While you’re waiting for Duke Nukem Forever…

By Spencer . June 5, 2007 . 11:33pm

Skyzone has another Duke Nukem game to check out, Duke Nukem Arena 3D. It’s designed as a cell phone game and one feature sets it apart from other mobile titles, online multiplayer. Up to three players can shoot each other in wireless deathmatches. An ambitious idea, but if you don’t have unlimited data as part of your cell phone plan you have to pay for the feature. The cost really depends on the provider, but it’s a downer that takes away from Duke Nukem Arena 3D’s technology. Want to see what it looks like? There is a demonstration of Duke Nukem’s (portable) return past the break.


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  • vysethebold

    Am I the only one out there that seriously hates playing cell phone games? They control horribly mainly due to the d-pad having an OK button in the middle of it, that also has a function mind you, and it’s always pretty tough to press multiple buttons making moving and shooting in almost any game a chore. Why don’t they come out with a cell phone that you know can play games and is good at it (don’t give me that N-Gage crap)? Every time a company comes out with a new game in their long-established series and it’s a cell phone game I just cringe. Ugh…

    Sorry woke up too early and now I’m ranting.

  • Veilknight

    I actually agree with you completely. I’ve never been one for cell phone games, I always found the small screen very uncomfortable to properly play any real video games as well. Skyzone probably would have been better off developing Duke Nukem Arena 3D for the DS/PSP, on a proper handheld it makes for a nice precursor to Duke Nukem Forever, whenever that escapes from the depths of development hell. :P

  • I’m so sick of people making fun of DNF. It’ll come out “when it’s done”. And then you’ll all see.


  • Veilknight

    I wasn’t making fun of Duke Nukem Forever. Duke Nukem 3D was one of my favorite FPS games of all time, and I frequently go back to the game to relive past memories. After all, Duke’s one-liners are absolutely classic and what really give him the imagine of a badass.

    I’m sure DNF will be no different. After all, Prey before it was in development for many years and turned out fantastic. Most likely, 3D Realms are honing their time and skills to make the title as good of a FPS it can be!

  • LittleOni

    I have two cell phone games both are great pick-up and play types. Orcs and Elves is a ton of fun and it controls pretty damn good. And it’s a bit tough to screw up Sim City. But I think this Duke looks like th controls are, indeed, asstacular.

  • spartan

    well if duke nukem is so great (don’t get me wrong its my fav game ever it kicks the crap out of doom 3) then will some one please help us create a newer virsion(3d not forever) to pass the time of duke nukem forever i have great hopes and have been working on it for a while just lack entusiasm due to lack of team members this is a big project if you wanna help all newcomers welcome.just sick and tired of playing crappy user levels and using crappy inafective mods…(note this is the only time demonic studios will be publicly asking non team members to join….)

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