Watch: How Microsoft promotes Gears of War in Japan

By Spencer . March 28, 2007 . 10:22am

All hope isn’t lost for action games with guns in Japan. Acclaimed creator of Final Fantasy and now Blue Dragon, Sakguchi-san, said he is a fan of Gears of War. Also you Microsoft spent extra time to polish Epic’s game up with Japanese voiceovers and promote it with an interesting set of viral videos. To say any more about the videos would ruin the surprise. See them below and compare them to the Mad World trailer. What sticks in your mind more?





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  • Ozeki

    This is strange indeed. Seemed liek a videolog at first… won’t spoil for the comment-curious that didn’t check the videos first.

  • rootbeerking


  • rootbeerking

    LMAO the second one is quite funny though…

    and damn she’s cute!

  • Aoshi00

    Talk about weird commercials, and we think American game ads in the 90’s were crazy, this tops them all. The girl was talking about her dream wanting to be a shoe designer and the monstery being shy, oh my..

  • Wow… just… wow.

  • They were both funny. And yeah, she is cute. I’d hit that.


  • Nice Sexy Time

  • Ha, very nice! Yeah, she’s sexy as hell. First one made me jump…dayum!

  • Neveras

    Weird, although it still doesn’t even come close to holding a candle to the “Mad World” video.
    This video doesn’t pump you up or leave you in awe, it’s kind of cute, and kind of funny.
    Just not a good Gears of War commercial in the least

  • rootbeerking

    What is Gears of War anyways? Does it invole cute Japanese girls getting attacked by/raising monsters?

  • Nathan

    That’s pretty cool, the first one was neat. It’s cool that they can build tension like that in such a short period of time. Any longer and I would have just turned it off…

  • wtfwhasthat

    I want the last 2 minutes of my life back..

  • Mr Wendal

    I live in Japan.
    What’s the point of advertising when you cant even find the game in stores? I dont know if it’s sold out, but i cant find it in major electronics retailers, and x360 games in general are dissappearing from store shelves (in the not being stocked way, not the being sold out way)

  • Aoshi00

    I guess it’s similar to the UMD movie biting the dust eh.

  • haha nice! the first one made me jump a bit

  • smauglys

    ftw was that? I also want my 2 minutes of life back…

  • Ohhh! So THIS is part of the reason why the 360 doesn’t sell worth a crap in Japan.

    Who’s the braindead marketing hack that actually received a check for this sh*t?

  • Tanaka

    The japanese fan is gotten angry truly.
    In the lowest commercial due to Microsft Japan.
    And the good game not being almost known.

  • hiroshi

    I another angry fan also.
    I do not understand such commercial and not know of the game itself also
    ftw, microsoftjp? ftw?

  • ly8687 ..

  • Sgt. Outlaw

    it doesn’t matter whether is in japan or in america, GEARS OF WAR is the best shooter for the xbox 360!!! i think that japanese gamers should stop playing role playing games and switch to something more interesting that has gore! but whether you’re a big fan of shooter games or not—everyone will find GEARS OF WAR a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind, very awesome game!

  • Rofl why is it that gamers always find asian girls so attractive? I personally didn’t think she was that hot (I guess because I’m not predisposed to like asian girls?) . Some asian girls are very attractive, but she’s not one.

  • Cetin

    That first one was mental it proper made me jump so jokes , the second ones alright but i suppose they had to make it so as to cover there backs from being sued , i would have prefered something else that would have mad me jump.

  • PingPong

    They should not of used a girl with mental retardation to do that comericial

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