Games and dating… do they mix?

By Spencer . June 2, 2007 . 10:25am

Sure why not? There are plenty of girl gamers out there and Nerve has a list of the top ten games to play while on a date. Their list has some obvious choices like Wii Sports, Dance Dance Revolution and Singstar, the latter being debatable depending on how awful a singer you are. There are some surprising choices too like the Simpsons Arcade game (good luck finding a working one of those) and their number one game Lucky & Wild is something I’ve never heard of before.


Is there anything else you would add on the list? Maybe House of the Dead 4? Nothing brings people together like alcohol and killing zombies at Gameworks!

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    Lucky & Wild is a really inspired choice. One player drives and shoots, and the other just shoots (or, if you want, one player drives and the other takes both guns).

    It’s one of the most fun cooperative games I can think of.

  • jeffx

    We were way past dating at that time but we beat both baldur gates and Champion of Norraths for PS2. So that’s 4 excellent games right there. Katamari Damacy is also a sure fire hit.

    I really hope the new Simpsons game goes right.

  • Aoshi00

    My gf doesn’t get games at all and thinks they’re a waste of time and money, but she digs Monkey Ball Banana Blitz’s mini games and bowling in Wii Sports. Miyamoto’s “wife-o-meter” is practical after all :)

  • alonzobots

    your crazy to say monkey ball, my recommendations that have actually been tested, repeatedly
    Ms Pac man (women love this)
    puyo puyo (baku baku for sega saturn if you can get it)
    Cookies and Cream PS2 (amazing)
    Super Mario Brother

    Heavy Weapon Xbox 360, other than that, get a wii

  • Aoshi00

    I wasn’t saying Monkey Ball was a perfect date game, I said my girlfriend who doesn’t care about games at all was smitten by the cute monkeys and the mini games, in fact she got it for me as a present (not the best game, but coming from her was real sweet)… But other than that, she likes Wii sports’ bowling the most.

    Actually out of all 3 next-gen systems, Wii is the only one she approves, she nagged me quite a few times for getting a PS3 due to the high price tag.

  • badfish

    My girlfriend would complain about how video games are a waste of time and etc etc.

    However, once she “BORROWED” my ds, she was hooked in a way. Now she plays New Super mario brothers almost every night for about 15 minutes!

    I’d never thought I see the day. Thanks Mario!

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