DK Bongo Blast controller comparison

By Spencer . April 16, 2007 . 5:04am

One of the final titles for the Gamecube that got a last minute transition to the Wii (coming out on June 28 in Japan!) was DK Bongo Blast (aka Donkey Kong Taru Jet Race). DK Bongo Blast would be like any other mascot racing game except for the unique control scheme. Essentially you’re racing on rails and you can increase his speed by tapping the bongos. Clapping into the microphone makes Donkey Kong jump and dodge obstacles on the ground. Since DK Barrel Blast moved to the Wii the control system was modified. It’s still an on rails racing game, but instead of hitting the bongos to speed up you have to shake the remote plus the nunchuck. Shaking the nunchuck by itself makes Donkey Kong move to the left and shaking the remote makes him move right. Instead of clapping you lift both controllers up to make him jump. The new Wii optimized control scheme doesn’t seem like much of an enhancement over using the bongos. While it was a smart move for Nintendo to move DK Bongo Blast to the Wii so it seems like there is a stream of Wii games in the future, DK Bongo Blast might have been better off as a Gamecube game with a Wii compatible sticker. What do you think? Would you rather use hit the bongos to propel Diddy Kong to the finish line or shake the remote?

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  • Blake

    I really wish they would have used the DK Bongo’s instead of the wii remote and nunchuck. I have been looking forward to this game since it was annouced for Gamecube. I guess my Bongos will continue to collect dust. I have Donkey Konga 1 & 2 and DK Jungle Beat (an awesome game) and wish more games would be developed for using the bongos.

  • I’m actually glad they’re letting people use the wiimote, but hopefully there’s also an option to plug in the bongos. I thnk the wiimote would be a lot easier on my hands than the bongos. They get so sore from playing Donkey Konga.

  • Veilknight

    The right thing for Nintendo to do in this situation should have been setting up Bongo Blast for a multiplatform title, not quite too different from what happened with Twilight Princess. Even if they were to delay the Gamecube version a few months after the Wii title’s launch, at least then they wouldn’t be breaking their promise. After all, as already stated and along with Super Paper Mario, this was originally a GC game before making a console transition to the Wii.

    In the process, they’ve basically cut into their own profits as well. There’s no doubt DK Bongo Blast wouldn’t have done any better on the GC financially, especially considering there’s still a number of gamers who only have that platform. Not everyone has their hands on a Wii because of the shortages and the in-demand of the console.

  • I Still, Personally, Don’t Understand Why They Didn’t Release On The GameCube..

    i mean, I Have 4 Bongos And No Wii Yet..

    Do I Have To Necessarily Buy A Wii And, If They For-Some-Reason Choose Not To Allow Use Of GC Bongos, Have To Buy 3 Additional Remotes And Nunchuks..

    I Agree: Make It A GameCube Game, Give It A ‘Wii Compatable’ Sticker, Repackage Those Extra Bongos Out There, And They Would Be Set..

    From All Of The GC-Wii Ports Nintendo Has Done, This Has To Be The Most Dissapointing..

    Unless Nintendo Gives It An Online Option PLUS Use Of GC Bongos, I’ll Be Happy..

    as of now, I’m Barely There..

    And Does This Mean That Future DK Games Will Follow The ‘Bongo’ Scheme? Despite No Bongo?

  • as far as i know they will give the option to plug the bongos, so it in idcon web.

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