Ouch! Double Dragon fails?

By Spencer . May 12, 2007 . 10:16am

I was reading the BBPS when I spotted Dan (hi!) ripping the Xbox Live Arcade version of Double Dragon a new one.


To put it plainly and simply, Double Dragon is the biggest ripoff that Microsoft has ever had on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and I am taking into account the horse armor and the COG tag location videos. Charging $5 dollars for this game is $5.25 too much.


I haven’t played Double Dragon for the 360 myself, been way too hooked on Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou and Odin Sphere, but I was looking forward to checking it out. Then there was the hope of Double Dragon II: The Revenge for XLA where a spinning cyclone kick is the easy path to victory, but if Double Dragon isn’t a success Double Dragon II may never get released. No!

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  • Aoshi00

    The XBLA version looks quite ugly w/ the “revamped” graphics.

  • John

    That’s because people nowadays want these classic games to play like Gears of War or something. We should be grateful to even have Double Dragon on XBLA, I know I am.

  • Dan Zuccarelli

    “That’s because people nowadays want these classic games to play like Gears of War or something. ”

    This is actually incorrect John. I play tons of retro/classic games and I don’t expect a game like Double Dragon to play like it’s Gears of War… I want Double Dragon to play like Double Dragon.

    It doesn’t.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I need to get back to Rampart, a true example of a classic title on a new system.

  • Visionnerz

    I’d much rather play a Kunio-kun game anyhow…

  • M’Buma

    What’s so bad about it? You don’t explain yourself… I thought that these games were perfect conversions from the arcade…

  • M’Buma


    edit from the previous post:
    The original game was alos slowing down when too many characters were on screen…

  • EvilAkito

    In all honestly, I think Double Dragon suffers from overrated-classic-syndrome. It really doesn’t play that well by beat ’em up standards, but it’s a classic, so we remember it being much better than it actually is. The only DD game I ever really cared for was the NES version of Double Dragon 2, which wasn’t perfect, but it had a pretty unique play-style that deviated from the typical mindless button-mashing that plagues the genre.

    Of course, I seem to recall the GBA remake of Double Dragon being surprisingly good.

  • markgreyam

    Dan, it does play like Double Dragon. Too well, in fact. It’s bullshit cheap, it’s slow as all hell when more than three people are on the screen, and the stupid jumping kick never works when I want it to. It’s exactly like it was in the arcades, except there is something less satisfying about getting free continues; it just doesn’t feel like a challenge when you aren’t putting your own hard earned 20c coins in. And I could have lived without an accurate representation of the slowdown.

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