Radio Allergy quietly gets the axe

By Spencer . June 4, 2007 . 2:41pm

Rockin8080 (thanks!) informs us O3 Entertainment is pulling the plug on the much delayed Radio Allergy through a forum post on their official boards.


Radio Allergy for the Nintendo GameCube has been canceled in North America. Due to the transition to new gaming platforms, retailers are no longer interested in stocking GameCube titles. Milestone is exploring options to bring this to North America as part of a future compilation on the Wii.


O3 Entertainment is deeply disappointed we could not publish this title for the GameCube. To our fans we pledge that every effort was put forth to make it available.


Sad to see it go, O3 Entertainment has a valid point. Step into any mainstream retail store and see how little Gamecube space there is. The idea of a collection Milestone shooter for the Wii sounds brilliant, but why do that when O3 Entertainment could make Karous (Crows), Radio Allergy and Chaos Field downloadable Wii channels and skip the whole retail sector. Since stores are pushing Gamecube games don’t expect the two other Naruto games or Skip’s Giftpia to come out either.

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  • Angelous

    I’m seriously bummed about this news. I learned of it last week. I don’t want to by the $60 import DC version. Damn it all.

    Also, why the hell won’t anyone (XSEED, O3, etc.) port some of the AWESOME Japanese shumps to the US? I’m talking about Espgaluda, Ibara, and Mushihime. We get mediocre shumps like Raiden III, but we can’t get the really good ones? That’s lame.

  • I wonder the same thing Angelous. Sony is letting shmups trickle in but no one has approached Cave yet. Most of the games have English menus too so there is minimal localization work too.

  • Veilknight

    If O3 could assemble together a Milestone shmup collection on the Wii either through retail or even its own Wii channel, that would certainly make up for Radio Allergy getting denied from store shelves, although this is still disappointing nonetheless.

    The only other option of releasing Radiligy on a last-gen console would be on the PS2 through Radiligy –PreciouS-. The market for PS2 games is still thriving strong, which would provide O3 with plenty of opportunity to finish up such a localization job for the title.

  • Aoshi00

    That’s too bad.. it’s been on my Amazon queue forever, I just checked and it hasn’t been updated and still says Jun 12 for release date. It’s unfortunate Ibara or Mushihime are not coming here either. Makes you wonder why all these shmups were released for the dead Dreamcast in Jpn if games are being axed here for the phased out systems, did they break even?

  • I have no interest in this game… I imported the PS2 game and I have to say, there is no real reason to bring it to america. Schmups are a dying breed in America, and Radirgy Precious isn’t even one of the better ones…

    If they wanted to bring over ESPGaluda, Ibara or Homura to America, then I can clearly support that!

  • this is seriously messed up. They are sstill making ps2 games and they will for awhile. No one really cares about this radio allergy but naruto clash of ninja series is awesome, tomy corporation or d3 publisher or who ever makes the game should release naruto clash of ninja 3 or 4 for the gamecube because millions of poeple want it for the gamecube because not everyone has a wii so they cant the naruto wii game and that game is only gonna have like 14 characters. I think everyone would agree that we all want naruto clahs of ninja 3 or 4 for the gamecube

  • SYC

    Jaxel is right on the money.
    I love shooters but this one really isn’t much cop anyway. I’d much rather see cave get some releases over here. Better yet, how about a cave compilation for wii. There’s been quite a few cave shooters released in the last few years that haven’t even been ported to console in Japan.

  • dont want this game, the money issu ….

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