New Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 Scans

By Rolando . April 21, 2007 . 11:57am

Jeux-France seems to be on a roll. First, they had some nifty scans for It’s A Wonderful World; now they have some more scans for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: The Sealed Grimoire. Though there isn’t exactly a concrete release date for FFTA2 in Japan or in the U.S., the idea of even knowing this game exists is good enough. Some people found comfort in the original Tactics Advance because of how deep it was in terms of character customization and mission value; others found it to be a moderate disappointment because of what Final Fantasy Tactics had already established.


These scans show more of the game’s protagonists Luso and Adel and also shows the inhabitants of the game’s world as well as some story tidbits. No word on how the game’s battle system will function, but I’m sure we can expect the same gameplay as Final Fantasy Tactics Advance with a few tweaks and new abilities.


ffta2scan.jpg ffta2scan2.jpg

ffta2scan3.jpg ffta2scan4.jpg

ffta2scan5.jpg ffta2scan6.jpg ffta2scan7.jpg ffta2scan8.jpg

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  • BurntToast256

    GOD GOD GOD PLEASE NO LAWS OR RULES JUDGES or any of that nonsense.

    That’s like the one thing that I really hated about the first one.

  • Jeff

    It’s funny. So many people really despised the laws and judges, but I actually enjoyed them (though I will say that I didn’t love them). Point being, I’m ready to buy this game regardless of their inclusion or exclusion. FFTA was one of my favorite GBA games, and one of the few games PERIOD that I plyed for 100+ hours

  • Dr. Slump

    My problem with FFTA was the lack of story. About 15 hours in, I was thinking “Why am I playing this?” About 50 hours in, I was thinking “When will this end?” I just want FFTA2 to have a good story that draws you in and makes you CARE, like FFT.

  • Kunikos

    So is this one *only* for DS, I mean those graphics look pretty GBA to me and there’s no dual screen stuff shown at all…

  • Simon

    Waaay to many other good SRPGs coming out to bother with this judge system garbage.


    (also, the bunny chicks don’t look hot anymore)

  • Praz

    The judges stuff wasn’t too bad. By the time the laws got really annoying, I usually had enough types of characters and equipment to switch up. My only issue is that if I rushed into a battle then found out it was some insane law, like no damaging monsters, then you’re hosed.

  • Donnington

    If you payed attention to what the laws were you could always work around them and possibly work them to your advantage. Although I’d rather not see them in Tactics Advance 2, they were interesting and forced me to play the game differently.

    What will make or break the game for me is the Characters. If I end up hating the main character as much as I did Marshe (or the destroyer of worlds as I dubbed him)… well I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’ll do something and boy will it be done.

  • ShadowMarth

    Looks awesome. No judges? Eh, good and bad. Anyway, is it just me, or is it all extremely familliar? I think that might even be the same engine. Almost definitely some of the same sprites.

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