What?! Secret of Mana 2 English SNES cart on eBay?

By Spencer . February 20, 2007 . 6:48pm


Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Secret of Mana 2) never saw the light of day in the USA even though it is arguably the best game in the Mana series. Even though Squaresoft overlooked the title there were rumors of a partially localized beta that never surfaced. So it’s a little suspicious that a cartridge is floating around on eBay sporting a Secret of Mana 2 sticker and Nintendo seal of approval. Odds are that the cartridge is a fraud and is based on Neill Corlett’s fan translation.  

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  • the_importer

    Selling a bootleg game with a Fan translation on it. Even as an emulator and ROMs user, I find this wrong.

  • Yeah it’s a definite fake. I remember when I began searching for Seiken Densetsu 3 about a year ago on eBay seeing these Secret of Mana 2 SNES cart on eBay with people listing it as SUPER RARE, NOT EVEN PRINTED IN U.S., ACTUAL ENGLISH LOCALIZATION THAT NEVER MADE IT HERE”. It’s a bunch of bull; and as you noted in your last sentence, it is a fake cart and is based on Neill Corlett’s translation.

    Nice way to make a quick buck. Next thing you know people will start selling bootleg carts of Tales of Phantasia with the DeJAP translation; and we all know how DeJAP exaggerated all of Klarth’s and Arche’s memorable one liners.

  • rootbeerking

    that’s a pretty nice fake none the less…

  • Momo

    If this was real, I could hopefully maintain hope it will appear in the Wii Shop. Definitely a fake, but its a pretty good job.. I would buy it if it works.

  • Forget what’s wrong and what’s right. If there’s an English version of this game out there playable on the SNES I want it now. I’ve been waithing 13 years for to play this game.

  • Angus

    It’s going for over $400 dollars… I think a lot of people want it, fake or not.

  • Morpeh

    Wow, you guys never heard of making carts for SNES yourself?
    It’s pretty easy and many people are doing such work, inserting translated ROMs into carts.
    I myself do it for those unrelised jap games. I don’t sell them, these are for collection.
    I can just tell you, that all this work is worth no more than 100 bucks. Don’t be fooled – 400$ is kinda crap.

  • RPGpro

    There was actually ONE English language cart made originally only a test rom which prolly wouldn’t work on a standard snes but even so it WAS made and is estimated to be worth $200 personally I think it’d be worth more but………

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