E3 invite in the house!

By Spencer . April 21, 2007 . 1:46pm

I got an e-mail earlier this week saying E3 invites were being mailed out and when I grabbed the mail today I saw it sitting the ESA logo embossed on a pamphlet sitting on top of a package from NIS America. So yeah, I’m going, but I want you the readers to tell us what we should cover. I’m starting this whole “Reader Response” thing which I’ll be talking more about tomorrow. Also look out next week for an Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos giveaway and maybe… another "surprise" contest tomorrow.




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  • I think you should try to cover the more obscure games and developers. that so often went overlooked at past E3s and probably will again this year. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding a game that’s not only great, but great to recommend, because no one else has played it.

  • matty

    Yes, please cover games that people aren’t expecting, since everyone else will be focusing on the next FF game and what-not

    Katamari was lucky that it the word of mouth it did. Not one preview I came across that reported at E3 that year had mentioned anything about it. That should never happen

  • Pesmerga00

    Like mentioned above obscure games, or RPG’s (I can’ t get enough of them). Even better obscure RPG’s.

  • Darwyn

    First of all congratulations :)

    Ok so like everyone else has said please cover the lesser known games.Games like the .hack//series, persona/SMT games, 2d fifghters…those always get overlooked(unless they’re street fighter).We’ll already be getting more than enough of the big ones from the big ones.So yeah, obscure games and developers.

    and again congratulations(ye lucky bastard :P)

  • Pichi

    Also agreed, the smaller and unknown games! ^_^

  • BIM

    Cover anything Konami, Capcom, NIS, Nintendo. and anything elso not previously announced.

  • BurntToast256

    Granted, that’s if even half those developers of the games mentioned even show up to this event.

    Gotta rememer that, y’all. :D

  • Darwyn

    That’s true BurntToast256 but E3 is still E3…just more…business/media/gaming oriented.No more booth babe crazy business, no more loud ass booths etc etc.I’d say more of a quiet E3.

    I’m pretty sure they’ll have some big guys attending the show.Also looking forward to E for all later this year.

  • BurntToast256

    I know what E3 is/was… I work in the industry. :P

    However, this is the first year of this new “revamped” E3… so anything can happen. This new show can fail. Crazy spectacle or not the old E3 was a great showcase for companies to show off their products to the unwashed masses and get the word out. This new show and it’s revamped concept will most likely not be as proficient in doing the same.

    “Big guys” yes… “little guys”, maybe not so much. Might not be worth it for smaller publishers/developers to make their way out to this new E3 if there is less to see, less to do, less people talk to, and less to “network” with. It’ll be interesting to see who shows up and who doesn’t… I’d bet there’ll be some pretty decent-sized publishers/developers that decide not to show up to the new E3.

    Just because the big four (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and EA) bitched about how much the old E3 cost them (no one put a gun to EA’s head to spend tens of thousands of dollars for just a SINGLE large HD projection screen installed in their area, let alone five or six) and how it isn’t worth the money that they spent… it doesn’t mean that the little guys felt the same way.

    The first of anything is always the most susceptible to fail. The first new E3 show is no exception to that.

    Now “E for All”… it’ll be interesting to see how that show holds up for it’s first year and beyond. Obviously so far not a lot of major players have really jumped on board (excluding Nintendo that has already been announced as the flagship contributor) and again, it might not be worth it for the smaller publishers/developers to jump on board with this show either.

    However, with public shows like Penny Arcade’s PAX growing every year… I can’t help but feel that this “new” E3 is just a step in the wrong direction akin to the decision to bar retail employees two years ago when they really should have barred the anime/online magazines and websites (a lot of which were just made-up fronts or were put up two weeks before registration) from being able to attend and enforce badge/ID checks (so people couldn’t use badges that weren’t theirs) at each of the halls. That would have solved the overcrowding issue, which was stated as one of the factors why they moved E3 to this new more “intimate” format.

    Anyways, like I said… it’ll be interesting to see how all this plays out.

  • Roli O.

    I share the same sentiments as those who are saying cover the little guys a bit more than the big guys, assuming you can’t cover both in a balanced way.

    The fact that you got invited makes me jealous :|

  • Aoshi00

    I just seemed like yesterday when E3 was announced to be no more, how time flies. The little guys are good, but I’m awfully interested in new stuffs from Mistwalker, like Lost Odyssey and especially “Cry On” (which we haven’t heard much from).

  • BB

    Congrats on the invite! Hope you guys have fun!

  • Badfish

    Keep those obscure and rare gaming news coming!

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