Meet the characters of Soul Nomad

By Spencer . April 2, 2007 . 7:15pm

It sounds like many of you want to know more about NIS America’s upcoming SRPG Soul Nomad & the World Eaters. Before we get into the battle system here is a glimpse of the story and some of the characters you are going to meet.


Long ago an evil overlord wreaked havoc upon the world with its three demon golems. Entire kingdoms and countries were wiped out with their destructive powers. When all hope seemed lost a powerful wizard sealed the overlord into a dark sword. Without its master, the threee demon golem stood motionless like statues for centuries. But, now the three golems are active again and threatening momentary peace. You must make a decision, sell your soul to the evil overlord or face the ultimate God of destruction without any help. Every time when the evil overlord grants you power the less control you have over your own body. The good news is with the help of the overlord you could become stronger than the last boss from the very beginning of the game.




A young man who has taken on the task of defeating the three demons. He possesses the dark sword that Gig is sealed in and he fears that one day his body will be overrun by the evil overlord.










The evil overlord that was sealed away in the hero’s sword. He grants power to the main character, but Gig has plans of his own. He desires to take over the hero’s body and return to the physical world.











A childhood friend of the protagonist. She is a bit naive, but she fights by the hero ‘s side with all of her heart.












An unfortunate sorceress who was killed by her one of her students. She now wanders the world for eternity killing anybody who gets in her way.












A powerful general known to singlehandedly defeat an entire squad of warriors.















One of the three demon golems that has awakened from a long slumber. Once again it threatens the world with its unmatched destructive power.







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  • Pichi

    Excellent, thanks!! Storyline is really striking for me, can’t wait! ^_^

    Is the hero information the same or different if you pick the female?

  • Darwyn

    Very very awesome! I’m liking how you can choose to be good or evil, god I want this game NAO!!!!

  • jeffx

    Hello NISA take all my moneys plz k thx. Game sounds HOT.

  • Pichi – I just checked and it looks like you can have a female main character with a new graphic too. Let me see if I can find an image…

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