Looking at localization in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

By Spencer . July 14, 2007 . 9:44pm


Got the pleasure of checking out the USA/Europe build of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions and I’m glad to say it’s shaping up well. The team behind Final Fantasy XII took the task to re-localize Final Fantasy Tactics and preserve the fantasy world of Ivalice. Instead of “magic” you have “magick”, the lancer class is appropriately named “Dragoon” and the oracle class is now renamed to Mystic. The special attack names for the Mystic class and the Monk are also more eloquent instead of spin punch or blind. As an added bonus the cutscenes are fully voiced in the Square-Enix USA version, instead of being silent films in the Japanese release. This is going to be the first time anyone will hear Ramza and Delita speak.


Other new features in the PSP release are co-op/competitive multiplayer, cameos (see them here!) and the two new job classes.

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  • Judo

    Shouldn’t be “Empty or not”?

  • Aoshi00

    Guess it really outdoes the Jpn version, just like we get to hear DQ VIII’s voice-over in the Eng version first.

  • coffeemate

    o gawd fully voiced?! I creamed my pants after just those few words.

    I’ll be expecting quality voice actors, SE!

  • @Judo – hahaha I can’t believe you noticed that, you’re right though.

    @coffeemate – only cutscenes are voiced, not the entire game. Still pretty cool though

  • Pichi

    Is that really a spelling error or the way of speech? They say “ser” now instead of “sir”, so I’m wondering if there is any more of these types of speech.

    I’ll miss the Oracle name and so many others, oh! ^_^;;

  • Kheldar

    That’s actually perfectly correct grammar, if one not widely used. I find it adds to the world if they use olden English. Of course if they start speaketh riketh dath in every word I’ll go batshit crazy.


  • Alexander

    Oh sweet voice overs.

    “Also: IS THE LAGGING FIXED!??!”

    I second that question. Also, does the audio sound downgraded?

  • Fiska

    Yes, POST SOMETHING ON THE LAG PROBLEM. It’s no minor issue, no matter what fanboys seem to think. Tactics is my favorite game of all time, but I just won’t accept a technically worse version than the one I already play on my PSP. It shouldn’t have been an issue. I also want to know how the hell the lag made it through testing, assuming they tested it at all.

  • I’m going to be honest I didn’t sit there with a stopwatch and test to see if it’s different from the laggy Japanese version. But there was a delay when casting spells. Whether it’s the same or better than the JPN release I can’t say for sure. I might be able to get a second hands on with it soon and if I get a chance I’ll clock it.

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