Controlling Eyeshield 21 on the Wii

By Spencer . February 19, 2007 . 1:55pm

Electronic Arts gets credit for making the first football game on the Wii. However, Madden NFL 2007 never came out for the Wii in Japan, so Nintendo is getting the first shot at bringing the genre to Japan with Eyeshield 21. Here is a little bit on how the motion controls are going to work in the game.



To pass the ball players point to the character they want to pass to. Then a meter shows up on screen and the player has to move the remote down at the right time. Finally, the pass can be caught by pressing the A button.



When you have the ball you can shake the remote to juke and dodge a charging defensive player.


Defensive line

To push the opponent’s line forward you have to shake the remote. See the blue and red bar in the center of the screen that determines how successful you are at pushing the line.



To kick the ball for a field goal or at kickoff you fling the remote up.


Special moves

Here is where Eyeshield 21 differentiates itself from simulation games like Madden. Characters can do special moves by pressing the B button


I’m not really into the Eyeshield 21 series, so I’m teetering on picking this up next month or not. So Siliconera readers do you want to hear more about this? Convince me to get this or not get this.

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  • Matt

    If there was a video of gameplay,than I would decide.

  • Aoshi00

    Sounds like fun, would definitely like to pick this up along w/ Naruto Gekitou Taisen EX, if only there’s a freeloader for the Wii…

  • Matt Smylie

    Holy crap, that looks awesome. And this is coming from someone who hates sports games.

    Looks almost like the Ultimate Muscle game for the Cube.

  • Aoshi00 – what about Eyeshield 21 makes you like it so much? Are you a fan of the series? Also we’re going to be having Naruto Wii coverage later this week so keep your eyes peeled for it.

    Matt Smylie – Do you like the mini game like controls?

  • EvilGamerX

    I would love to hear more on this game! Besides the upcoming One Piece game, Eyeshield 21 is the only game I would pay the money to import for Wii. Bleach looks kinda meh, Shin-chan has too much dialogue, and Naruto…. well, I despise Naruto and have never liked any of the games.

    Personally, I think Eyeshield 21 is a great series. People judge it too quick because it is football, but the characters, humor, and art make it such an enjoyable manga series. (The anime is WAY too exaggerated).

    So please, get this one. I really want to know if I should get this game once I can play imports. The PS2 one sucked, but man is the DS game fun.

  • Ruroni Otaku

    This one looks interesting even if I haven’t followed the series. Looking fwd to the mini-games ;)
    And concerning the Naruto Shippuuden EX, well it gots me sold, so I’m importing a Japanese Wii next week with that and Bleach, seems like a good combo for me.
    Looking fwd to Ur Naruto EX coverage, btw… as well as more intell on this one and it’s mini-games U mentioned earlier.

  • Aoshi00

    Spence, I’ve been a fan of the Eyeshield 21 comics since the beginning, usually anime-based games are milking cow and not too fun, but the Wii control (throwing the football, kicking, etc) seems interesting, it would be great when you get to do a review. The Naruto games on GC are decent as well. I would love to import a Jpn Wii for these games, but the next gen. consoles are too expensive for me to get a second one for the time being, plus my TV only has so many video-ins..

  • kunonabi

    actually the ps2 game was fantastic. it was balanced, deep, competitive, and the teams actually played alot like anime counterparts. It had some presentation issues, but it is far and away the best eyeshield game so far. the ds game was one of the the worst games i have ever played. horribly unbalanced, making correct decisions didnt mean much, and all the teams played the exact same. specials were worthless(why the hell does a completely successful shuttle pass go for 15 yards?) and there was no strategy whatsoever. ill be playing the wii game in about a week. from the info so far they have made some needed improvements but whether or not they made enough is another matter.

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