Fun with Innuendo in Ar Tonelico

By Louise Yang . February 11, 2007 . 12:52pm

I can’t help but notice while playing Ar Tonelico that it’s full of sexual innuendo.  While I may be perverted, I know that the localization editors were having fun with this game.  The whole subject of diving seems to have sexual overtones.  I’ve even started a collection of screenshots with suggestive dialog.



Oh Misha, you naughty, naughty girl!


Oh don’t worry. I’m sure Lyner will be gentle with you.


Wow Misha, are you sure this is your first time? You sure know what you’re doing, if you know what I mean *wink wink*.


Ouch, doesn’t that hurt Lyner’s feelings?


Oh? Tell me more?


Poor Lyner.  He seems like he disappointed Misha on her first dive.


Um…grab him where?  Isn’t this game rated E for everyone?! 


 I’m sure a lot of men can already appreciate all she has to offer.


Mmhmm…I’m sure no one was thinking anything dirty during this game. 

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  • jeffx

    hahaha hilarious. WHERE’S MY COPY???

  • rootbeerking

    Haha Don’t forget the “Install” talk with Aurica… I’ve also noticed the sexual innuendo and I love it.

  • Fanboys and their perverted minds. No wondery why girls label you guys as “LOSERS”. COme one, you can make anything perverted if you like. Maybe the writers intended, I donk know. All I know is that, the game is FUN! I also dont get excited over this “Sexual” dialouge.

  • rootbeerking

    Um why’d you bring up getting excited over the sexual dialouge? Did we say we got excited over the sexual innuendo? No we didn’t.

    Or by saying you “don’t” get excited over that kind of thing, you mean’t you really “do” but your ashamed?

    Haha i’m just joking with ya man. But really I know girls that have more perverted minds then alot of boys(My girlfriend for instance), you shouldn’t stereo-type people.

  • KageNaruto

    wow, lol. now tell me the game and decent and ill be rushing to buy it!

  • Spencer

    KageNaruto – Ar Tonelico is a decent game, actually it’s a lot better than decent if you’re into the old school RPG deal. It gets a solid recommendation from me if that means anything.

  • LittoKim

    hahaha…i guess i wasn’t the only one to notice that? i noticed the banner was gone so i went searching for the game to show my litto sister. i can tell you i have this page book marked because it’s so hilarious. i’m probably going to get this game. i know i have a dirty mind, what are you going to do about it?

  • Guy reading this

    Ahahah, Oh and also…you should add Aurica and Misha level 6 cosmospheres. Theres alot in there. And first installing with misha and Shuralia.

  • hahaha! I’m a girl yet I enjoy those things. yeah I know, Ar Tonelico obviously has those things hahaha. Even the level 6 cosmosphere of both Aurica and Misha. You know, Aurica chaining lyner up! Or was it misha that did that?

  • karolina

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  • karolina

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  • karolina

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