Oh no (s)he din’t! Radiant Silvergun for $2000?

By Rolando . March 19, 2007 . 7:54am

omfg.jpgSometimes you have to wonder what drives a person to sell a rare/hard to find/out of print item on eBay for a BIN price so high you’ll have a heart attack just looking at it. I remember constantly looking at PS3 auctions on eBay back when the PS3 launched to see just how high bids were going, and I was literally amazed to see just how much people are willing to pay for something like that. Then again, I paid $60 something dollars for a PAL Australian copy of Terranigma…but that’s not bad right?


Anywho, of all the auction BIN prices I’ve seen for rare games, nothing (not even the Chrono Trigger pre-release cart. auction) tops this $2000 BIN price for Radiant Silvergun, a shmup by the talented developer Treasure. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see for myself just how much this rare Sega Saturn shmup was going for; and though I saw some auctions at a $80 bid and some with a $145 BIN, this $2000 BIN stood out so much I literally spit out the water I had in my mouth on the floor…to avoid killing myself via computer meltdown.

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  • Veilknight

    You know, I never did get the point of setting up BIN auctions at such absurd prices. Most, if any, rarely get glanced at, yet alone receive any takers.

    Many sellers would be better off starting their auctions for rare games at a much lower price (say the eBay standard of $0.99) and watch as the price skyrockets all by itself by eager bidders ready to get their hands on the item. You don’t need to set the pricing high in order to make a profit. Even setting an reserve is a better option, at least then you can start your auction at a low asking point and hope people will exceed your price trying to get the reserve.

    Radiant Silvergun, being a rarity and most-sought after title as it is naturally goes for an even higher price when the copy in question is new and factory sealed but I somehow doubt the price would ever reach over $2000.

  • MastahLink

    Ikaruga anyone?

  • This game always goes for a good chunk of change, but no where near 2 grand. Someone is either high as a kite or just trying to rip someone off.

  • jeffx

    > Then again, I paid $60 something dollars for a PAL Australian copy of Terranigma…but that’s not bad right?

    That makes you a very, very good man.

  • Richard

    … shit.

    i sold my SNES 2 controllers, terranigma for $10.



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