Art of Soul Calibur 4

By Spencer . July 18, 2007 . 2:38pm

Missing at E3 was Soul Calibur 4, the next and final installment in the Soul Calibur series. It’s coming out in 2008 and here is an early look at some of the concept art for the fighters. Tira, one of the characters introduced in Soul Calibur III, looks notably different with long hair and Nightmare has a mouth in his chest.

















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  • Each new title in the Soul series has more and more ridiculous designs. What’s up with Siegfried’s armor? While back in SC1 and SC2 it was somewhat realistic, not it looks like a Saint Seiya character, which isn’t bad for Saint Seiya, but it is for Soul Calibur.

  • Er, “now it looks”, sorry for the typo.

  • Aoshi00

    Look at the hair on Mitsurugi’s CG model, it’s so detailed. Taki’s bust is a tad too huge now.. Speaking of Saint Seiya (huge fan since I was a kid), I guess Siegfried ‘s armor really does look like the Odin Robe. I really don’t mind all this since Ivy just looks too hot :)

  • BlueMako

    At least Taki lost that stupid-looking mask from the last game…

  • I like cheesecake in games, but sorry, Taki’s character design is totally dumb. in an effort to emphasise her bust they’ve made it look like she’s got a couple of water ballons hanging off her chest.

    Sexy is good. Stupid sleazy junk is bad.

  • Agreed. You do understand.

  • Ryu Kazama

    Mitsurugi’s hair is thinning. He should condition it sometime.

    Seigfried’s armour looks as though the sword is the one that has made it that way, adding on extra bits. Like a layer of glass ontop of his normal armour. Assuming that’s Calibur, then it’s like it’s “consuming” him (in a good way). I forgot if he got Calibur in III or not. I actually can’t remember III’s story all that much. I got sick of the repetative cut-scenes. So sick, I either browsed what was on TV or just went away and came back later. They better not do this in SCIV. It wasn’t fun and it was time wasting.

  • Sarah

    I dunno. I liked the cutscenes. At first, at least. Admittedly, they did get a little repetitive, and I didn’t care for how they were recycled for every character.

    I would hope they bring back those cutscenes in 4, but with a lot more variety. And make it so that you can skip them if you want.

  • John H.

    Agreed on Taki. There’s a point beyond which increased breast size stops being sexy and starts being grotesque. Taki’s modellers would do well to investigate what that point is.

  • Well, if you look at the character art from Soul Calibur 2 (specifically the limited edition art book that came with the game if you reserved it) Taki, and her bust, look pretty much the same as they do here. So I wouldn’t expect a major change in her appearance in game.

  • Justin Z.

    From my experience with each installment of this game..having owned them all. I have realized that both mitsurugi and Taki have become some of the leading protagonists. Mitsurugi being clowned off of a real life samurai hero and Taki’s 50/50 positive and negative aspects of both a dominent female character and a sex symbol.

    Now realize that Namco has always relied on both sex and action to sell their games. Tekken is a perfect example. with Nina williams (see tekken 2-4. and death by degrees)
    or soul calibur dating back to its soul edge days…(Taki has been continually upgraded…and I aint talking just about graphics).Namco will continue to use sexuality to sell their games. Period.

    what I dont understand is the fact that she hasnt been uprgaded for soul calibur legends on the wii…which means soul calibur 3 graphics have been rehashed for another game…..maybe to be cheap and cash in on the success of that game or to ensure that nintendo isnt plagued by strong sexuality. But then again nintendo releashed congers bad fur day, soul calibur 2 on gamecube, and killer instinct.

    p.s., I dont mind making my friends stare as I hand their asses to them with Taki.

  • Random Fanboy

    I love the new Taki, i think she looks alot like she did in SC2, as for her bust it dosent look any different to me and i am verry happy she lost the mask.

  • nightmare is the coolest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NightmareFan//Vic

    I agree on Taki’s body-design, which you guys have brought up. Although she’s always had a big bust, they’ve obviously upgraded it to a bigger size. But what really makes her body design rediculous is that her nipples seem to be…harder.. and bigger aswell.

    It’s just plain rediculous.. They’re way too big, Namco is definatly relying on her and Ivy’s body design (Or to be more straight forward: Their bust) to sell the game to the more perverted fans of the series. If there is another installment to this great series after Soul Calibur IV and Legends, I hope they get the whole breast size thing right.

    Now, on the other characters’ designs. I like what they did with Seigfried’s armor. It does look like Soul Calibur has bonded with his armor.. (Since Soul Calibur is a purified fragment of Soul Edge, if Im not mistaken, then the whole “Taking over the wielder” is just part of its nature. heheh.). On Soul Calibur, though.. I didnt take a liking to it’s new design.. seems like Seigfried’s going to clobber Nightmare with a giant icicle rather than a sword. heheh. But, Im not the games designer so there’s nothing I can do. xD

    As for Nightmare, I love his new look. He definatly looks as menacingly evil as the game describes in the storylines, if not more. The only thing I disliked about him was what they did to Soul Edge.. It looks more like Seigfried’s Glam mixed with that fire sword from Onimusha 3 rather than Soul Edge.. Im disappointed in the new designs of Soul Edge after since Soul Calibur III’s [Phantom].. and Nightmare’s boots dont look like something that he’d move around too well in.. but its great that they captured a more menacing side to Nightmare and that he lost the mouth on his shoulder.

    Mitsurugi looks WAAAY more detailed now. Damn! But his hair doesnt seem to suit him well.. the frizzy ponytail and all..

    And Tira, it’s great that now she has longer hair but the red costume doesnt seem to suit her.

    I wonder what other characters stayed in the game since SCIII.

  • Fartmasterking

    I think that since its concept art nothings actually aproved yet…also the reason i think that legends is toned down on the bust area is because its set in the past and there trying to show as they get older they get bigger…which kinda makes sense in a perverted way i guess, i dout Taki will have That big a bust when the game comes around, and if she does you can get a smaller tv to fix if of your that worried….the only problem i have with any of the charactors ive seen so far is how some of them seem to be lacking things they need…like pants for shirt no shoes no servise doesnt mean pants optional…..or required apparently

    i like seigfried’s new armor alot personally….emo german to saint is something that i havent seen before… favorite lefthanded monster and fighter ever just got upgraded from pure evil soulthirsty monster to a pure evil soulthirsty boss monster with even better moves and looks….also he seems to have grown some ghostly purple scarf like hair

    soul edge and calibur are much better this time around…calibur aint a large bat/ore for siegfried anymore and edge is…..nots as fleshly awsome but sweet and large and evil still none the less

  • Sieg333


    And I mean that for the entirety of the game I have seen so far… I can honestly say… if they decided to not make this one the last I’d be one to continue buying it. Soul Calibur has been my absolute favorite since i first played Soul Edge on the Playstation and the Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast.

    Now on with MY thoughts.

    This game looks BEAUTIFUL with the improved graphics and in general the character designs. Full agreement on what has been said for Taki, (lol) and as stated its sex that sells. But looking past breast size on the females, the costume design, as usual, is very well designed and unique. Sure it looks as though someone splashed some crystals over Sieg, but in my opinion it gives him that “redeemed warrior”/ holy look, which suits his character. I honestly did prefer Tira’s SC3 costume more than this one. Kind of makes her look… wanna-be goth? I dunno how to explain it but i hope they keep the old costume as a choice… which leads into my wondering if they will bring back ALL the old costumes, since this is SUPPOSED to be the final game. (I hope not in all honesty :D)

    Aside from that Nightmare is looking like hes is going to be one of my favorite designs ever. Thought the only thing I’m wondering is if they are going to incorporate/bring back Inferno (SC and SC2) at all in Nightmare’s alternate costume designs. Inferno kinda died off there at the end of SC2. I kinda liked him.

    Cassandra’s design (not shown here. WHY!!!??!?!?!?!??!?!) is looking very nice. Sophitia is still kicking her same near see-through toga-ish costume and Astaroth looks friggin sweet. Glad they got rid of the hammer on his head (lawlz) and his new design is very befitting of a “golem.”

    As for the rest… I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!!

    Soul Calibur is the GREATEST fighter I have personally ever played. There are the classics like SF and KOF but nothing can top this chain for me.


  • El Gundamo

    I just hope that they make the “create a character” thing better then n SC3. Mre options for hair, cloths, voices, and of course more variety of fighting styles.
    Does anyone know what system this is for?

  • Astaroth

    I love all the soul Caliber/edge games and bloody cant wait to play dis one…
    Hopefully Nightmare will be more like he was on SC2 than 3.. while he was faster he wasent as powereful….
    And as for Taki’s Tits,,, I Love boobies………….

  • Camio

    I’m kinda dissapointed in Tira’s changes. The change in appearance reminds me of jam from guilty gear. I wonder what made them completly revamp her appearance. Hopefully her old green costume is available as an alternate appearance.

  • This game is going to be the bomb. I can’t wait until it comes out give me a e-mail back I’m trying to make my look more graphic like yours.

  • Misticaltom

    i tell you what…with the game about to come out now…it seems like all these designs are final and whats best of all….they look amazing…i expecially with nightmares new aged look….like melting armor…and sigfried’s new covered in crystal armor..lets just hope the same memory corrupting is in this one

  • toratsurugi

    i think the designs are completely awesome. Nightmare looks even more evil, most likely as a result from wielding the true soul edge now. and i think they added the crystals to siegfrieds armor to make him appear as opposite to nightmare as soul calibur is to soul edge. it doesnt look that great but it fits.

    taki of course looks awesome, and as mentioned before her breasts appear like this in almost all of her concept art, yet the nipples dont actually appear in game. the lack of a bra to in someway constrain them is still very unrealistic…but i guess thats marketing.

    as for tira: i think she looks a LOT better than she did in SC3, then again i’m not that big of a fan.

    mitsurugi, (my all time favorite) doesnt seem to have changed much except in detail. his expression seems a little more care free which is good. and about his hair. his art isnt really art, it looks like an action figure and it appears that way because it is real hair/cloth. he’s still 29 and still teh awesome

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