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Midway backs the Playstation 3 with six downloadable titles

By Spencer . January 8, 2007 . 5:22am

Besides Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, most of the stuff on the Playstation store is produced by Sony. Blast Factor and Lemmings are good additions, but it doesn’t hurt to have another ally providing downloadable games. Midway is filling the role by bringing six arcade games to the Playstation network. In early 2007 we’re going to see Gauntlet II, Joust, Rampage World Tour, Rampart, Championship Sprint and Mortal Kombat II on the PS3. Sony Online Entertainment is going to rework these games and add in online play. Online Rampage sounds great and I’m all for Joust if it’s $5 or under. But something isn’t right about Mortal Kombat II. Why does the Xbox 360 get Ultimate Mortal Kombat III and the PS2 gets stuck with only Mortal Kombat II?

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  • Zaraki Kenpachi

    “But something isn’t right about Mortal Kombat II. Why does the Xbox 360 get Ultimate Mortal Kombat III and the PS2 gets stuck with only Mortal Kombat II?”

    The way I see it, the PS3 wins in this case.
    #1) They don’t have the 50MB(?) limit on games from their online store like Microsoft does with their Live Marketplace.
    #2) While, UMK3 is fun, as someone who played all iterations of MK, I prefer MKII’s more skillful style of combos vs. UMK3’s “dial-a-combo.”
    #3) This is just a personal opinion/observation: the downloadable games from Xbox have failed to impress me. Like I’ve said before, I’m a Street Fighter fanatic (who instantly recognizes any graphic or audio difference from the arcade version) and the Xbox 360 version is really disappointing — it looks like it was made for SNES.

  • BurntToast256

    Same thing with Gauntlet II… I’d rather have that on 360 then Gauntlet I.

  • Devin G

    They’re really milking these old games for all they’re worth aren’t they. I think they’ve done enough. No need to rerelease the same game in some new form every month.

  • Veilknight

    While I agree with you to a certain extent, for me that only really applies to games that see ports on just about every console to date, such as how Capcom does when it comes to the Street Fighter II series as of late. When it comes to games that rarely see rereleases, I welcome them with open arms, as long as they remain faithful to their original release.

    Unfortunately, all of Midway’s lineup for the Playstation Store is already available on previous consoles thanks to their Midway Arcade Treasures releases. Naturally, there really isn’t anything to look forward to, although the added online play to these titles is rather tempting.

  • Darrell Waggener

    I can not find any version of Mortal Kombat downloads on The Playstation store from my PS3 anywhere. Does this game really exsit as a download for PS3?

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