Meet the units of Grim Grimoire – part 1

By Spencer . June 1, 2007 . 6:58pm

Also developed by Vanillaware (remember Odin Sphere?) is Grim Grimoire, a side scrolling RTS that NIS America is releasing in North America later this month. The story is about Lillet Blan who is caught in a time loop, trapped between five days inside the Silver Star Tower. Lillet is a young sorceress and she doesn’t fight in battles, she summons familiars from runes to do her bidding. Want to see what Lillet can control and how to use them?


Before we can give you an in depth look at the units there are two special abilities I need to point out. First is flying, if you fly you can freely explore the tower and avoid walking up stairs that act like choke points. The second is being in “astral form”, most units deal less damage to astral units and some creatures like Imps cannot damage familiars in astral form. Lillet starts the game with Glamour magic, which is strong against ghoulish necromancy magic, but weak against alchemy magic.



This familiar is a standard gathering unit that gathers mana for Lillet to use. Later on elves become more useful when you upgrade the Fairy Ring rune and learn the ability to heal. Elves are the only unit in Grim Grimoire than can heal units that are not in astral form. They have low HP so think twice You might not want to bring elves out in battle with you since they have low HP, but their healing ability is extremely useful to patch up troops after assaulting an enemy’s base.



Fairies are the first offensive familiars Lillet learns to summon and you will probably use them throughout the entire game. Out of all the basic units fairies have the most balanced set of abilities. They can fly, shoot enemies from a distance and later they can learn an ability to temporarily switch into astral form. The downside about fairies is they have the lowest HP out of all the basic combat units and only give a meager four points of damage. However, you can compensate for their low damage with large numbers of fairies that use hit and run tactics.



These mystical creatures deal nearly four times as much damage as fairies and they can create a holy barrier to absorb damage. Early on Unicorns act like mini-tanks and they are one of the best choices to take out towers. In later levels their astral hold spell is another reason to summon them. Astral hold freezes a target astral enemy, which lets players freeze an opponent’s Morning Star or Charon in their tracks. While elves and unicorns can be summoned from the Fairy Ring, unicorns require developing a Wicca to hold them.


Morning Star

Out of the four units the Morning Star is the powerhouse of the Glamour familiars. Morning Stars are kind of like reavers in Starcraft. They launch starchilds that deal 50 damage, but you have to keep building ammunition to fire. That means spending additional mana and keeping an eye on your starchild count. Like fairies, Morning Stars can avoid climbing the tower by flying over floors, but they fly slower. You can take advantage of flying by moving a small group of Morning Stars inside your enemy’s base or by putting them in position to hit defensive towers. There is a cost for summoning a Morning Star, you need to expend six units of control for a single morning star.

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  • matty

    Looks like an interesting and fun game

  • Edward Smith

    A question: I just finished up Odin Sphere and I was wondering if Grim Grimoire compared to Odin Sphere at all in terms of depth (i.e. do they tend to use they same concepts and moves over and over again or do they introduce new stuff all the way til the end?). That’s the only thing that dissapointed me in Odinsphere…there was literally ten different moves between the five characters :(

  • Good question. Grim Grimoire is more progressive than Odin Sphere you get new units and abilities for familiars as you progress in the game. Plus you can choose what kind of magic you want out of the four types so there is a lot more variety than Odin Sphere. So there’s still something new around the corner after each chapter.

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