.
    Maybe it will be for me. Hope you like it ;)
    Your my website number one.
    And after this, I wont be gone.
    Yes I swear.
    Thats true and fair.
    And this I will remember clear.

    You know I love this site so much.
    And thats my final words to touch:)

  • Wii-fan

    the poem over got a little wrong.
    Take away It took time to write this poem.
    Hope you like it.
    Just take it away and voila.

  • narley

    I really would like a wii, its just that… well, you ever heard that coment of the guy geting slaped by a girl cause he asked her if she wanted to play with his wii? I just moved in with my girlfriend and since she’s the jelous type i dont have that many “girl-friends”. If i ask a guy…? i shure hope they know its a console when they say yes.

  • D-Fuse

    The comments of the week link is under the contest menu,

  • raZor ray

    god. but my wii hurts real bad…

  • mathias vanthienen

    Ok you guys I have a great idea for a game!!!
    I’m a really big hitman fan and a sequel on the wii would rock. The story of the game goes like this: Number 47 takes revenge on the organisation that killed allmost everyone of his organisation and tried to kill him and while he tries that he discovers that the other organisation is installed at the asylum and that they are doing research about cloning. The Ending boss would have to be the twin brother of the professr who made you with the clones of your genetic fathers like Boris and fusch. There should be another albino clone and some cool places like in a huge airplane like the airbus, the homeplaces where your 4 fathers used to live. The controlls work like this: To fibre wire someone you have to really snap the wire with the wii-mote around someone’s neck. You can also throw coins and load guns with the remote and hit people and take them as a human shield. There would also be ome minigames like lockpicking with the remote and other stuf. Wouldn’t that be great ?

    I even made poster for it for on the hitman forums but it’s not so good.

  • mathmagic

    If I win this Wii, I go stand on my head and act like a chicken and break an egg in my pants and I’ll record that. (because I don’t believe I’m going to win this in a Trazillion years) If I win we have a deal :(

  • mathmagic

    I’ve never won 1 contest in my whole life and I’m not lieing and I enter as many contests as I can every month so why would I win now :D (but I’d shure like to win)

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