Earthbound fans don’t quit, they demand Mother 3

By Spencer . June 28, 2007 . 1:30pm


The collective community of Mother/Earthbound fans at banded together to launch a campaign to bring Mother 3 outside of Japan. For the past few weeks members have been mailing envelopes to Nintendo with Earthbound fan art, circulating Earthbound propaganda posters on the internet and organized a flood of phone calls to Nintendo requesting a new Mother game. I admire the amount of passion the fans over at Starmen have for the Earthbound series and their clever timing. They started the campaign on May 13, 2007… Mothers Day!


This isn’t slacktivism with an online petition that no one will care about, it’s activism. Will Nintendo hear their cries and see an open market for a Nintendo DS port of Mother 3? For all the fervent Earthbound fans out there, I sure hope so!

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  • It’s extremely easy to voice your request to nintendo by calling them. It took me little time to speak to a rep, talk about the series and have them make an actual consumer request for the game. If any of you really want it, just make the call! It takes about five minutes and it will only bring us closer!
    All Hail Mother!!!

  • John H.

    Is there a place we can download a larger version of that awesome poster?

    In other news: Starting to get annoyed with the double-underline links opening click-to-close pop-ups containing videos.

  • @John H. – Sorry to hear that, we have been looking into options to eliminate them to make the site easier to read.

  • jeffx

    Starmen campaign: much respect!

    John H.: get Firefox and Adblock Plus!

  • Aoshi00

    I’m impressed, it’s nice to actually do something instead of just wishing.. Man, I bought Mother 3 a long time ago but have forgotten to play the GBA game (only got to after the forest fire)..

    lol, as annoying as it is, sites need revenue from ads too to survive though..

  • EvliAkito

    Nintendo really owes us this game. You won’t find another video game fanbase as dedicated as the Earthbound fans. Just look at how quickly’s donation drive reached its goal. The current goal is now more than double what they were originally hoping for. It just goes to show that fans have money and they’re willing to spend it.

    If Nintendo is worried about the sales, then here is a simple solution: go the Working Designs route. Release the game in a more expensive package and throw in other goodies. Dedicated fans would be sure to buy it if the offerings were worth it. Hell, the game series may be pretty much over, but Nintendo could easily cash in on us by merchandising the hell out of it.

  • alienhead

    I’ll just wait for Starmen’s translation of Mother 3.

  • badfish

    ORIGINALITY. Thats what Nintendo does best. I can’t think of hardly any other RPG that offers such a simple concept rpg, with a depth of characters and FUN. Square, maybe you can learn a lesson perhaps?

  • Veilknight

    I can think of one: Rent A Hero. Which, incidentally, Sega owes us too. If teasing the hero-for-hire as an hidden character in Fighters Megamix didn’t hurt enough, then having to come to grips with the realization knowing we were so close to an Xbox localization only to be denied without even a hint of the game’s cancellation, let alone any press releases, was the final nail in the coffin.

    Starmen is doing an admirable job using what little resources they have to convince Nintendo to translate Mother 3 for a Western audience. The way I see things, if this doesn’t work, nothing will. That’s why I’m hope all their time and effort pays off in the end, but I would still look forward to their localization if there was an off chance Nintendo didn’t succumb to our wishes.

  • Like I will always say The \Mother/ series rules! over Pokemon anyday!!..Pokemon needs to die off already Its been done to death So Please Japan and Nintendo Of America release the entire bundle package over here in America! 1.2.3 After all you owe us big time for all the cancelations etc!!.Man its been close to 13 years since Earth Bound hit the US!..I liked the first one and ever since then 1995 I have begged for more!

  • EvilAkito, that’s exactly what went wrong with Earthbound in the US. It was a huge ass package with the strategy guide and other goodies. Many people weren’t turned on by the $70 price tag. I say make it just the game first, sell the other stuff seperate.

  • Raine

    I disagree Nnnk. THe 70 dollar price tag was lofty back in the day, but here, a decade and a half later, it’s nothing. Especially considering the fact that people are paying 100+ for the cartridge by itself now, when you can download it for free (albeit with questionable legality).
    It wouldn’t be too much to ask if they released a duo package with two GBA carts in one box, one having Mother 1 and 2, and the second one with Mother 3, like they were advertising for in Japan. Throw in a new guide that covers all three games (Like the FF1 & FF2 guide), and maybe some other cute stuff that Earthbound is known to do (Scratch and sniff stickers again?). I know I’d pay 70-80 bucks for that. Especially with some neat collector’s edition or something. I’d reserve that tomorrow.

  • Raine

    Then again, I’m one of the guys that ordered the Mother 3 T-shirt from Japan when they first released them to the Japanese public. That’s right, I waited 6-8 weeks for my obnoxious bright red t-shirt to arrive. So, maybe my oppinion is a little biased.

    (by the by, that shirt is awesome, if the tutorial for ordering a shirt is still up, I recommend getting it. It’s a tad expensive for a t-shirt, but it’s made of really durable cotton, and comes with some neat gifts like pins from +LOVE, the company that made the shirt)

  • i hope they bring it to us in the U.S.A.

  • Its been close to 13 years! I think its about time Nintendo Of America brings this genre back from the grave! Pokemon is lame..Also did anyone knew that the original Japanese version is called (Pocket Monsters?..Man that sounds way better then Pokemon!
    Anyway I didn’t care how expensive the game was back in 1995 at least it came with alot a cool goodies unlike todays crappy RPG’s Hint Hint the new Final Fantasy games are boring and way to easy to beat unlike FF1-2-3!..I will always treasure the SNES versions..They even screwed up the the Mana games Shame on you Square/Enix!..

  • DipChipz

    I also hope they release the Mother 1 & 2 bundle pack in the North America and Europe.

  • Croft

    I know this is kinda late but…

    I really hope this game gets translated and released worldwide. Better yet, Mother 1 + 2 aswell. I really like the games… I imported them (had to play them) and liked them so well. It is kind of annoying their in japanese… kinda hard to play thru one and two… three was easy to play, but still wish I knew what everyone was saying.

    Nintendo really ought to translate these. It would be the best move they ever made, since the series is becoming more and more known each day and wished to be localized.

    Last word, release them. If the series is indeed over, I really would do anything to own those three games in english. And not via a ROM, a console… the DS compilation rumor sounded good.

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