New features in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix +

By Spencer . January 12, 2007 . 8:29am


Most of the talk about Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + has been about the bonus disc Re: Chain of Memories, which has a 3D version of the GBA game Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Re: Chain of Memories adds in features like reaction commands and has a few new battles between members of Organization XIII too. Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + is also getting some changes, besides the new for Japan English voiceovers. You’ve seen Sora’s new Santa costume, but the changes go beyond that. KH II: Final Mix + is going to add to the story with new scenes and give the secret ending some clarity. There is also a battle between Roxas and Sora, which fans of the series will dig.

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  • jeffx

    Bah. I just finished KH2 recently with the girlfriend… what an amazing game. But I don’t think we’d pick this one up if it came out here.

  • BlueMako

    I hate when Square pulls that “let’s rerelease the game in Japan with new features America will never see” BS…

  • kingdom hearts 2 final mix is going to be release in america. go to and type in search kingdom hearts 2 cilck on it and you’ll see something say FINAL MIX+ cilck on it and get infromed.or i can tell you. the release date for KH2:FM is FALL 2007 in NORTH AMERICA

  • celinne

    really! KHII-Final mix is going to be released in america! Horay! i’m really happy. Thanks!

  • ….

    Several independent sources state that a release in North America will occur in Fall 2007, with no confirmation from Square Enix.

    is what wikipedia says. Notice the “with no confirmation from Square Enix.” part which shows that the us release date is not true

  • Associated Promiscuity

    Keep in mind, Wikipedia is not a completely definite source. It’s a user based site, where people can add what they want, be it right or wrong.

    Just because says the release date for North America is going to be Fall of 2007, does not entirely mean it’s true. Especially if there’s no confirmation from Square Enix on that particular subject.

    And yes. The crap with re-releasing a game in Japan with features we’ll never see is pretty stupid, to say the least.

    These are features we never got. And these are features we’ll obviously want to see.

    But ‘ey. There’s the mental capacity of Square Enix’s representatives for you.

  • Aaron

    Can anyone give me an update on if their is going to be a new secret ending like the Deep Dive trailer at the end of Kingdom Hearts I Final Remix?

  • kh2freak

    in the February issue of electronic gaming monthly on page 50 it said that kingdom hearts II final mix will be released in fall 2007.

  • keybladeholder

    kingdom hearts 1 and 2 rocks – kh2:fm could possibly be the best kingdom hearts game to hit the U.S – i cant wait for this fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • radio active freak

    I cant wait for this I beat Kh2 so many times waiting for this I love it all.

  • KH2FANATIC!!!!!


  • Tetsuya N. will be letting a GRAND GOLDEN JUMBO oppurtunity pass by if he just releases the game in Japan. I mean, hello? I bet that there are a lot of people whose fingers are itching to play KH:CoM on a PS2(I know mine are). And anyways, if he had any sense he would know that us gamers can never have enough. So Mr. Nomura, I suggest that you COME TO YOUR SENSES AND RELEASE THE GAME WORLWIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roxas23

    All I am going to say wikipedia is not a reliable source for information. Even though I wish that kh2fm it came out in the US it MAY not be true but like I said it MAY not be true. I have seen in other websites that it might come out because Tetsuya Nomura said he wanted to do something special for the Americans.

  • roxas23

    All I am going to say that wikipedia is not a realiable source for information. Kh fans do not cry from that I have seen that in other websites[] that it MIGHT come out in the US in the fall 2007 but like said before MIGHT come out.

  • Cat eye

    I’ve read from different sites that it might come out in the Fall or Winter, it just depends on the time it takes to translate it. But ya, I’m excited to play CoM and FM!

  • bobby

    its a rumor that that it will come in Fall 2007 in U.S because square-Enix has not yet to released a date.

  • Man, with KH1:FM, i didnt mind a non N/A release, i meen, i woulda liked to have the new weps, but not that big a diff. Now, for KH2, not only would we miss out on new weps, but also new bosses, a new form (Trinity form, verry cool, saw it on a you tube vid of someone playing the game), but wed also miss out on new cutscence witch could be valuable info, that we wont get, plus the PS2 versoin of KH:COM…I reeeeealy want this game dude, i meen, just the cover looks awsome =P

  • Mike

    man i would kill to have kh2fm released here. even if we dont get re:com, i dont care. i hated the card battling system anyway. do you know how much money Numora would be giving up if he didnt release it here? worldwide, khII sold 3,210,000 copies. 1,600,000 of those were sold here in the u.s. Numora’s blind if he doesnt recognize those numbers. if it doesnt come out here, he’s a mad man. i dont want to get too confident of its u.s. release, but im going with every kh fan out there who’s praying for a fall 2007 release, you know?

  • well, even with the card gameplay, it wil be 10 times better in 3D, + the storyline will be better if we get to hear it =P

  • Mike

    yeah thats true. dont get me wrong though. if we got re:com, i’d definatly play it

  • Mike

    yeah your right. dont get me wrong though. if we got re: com too, i’d definatly play it.

  • majiinkilljoy

    EGM reported a couple months ago that it would be available in the fall for USA, here hoping that is true

  • sephirothfromff7

    Yeah i know, If they realease KH2fm they should release KH1fm, i would buy em both and give the other 2 to my brother. In KH1 there are sences that give you more info on the wonderful story, and with kh2fm, well.. Re:com will give ya a better explaination on the story and you’ll get more story in the additions they made with kh2. Like i said i would by both, and i think they should release it worldwide, It would benifiet him alot.

  • Mike

    yeah FM 1 should be released too. i heard that numora regreted not releasing it here

  • Well, like i said, kh1fm only had a few extra things, but kh2fm has like a thousand, but id definantly buy kh1fm if it came out in US. And /w KH:com, the GBA version was good at first, but the graphix and game play kinda ruind the storyline, and the fun of the game, a pst version will hopfully fix that

  • Well, like i said earlyer, kh1fm only had a few upgreades, kh2fm has like a thousand, but if kh1fm comes out in N/A, i will definantly buy it. And /w KH:com, the GBA versoin was fun at first, but the graphix and gameplay kinda ruind the storyline, but the pst version should be great

  • i hope KH2FM will come out in the US because a HECK of a lot people would buy it plus i read (not on wikipedia) that someone was very confident it would come out in the fall if it does you can be riku on PS2! and that would be very cool!

  • rember ppl if the head of square enix is not blind and it involves them making a but load of money more than likely i would b very surprised if it did not come out because they woudl get richER besides people would get po’d and not buy things from them P.S. you can buy it off ebay!

  • hey people if nomura is not retarded he would know that he would get one heck of a butload of money and usually when monny is involved people will do what they can to get it so i feel confident it will come out in the US if not buy it on Ebay and hope your PS2 can Play it thats all you really can do at that point P.S. i am also HEYYYYY

  • DUDE! after u beat kh2 FM, instead of having to turn off the game, u can actually save it, and thats not all, wen u do that, u go beat the other 5 Orginization XIII guys that were only in KH COM, and than u can go to disney castle and kill the secret boss =P, go to game spot ( and than got to PS2 games, than got to K games, look for KH2 FM, and go to hints and cheats for mor info on it, thats so awsome

  • Man…I think roxas dies in the KH3 trailder…if u wanna c it, go to youtubem than kingdom hearts 3, look for the video that ses in ()’s FULL, ENTIRE somthin somthin, its realy cool

  • WHAT ABOUTEUROPE??! HELLO?!THINK ABOUT US TO ?! WHY only in japan ? why cant it come here to? its unfair* get teary eyes*

  • Jakes Green

    Just a few things, stop calling Nomura a retard. He knows what he’s doing. Also, You should try not to post spoilers (Roxas’ eyes are still moving by the way).

  • Riku768

    Thats not Roxas even Nomura said it the people in that trailer are completely new people and I also saw on youtube that the trailer takes place in the past before sora and all that

  • Jakes Green

    Did the trailer say “Long ago” or something like that? Or was it just a caption on the clip? What’s said on youtube is even less credible than what’s said on wikipedia. By far.

    Speaking from watching the KHIIFM+ Secret Ending(SPOILER WARNING):
    As far as there being completely new people, untrue. Now, I won’t argue that there will be some new people or different versions of people, but some are the same. Such as King Mickey. I’m pretty sure that that’s an older version of Xehanort. Not entirely though because I don’t know if he can age. There’s a person that looks exactly like Roxas, so unless he has a twin (or he has his own heartless or nobody(which would be rediculous)) then I’m pretty sure that that’s Roxas. The blue haired girl could possibly be the Enigmatic Soldier that Xemnas was talking to at the end of KHII. Possibly. I will not say weither the Riku-esque guy is Riku or not. I’m gonna say that that could very well be a completely new person. As far as the other ES, I’d like to say an adult version of Sora, but I keep forgeting to pay attention to the color of his eyes in the video. Also, it wouldn’t make much sense, right now at least, because Roxas looks the same and hasn’t aged at all.

    Keep in mind that this is all speculation and theory on my part.

    Another thing (not speculation nor theory) it was stated by Square Enix that there will not be a KH3 in the traditional sense. They are going to release a brand new series that will tie into The previous three kingdom hearts games. This could go to support “in the past” but, given other facts (such as Roxas, Mickey, and an old Ansem/Xehanort/Xemnas) I think it supports “further into the future.” Far enough into the future to constitute a new series. Back to speculation, I think that they’ll do something like FFXIII and release the series all at once, or in close succession.

  • ChaosDrako

    Everybody wishes this game was released to the rest of the world. If it’s not, then there is going to be a real mad mob outside their headquarters. I am going to be the one leading it, but there’s a catch… I’ll be in my birthday suit. That’ll make them want to release the game in seconds. LOL! Maybe even nanoseconds if EVERYBODY was in their birthday suits. LOL!

    As for your theory of a duplicate of Sora/Roxas “Jakes Green” … Have you looked in the strategy guide of Kingdom Hearts 2? Look at the symbols… There’s the Heartless symbol, a Nobody symbol, then there’s another symbol. *Gasping and being sarcastic* What symbol could that be? LOL. Sorry…

    From what I’ve heard, it could have be a symbol for something like a Soulless or something like that. So that Roxas’ look-alike might be Roxas’ Soulless. Sora could be that Soulless’ Somebody. I’m still trying to figure everything out, though.

    Well, my friends will go through mental breakdowns if Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Does not come here to America.

  • Jakes Green

    I never bought the strat for the game. If there is another type of beings, then that has potential. Both bad and good potential. I could see that failing horribly but if they can pull it off (which I don’t doubt) then it’s gonna rock.

  • Dann

    I have the game and it rocksss

  • Well guys, remember, in the end of KH2, riku, sora, and kairi were reading the letter from mickey, and the fact that its suposably a keyblade war, so mickey was sending for them for help im guessing…so that kinda ruels out the past idea, but still very likley. as for the soul thing, for roxas, very likley, but not for sora because, like the age thing, roxas looks the same but sora wouldnt, and jakes, yes i saw his eys moving (i hope they were, i like roxas) and i also agree ppl shouldnt call Nomura retarded, i meen, he did make KH and KH2 did he not? =) +, if he read stuff like that, he may not even make KH3 in USA =(

  • PS: i wish nomura would post somthing new on KH2FM+ D=

  • Dawnveil

    Keep in mind in regards to the secret ending, that Roxas only lived between the end of KH and until the middle/end of KH2, so the Knight there is NOT Roxas. It’s official that all the characters there were NOT in previous KH games.


  • sora rocks

    you guys are absolutely right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i e-mailed guys from bvg and square enix and they told me there was no info regarding the matter….. ungh!!!!
    I was so depressed when I heard that there was only going to be a Japan release!!!
    That secret ending was Kick ass… I would love to see that on my tv screen … Man…. Tetsuya Please come to your senes a lot of us are waiting for kindom hearts 2 Final Mix!!!

  • MMM…Organized Crime

    Isn’t Square notorious for it’s mixed/misleading messages? On plenty of those game faqs/forums they always say that KH2:FM+ comes out Fall 2007. And from what I know about MR. T I doubt he would pass up such a wonderful oppritunity. Of course…knowing Mr. T…..Ahem. Think happy thoughts….Think happy thoughts….Think Happy Thoughts…OH! And if KH: CoM comes out for us I hope they use Sarah Jessica Parker or Kristin Davis as the voice of Larxene.

  • LOL!

  • Yeah, I believe that the game will be released in Fall of 2007, due to the fact that so many different unrelated sources claim so. I also agree that if Tetsuya Nomura releases KHIIFM and/or KHFM, it will not only be a good thing for him, economically speaking, and it’ll also do all of us BIG fans one hell of a BIG favor. x_Bio-Remnant

  • visitor

    Blaming Nomura is just idiotic. It’s not up to him where the game is released. That’s the Square-Enix distribution part of the company.

    Also, to be fair, there’s a fair amount of games released here that are never released in Japan. Quit complaining and acting childish.

  • eric

    i agree with the visitor. i am a huge fan and would love to see fm released here in the states, but blaming Nomura and complaining isnt going to help anything. i thnk we need to just be patient and see what happens.
    now in regards to the secret ending; i myself have not dug too deep into it. however, having read some of these posts, i can say that i have seen a vdeo that contradicts all of them. the so called “older version of sora” cannot be that at all because the video i have seen is a clip from fm+ and it is of sora fighting that guy in what looks to be the area where the secret ending takes place. if any one has any more info on that i would love to hear it.

  • anonomous

    Visitor i think you are actin childish by acting all serious u need to buck up and shut the hell up and the person who agrees with him should shut the hell up as well, other people have their own opinions and don’t open ya trap ’cause you dont know s**t neither so step yo game up when you really know somethin’.So stop actin like you know somethin’ cause ya dont so f**k off a**hole! Suck on those balls b***h.Have a nice day

  • Liam


  • visitor

    Let me get this right, being serious about the situation equals being childish? I somehow think that logic makes no sense. You say others have their own opinion, and yet I seem to be the one that can’t share my own. That seems over fair.

    anonomous (spelling, please) says:

    “cause you dont know s**t neither so step yo game up when you really know somethin’.So stop actin like you know somethin’ cause ya dont so f**k off a**hole! Suck on those balls b***h.Have a nice day”

    Wow, I don’t even know how to respond to this. Is this how one steps up one’s game? This by far more childish than my previous comment.

    Oh well, I don’t claim to know anything. I just understand that Nomura is not solely responsible for everything that happens to this franchise. There are a hell of a lot of other people involved behind the scenes. Blaming one person seems utterly pointless.

  • OK
    there we go

    and Tetsuya kicks &#$

  • kh fan

    i want kh2fm+ really badly but i want chain of memories for the ps2 even more.

    if it comes out in north america, but on the ps3 i am going to cry!!!!!
    (i dont have a ps3)

  • kh fan


  • Lucas

    It would really make sense if they release an English version of KH2: FM+.. I mean, WTF are they thinking!? KH: FM wasn’t much special, I didn’t mind the idea that there wasn’t an English version of it. But now.. their Japanies version of KH2 didn’t miss a thing!! Then why the hell do they get to have this awsome remix of CoM and KH2 when we can’t!? Putting in mind it’s not just a remix, it’s a whole new game (KH: CoM) Yeah it was on the GBA, but it was remixed on the PS2 = making a whole new game! I guess they’re going to release it in America.. they won’t re-make a whole new game on a different system just to release it (With the remix of KH2 – Roxas’s Battle, The room with the data of the 13 Organization Members, and the secret boss) in Japan. If they don’t.. well I can assure you they’re dumb >.> (Their loss will be as big as ours)

  • Lucas

    Sorry for this, maybe it’s late.. I skipped a whole bunch of replies, then I scrolled a bit up and I found swearing and stuff..

    “anonomous”, you say “other people have their own opinions”, well, that was visitor’s opiniun you’re angry at, so you’re actually attacking yourself xD

    He has the right to say whatever he has to say, just as any one of us, and you don’t have the right to tell ANYONE to shut up only because you don’t like what he says.. your childlish swearing acts just proved how much of a dum you are >.>

    I totally agree with “visitor” in the idea of Blaming Nomura xD

    For the part of “We have more games than they do”, well.. when they remixed KH1 for them, cause they didn’t have Sephiroth’s fight (There was something missing in their KH1 version anyway), I never complained.. they had the right to have their own remix, but now it’s like making a whole new game.. but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see (I don’t know why, but I’m sure they’ll release an English version.. it’s just common sense)

    visitor:”This by far more childish than my previous comment”

    Naaaah, your comment was NEVER childlish xD His was the most childlish :]

    nooby:”So stop actin like you know somethin’ cause ya dont”

    … Your reply never actually showed that YOU yourself know anything only but that you don’t know english, and you don’t know anything about the game (even if you do, your reply showed you don’t) You just kept attacking him when he was just representing his opiniun

    You said other people have opiniuns, yet you said “the person who agrees with him should shut the hell up” so you only want people to talk about their opiniuns if it’s the type you like, right? Dude, you’re a pathetic child :)

  • C.J.A.

    Hey im new here and i just what to let everybody know this. First in the kingdom hearts 3 trailer with three knights the ES is really Xemas i know its hard to believe but i think its true and the second thing is in the trailer it is in the past so that person is not roxas and that person is not dead he is just frostin by a real bad guy.And when Sora gets the letter you still get to play but you have to go to Disney Castle in the Conerstone of light and there will be a dark whole and you get to fight the ES and just to let you we are probly going to get are buts kick cause his real good. And i hope it comes out in the Fall and to the US and Europe.

  • Ryan

    I heard from my cousin who’s dad is working for square enix who said that it might be released in america only besides japan but it might take awile because they have to translate kh com on ps2.

    Im the kh king i find out alot of stuff!!!

  • Ryan

    ps in nomura was reading your guys comments he wouldn’t release it in na or europe

    ps post on all kh2 or kh or kh com vids please

    Im the kh king i find out alot of stuff!!!

  • Ryan

    ps stop saying bad things about nomura if he reads this he will be pissed

    Im the kh king i find out alot of stuff!!!

  • Ryan

    ps do not say bad things about nomura or he might not release anywhere besides japan

  • Ryan

    sorry i thought my first one did’nt go through

  • Dawg

    I agree!

  • C.J.A.

    Does anybody know when it comes out cause im a HUGE and i say again a HUGE FAN so if you know please let me know thanks

  • GAH!
    Don’t mind my pointless rant that might show up right now.
    I’m in MAJOR Fangirl… AND kill the n00blets mode.
    So first off….
    I will say this. Square Enix will be losing majorly, along with their fans, if they do not release Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix and ESPECIALLY Re: Chain of Memories to North America. There is literally an AMAZING amount of people outside of Japan who are literally obsessed with the Kingdom Hearts Franchise {I beleive I spelled that wrong o.o;} One of them… being me… >>

    To all the immature people who do nothing but argue… what’s the point? -.- You’re just being stupid… and as mentioned… immature…
    The people who bother to get offended and reply…Come on… don’t waste your time =/
    Though… I guess all that above was just as bad.

    … Now then. As a few people have been saying Nomura is not to blame if for WHATEVER reason the game{s} are not released in North America… though… again.. as said… it would be an unbelivibly major loss if they are not. AND people need to stop dissing him… sheesh… if not for Nemura-sensei {yes…. -sensei} none of us would have Kingdom Hearts or Many other Square-Enix games

    And So… to conclude this rant… I am sitting here… the insane fangirl I am…. Trying not to explode and bounce off walls from both the high possibility of the release AND the possibility that everyone might be wrong and it will not be released… I HATE being this anxious. and I hate waiting even more… so PLEASE Square …. give us a conformation soon… GIVE US KINGDOM HEARTS II : FINAL MIX + and RE: CHAIN OF MEMORIES! Your American fans LOVE YOU!

  • C.J.A.

    I agree with Lemon

  • C.J.A.

    So does anybody know for sure that its coming to the US and when is its release date?

  • I really hope Nomura comes out with KHFM because I got into the series very, very late T_T. He, the Japanese and Square Enix are geniuses and I need NEW GAMES. I REALLY hope it comes out in America, Europe, France, Italy and all over the world. THEIR GAMES ROCK. IF NOMURA IS READING THIS. Your fans are waiting, they are HOPING it comes out in America and all over the world. Not only will you be a damn gazillionare but you’ll make everyone happy. And there is no way I can travel to Japan to pick up a game I can’t understand. I’d cry if it doesn’t get released here. So PLEASE HAVE THE HEART TO RELEASE IT HERE.

    The gameplay is amazing. The graphics…well, they are okay, at least to me. But the STORYLINE. OMFG! OMFG! That thing is amazing! The battle system, the character development…Organization XIII THEY ALL ROCK. DAMN! I HOPE IT COMES OUT HERE BECAUSE YOU. GUYS. ROCK.

    Damn, I’m an ass-kisser. XD.

    But honestly, if it doesn’t come out, there is always Youtube and Japanese friends who you can live vicrously through T_T. But I think most likely it will be released outside of Japan. I don’t think Square Enix is known for withholding.

  • Lucas

    It made sense that they didn’t release KH:FM outside Japan.. I mean, why!? They made it cause they missed Sephiroth’s fight. We had it, then why go though all the translating routine just for those 2 damn new keyblades? (That’s what I remember..) But in OUR case, we’re talking about a whole new game (I guess I said that before.. won’t hurt saying again xD) KH: CoM on PS2 is like a TOTALLY NEW game.. and I would DIE to get a chance to fight the rest of the organization’s members AND Roxas in KH2:FM. It would make perfect sense if they release it in America.. and trust me, mostly they will. ALOT of rumors has it that it’ll be released this fall, was there such rumors with KH:FM? (I became a KH fan starting from KH2 – so I mostly missed that yet I played KH1) I’m sure they’ll release an English version.. it makes PERFECT SENSE!!!!!

  • Butterfly_Ninja

    i’m new to the kingdom hearts saga and whats this about a final mix of KH2? i didn’t know there was another one out yet????? AND theres going to be a third one too!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jorden

    So does anyone know if there is going to be a release in america or europe on KH2:FM?

  • Amy

    Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix is going to be released to North America?
    YES! All right!

  • kingheart-ff-lover

    I sure hope they release KH2: Final Mix + in the US!
    I’ve been waiting FOREVER for it…
    and my sister promised to buy it for me last year instead of giving me a Christmas present. she can’t afford to get it shipped from japan!

  • codelyoko freak

    ok, info time

    in the secret ending, none on the three people with keyblades have been introdused yet and says it will be released on 1/1/08
    i can only find wikipedia saying it will be released in the fall

  • Dale

    if it gets released in america will english ps2 beable to play kh2fm+? any body awnser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KH2:FM will be released sometime this month and in north america and if not then in early 2008.

  • KH2:FM will be released sometime this month in north america and if not then in early 2008.

  • vgamer15

    how do you know roxas?

  • Lingering Spirit

    I’ve just finished KH2:FM(well,its in japanese but its fun to try a new Critical Mode lvl).It so dam’nd cool to watch the new secret ending “Birth By Sleep” infront of your tv and the fighting between the hardest enemy,Enigmatic Soldier(or Lingering Spirit) is totally amazing (although it take me 6 tries to get to killed this guy).overall,it’is the best KH games ever realeased.When the english version gonna realeased???


  • paintman

    1up says its coming out 1/1/08, and pro-g also says its coming to america so fingers crossed that their not full of it

  • paintman

    well 1up says the release date is gonna be 1/1/07, but thats 1up, I mean come on, then I realized it said its coming to America on pro-g to and pro-gs not often wrong.

  • i will research this

  • SilverFoxTak

    I understand why they didn’t release KH1:FM in America, but not to release KH2:FM+ in America would be really mean. And according to KHinsider it will be on the ps2 along with the CoM remake, but possible releases are rumoured to be anywhere from Fall ’07 to Summer ’08 I also read somewhere that it will be out on the first of ’08. So we should all send letters and petitions for the release of KH2:FM+ and CoM:re!

  • Krizzle

    Quite frankly, it would surprise me to no end if KH 2: FM was not released in anywhere but Japan.I mean, with the sales from the first Kingdom Hearts alone, you have to wonder what the hell Nomura was thinking when he refused to release it to the US. However, it’s completely understandable that he would not, seeing as how the fans in Japan were deprived of alot that we Americans and such were so aptly treated to. That being said, if Nomura refused yet again to release this thing in the US, not only would it be devestating to us fans around the globe, but it would be a gret economical mistake on his behalf. That being said, I still would not be surprised if it was not released.

    Quite frankly, I’m not all that excited about Re: Chain of Memories. New keyblades, new enemies, a chance to fight the Enigmatic Soldier as well as the other organization XIII members, now that’s something I do infact look forward to. And seeing as how Nomura himself probably won’t read this (Not that I care if he does), I’m just going to say this:


  • Axel Fan

    Does anyone have any new info on the release date? It’s almost Winter…and I’m getting discouraged. I don’t really know what I can say that hasn’t already been said. Nomura-sama, PLEASE RELEASE KH:FM in AMERICA/ELSEWHERE! I understand that translating/etc. is costly/long…but…gah. I WANT FINAL MIX! Dx

  • michael kinloch

    This time Nomra doesn’t have a excuse not to realease to america

  • KH2 Fan

    OMG!!!I hope it comes out for the US cause they would lose so much money

    Keep ur Fingers crossed for 1/1/08 possible release date =)

  • Lingering Spirit

    Yeah,I’ve also heard that it will cameout on the 1st month of 2008.Let’s pray that Nomura will sell this KH2:FM worldwide………

  • KH2 Fan

    Well if we could make our own stuff we wouldnt be in this situation we woulda already hade it

  • Yuffie1972

    I’ve already played teh KH+Mix REChain Of memories I wish you all the best to try to get it to America, I don’t blame you all for being a bit upset, I think the Wiki Site shouldn’t of mentioned the words Sold “WorldWide” which isn’t all true because it never got to the US, Square is very Typical and they are teasing all of you hard core because they do know how bad you want the game. So either they will surprise all thier fans and the US will be acting like a “Black Friday” Crazy shopping spree. BUT if they are being selfish they should get a bad reviews from fans and soon as they see it they’ll know thier lossing customers in the near future. And since they’ve made a Final Mix Manga series it becomes a problem for all PS2 fans You figured square would think Manga books will help the game play problem LOL There is no cure for our gaming needs ^_^

    Thats my two cents Thanks for hearing me out

    Take Care guys

  • KH2 Fan

    America release is confirmed 100 percent. Everywhere I look the game sites are showing 01/01/2008

  • Kingdom

    well I believe fall is officially over, and that’s just depressing! I really hope Square will send us this game, cause now Nomura is coming out with like three new games + KH3, I was excited and all until I saw that all four games will be on different platforms… not a wise decision (my opinion) its going to be mobil, PSP, PS3 annnnd i can’t think of the last one sorry, it’s on KHinsider…. anyways, I’m still rooting for final mix+ to make it to my home town gamestop… I’d give up all my make-up for this game…. seriously!

  • vgamer15

    kingdom the other game is for the DS

  • Lexicon

    Honestly I know where you guys are coming from, but you have to realize that Square-Enix doesn’t stand to profit very much from an american release at this point. They already re-released KH2 as a greatest hits game, and people are still buying it, so why go through the expenses of a US release? Our best bet is if they have some sortve special bundle after KH3 comes out that has the full/extended versions of all of the games.
    Also, Japan has a poor track record for caring about international release on many games that have high demand, as the Japanese company isn’t making any money off of the sales, the American equivalent is (at least that is usually the case with capcom games and the like, but i could be wrong in this case).
    I should also say that I would love for thisto come out, and would reserve a copy at the drop of a hat.

  • tim horton

    ffs, either it comes out on january first or im taking japanese classes cause simplay HAVE to play this game

  • theone

    nomura said that he wanted US & European players to experience jap voice acting so maybe khfm+ will come out in jap with english subs

    22&23 december square-enix jump fiesta maybe there we will know if the game comes out or not

  • wyatt

    KH2FM+ is coming out in february 08

  • G

    how wuld noe some ppl said it was commin out n jan 08
    does ne1 have ne idea wen birth by sleep iz commin out or any of the other portable ones

  • Zexion

    Okay, I am back and forth on this. I keep thinking yes, they will come out with it and then I go back to the fact that it’s doubtful. If it were being released in Jan. or Feb., wouldn’t they have advertized it, or not necessarily? Gah! I hope they do! I would even go to the likes of learning Japanese just to play this game! I was gonna get the Jap. version, until I found out you needed to have a Japanese PS2 to play it. *sigh* I’m so confused…O.o

  • devin

    well i got em both lol i guess i just really wanted it so i saved up and bought them both lol. but the only problem im havin is that in KH2 final mix + all the text is in japanese but i cant figure out a way to make it english so things r kinda difficult to read lol can ya help me out some1?btw all the speech is in english thank G-d

    [email protected]

  • Maha

    I want to know where you people get these crazy release dates from.

    As for my opinion on an American release I seriuosly dought it. I’d love it as much as any of you would, but I think there has been I think 3 different releases dates in the past and no one has delivered.

  • Squareenixsucksballs by me

    I think we should all email square enix and give them a piece of our mind.

  • Yeah, obviously it is not coming out…T~T

  • Jay

    I’m lost what is BBS going to be about and what wil happen to Sora, Riku and Kairi.
    P.S. KHFM+ is never coming out for US (or will it ? MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!.

  • vgamer15

    jay-BBS is before sora,riku, and kairi’s time

  • cloudstrife

    If kh:fm is not out by February 8, 2008, it will probably never be released in America/anywhere else. Just thought i would throw that out. :(

  • k3yb1ad3m4st3r

    most likely it wont come out….
    but there is this site where people protest to square enix
    i forget the name but search it on google
    sorry guys i looked forward to this too…

  • Cup ‘o’ Dirt

    middle of winter. no KHII: Final Mix+. This is depressing. Better come out in Feb. if not anytime before May.

  • lolz

    my friend has inside hook up with square-enix so he is going to try find out a release date for me

  • Terra

    just face it guys. KH final mix+ is never going to come to the U.S. all of you have been predicting dates and dates and dates. let me tell you what i heard from japan.

    1st: the final mix version will never come to the us (unless it was bought from japan and brought here w/ a Japaneses ps2

    2nd: all the 3 new games (birth by sleep, 358/2 days, coded) will be released sometime in the summer at the same time

    all of this is true. i kno this is true because i was in japan for the winter and this is what they told my uncle who works in square enix. i had to beg for it. do not ask me for more info because i wont go to japan until next winter

  • O0o

    you’re right it will never come

  • toxinsymbiote21

    whens it comin out in usa in english?

  • when is kingdomhearts final mix and re:chian of memories going to be out the date is 8-10-08

  • Kai

    What I can’t wrap my brain around is that there’s FULL ENGLISH VOICE ACTING already in the Japanese release.
    All they need to do is sub it…?
    They could at the very LEAST release Final Mix, Final Mix+, and Chain of Memories before they continue on with the story in new games.
    But, I hate to say this: I doubt it’s going to be up for an American release.
    But the very lest we can do is hang on to that tiny shred of hope, and just pray we get even a possible, small announcement from SE or Nomura.

    But just maybe; Nomura and SE can prove me wrong?

  • sam1456

    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix has not been released in the us there are not english versions for this game

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