2006 holiday season’s big seller: the Xbox 360

By Spencer . January 11, 2007 . 6:09pm

Data straight from the NPD revealed that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was the top selling “next-generation” console in the United States this past holiday season. The 360 outsold the Wii and Playstation 3 combined in December. It also outsold all other next generation consoles in November and December. The increase in sales led to a 51% market share increase in the United States. Some of the success is probably attributed to Gears of War and a hearty supply of 360s compared to minimal amounts of PS3s and Wiis. Also Circuit City and Best Buy were really pushing 360s by throwing in free games like GRAW to make the price of a premium 360 package seem much more reasonable than any other console.

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  • the_importer

    MS knows how to play their cards, a big title like Gears of War is only second to HALO 3, so this was a Christmas must for FPS fans.

  • They had the most sales in U S A because they stock US the best, there were no more wiis to sell and no more ps3s to sell. PS3 sucks anyway. Wii is the best. Go nintendo

  • Sean

    And the Xbox360 was outsold by the PS2, a last-gen console. And that was outsold by the DS, a handheld.

    So I would say the holiday season’s big seller was the DS.

  • Rami

    This is however only america. While I do agree that in America the 360 might ahve won the wii has been doing quite well in the world market. It holds strong market shares of japan and europe (where it had its record launch) as well as still being sold out as it enters the new year. Microsoft might have won this battle on one front for one month but we haven’t seen anything yet)
    Also I hate to seem like a fanboy (I really try not to be)
    but if you want to look at the exact statistics (taken also from the NPD):
    – If you take the 360s sold last year during those same times (its release) the wii has had more sales than the 360s in its first 1.5 months. This was a great move by microsoft of introducing a system so early to give them a head start on the market.
    – the DS did indeed completly pwn everything else. But its a different market and more people own DS and a console than 2 console so this idea is completly ignored.
    – you always have to consider your market. For example the USA which loves its microsoft quite obviously jumped all over the 360 while in japan an interesting turn of events led nintendo to take back its hold over the country from the previous reigning champ, sony.

    Any way you look at this, this war is far from over. All it takes sometimes is one good game to change all that :).

  • arm

    y does it matter whos sold the most. ppl should just buy the console they want because it supplies the games they want, and not pick at other peoples decsions of getting a different console just because they like those games. i hate to sound like a p*ssy but this is waaaaaay immature

  • “he 360 outsold the Wii and Playstation 3 combined in December. It also outsold all other next generation consoles in November and December. ”

    what does that mean? what “other” next gen consoles?

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