Super Paper Mario nabs a bilingual cover

By Spencer . April 10, 2007 . 4:06pm

Nintendo released Super Paper Mario today and I’m sure excited Wii owners are already playing another excellent title from Intelligent Systems. There is something kind of interesting about Super Paper Mario’s cover art. Yes the front does look good, but flip your copy over and take a look at the back. Notice anything… not in English? Beneath the screenshots and “Mario flips out!” is a blurb about the game in Spanish. I haven’t seen many companies try having English and Spanish covers for their games. Even the Wii’s critically acclaimed launch title, Twilight Princess’ US cover is entirely in English. Is this a viable marketing strategy? Could Nintendo capture another audience with bilingual covers in North America?



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  • young francis

    hey there,
    there’s not only spanish but french too!

  • matty

    Nintendo warranty slips and system manuals come in Spanish and French in North America, too.

  • Yeah I’ve seen many multilingual warranty forms but having a back cover with Spanish is sort of unusual maybe special?

  • Feanor

    The American versions of Konami’s Winning Eleven soccer games have had bilingual back covers for at least the last three versions.

    “Play in English or Spanish! The #1 Soccer Game in the World!”

    “!Juega en Espanol or Ingles! !El mejor juego de futbol del mundo!”

    The Spanish quote is slightly wrong I don’t know how to do upside-down exclamation marks.

  • Aoshi00

    That’s indeed a little strange, seeing Spanish cover such a big part of the back cover. I just picked up my copy and didn’t notice it before.

    Hm.. bilingual closed caption for movie contents inside are good, but for the cover arts, I would rather have plain English for aesthetic’s sake. Like how I usually pick up the genuine Jpn import instead of the Asian version which is filled with English and Chinese.

  • Shin

    it’s either french-candian suff that I’m not aware of… or that the translation really sucks :D

  • i got super paper mario about a week ago, and it only had english and french on the cover. the manuel was in all three languages, though….

  • jeffx

    Hi Spencer. Bi/Trilingual covers are nothing new in Canada. In fact it’s the law.

  • the_importer

    Hi Spencer. Bi/Trilingual covers are nothing new in Canada. In fact it’s the law.

    In Quebec it’s a law, don’t see why the rest of Canada would care.

  • Aoshi00

    And here’s the US of A. Well, even if there are addt’l French/Spanish instuctions, I don’t think it would attract addt’l buyers since the game is still in English anyway, I almost never read a game manual :).

  • vysethebold

    I think the first Nintendo product that I saw with trilingual packaging was the first Donkey Konga w/Bongos for the GC.

  • Jeffx – yeah I’ve seen bilingual covers in Canada, but I haven’t seen them in the USA so I thought it was a little special.

    vysethebold – true Donkey Konga did have multilingual packaging I forgot about that! Probably because its a larger box and it would cost more money to make different box designs.

    Also like Aoshi00 mentioned I thought it was odd to have a bilingual cover for a game that’s so text heavy and doesn’t have a Spanish switching option I’m aware of.

  • Carmen

    “Also like Aoshi00 mentioned I thought it was odd to have a bilingual cover for a game that’s so text heavy and doesn’t have a Spanish switching option I’m aware of.”

    Is definetly strange, but then again I also find it strange that Asian games, sold in Chinese speaking regions, have Chinese covers/booklets but Japanese only discs! Its new for the US but leave it to Nintendo, as they were the most prominent seller of French/English cover games in Canada, when most companies would just use English. Still, why they put French on there as well is beyond me, but maybe its so they can use that design in Canada as well.

    My copy of Star Fox has the French/English booklet and box, despite the cart being in English ^^

    As for aesthetics, the back covers tend to be ugly no matter what the language (well in the West anyway, damn I get tired of saying that!), so I really don’t mind it.

  • Pichi

    Have one for Sims 2: Pets DS. English and French.

  • Wachinayn

    Funny. Specially considering that the Spanish version (PAL) of this game is not due to be released until at least Q3 or Q4 of this year… Lucky americans. ;)

  • Wachinayn

    By the way, I am thinking that I have friends in south-americans countries that have the same console and the same games that USA have (instead of beign a different region altogether like Europe or Australia) and if you consider that it makes more sense to have the packaging in Spanish too.

  • Thor McDeath

    Same thing with Wario Ware, Wii Play, Wii Sports, and Excite Truck.

  • jeffx

    In Quebec it’s a law, don’t see why the rest of Canada would care.

    Because Canada is a bilingual country whether you like it or not. Let’s not argue about that. To Nintendo, Canada = Quebec and vice versa.

    I am just thinking Nintendo pulled a smart move and cut down on their printing/shipping/distribution fees by having a single SKU for their entire North America region. Is the manual trilingual as well? That would explain everything. I am hoping more companies follow in these footsteps, eliminating delays in our region.

  • Yes, the manual is also tri-lingual the order is English > French > Spanish. Much like you said, they are probably just trying to release a single NA edition.

  • Badfish

    Iam suprised no stated wether they like the trilingual back.

    Personally, I dont Like it! Iam a hispanic male, and I’d rather see it in good English!

  • l0ne

    I don’t know why you all act so surprised. Multilingual covers are common in EU releases; probably Nintendo has decided to cut costs by making one version of the cover that can be useful in the US and Canada and can be reused for a Western EU release.

  • jeffx

    Most commented Siliconera story ever? Think so!!

  • badfish

    In America, you keep it english. Having a grandfather who cant speak english was hard enough on him in the begining. However, being FORCED to learn english made him a better citizen. Proud of him. Iam not against languages…for heavens sake I’am hispanic. However, there is a definate problem with people not knowing english. After, Mario is italian, and we see him ‘speaking’ english!

    Mama mia!

  • Aoshi00

    Totally agree, it reminds me of whenever I go to the movies, after the previews they would tell you in five languages to “be quiet” and “enjoy the flick”, every time I would think to myself is it really necessary. But yes, I prefer the cover in plain English as aforementioned.

  • Badfish

    By the way, this has to be the longest post I ever saw. Lets keep up the good work folks.

    Mama Mia!

  • Berserker

    here in continental europe we have covers in 5 different languages…
    it’s really nothing new.

  • ladyjaye

    The only problem with bilingual (and trilingual) game covers is that the game is rarely localized for the languages other than English. It’s not an issue when it comes to action games like Metroid Prime, but it is, say, with Animal Crossing or even Paper Mario. Because of the NTSC vs. PAL TV issue, there is no easy solution to this problem (at least in the case of DS games, it’s always possible to opt for the Euro version, even if it means waiting longer for the game’s release).

    I live in Montreal, so the bilingual cover and manual question is nothing new to me (AFAIK, the only NTSC Nintendo console game to have been released in French was A Link to the Past on the SNES).

  • jt

    We just bought Super Paper Mario at Wal-mart. I found this website through a google search to see what the deal was. I was afraid to open it in case I had picked up a Spanish version of the game and I needed to exchange it. Good thing I found this website. The case was a bit confusing.

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