Street Gears, the closest thing to Jet Set Radio Online

By Spencer . August 21, 2007 . 8:24pm

It might be a long time until we see another Jet Set Radio game, but there is something to tide fans over. Coming from Korea is Street Gears from nflavor. Street Gears doesn’t have the tagging part of Jet Set Radio, but the style of the game seems heavily inspired by Sega’s series.



So far Street Gears is only announced for Korea. However, many Korean games have been popping up in North America care of ijji and other game portals. Perhaps someone will read about this and localize Street Gears into English. Or… if and this is a huge if Street Gears gets really successful there is always a chance for a PSP/DS port. It's not that unusual with popular PC games. Maple Story and Ragnarok Online have portable ports in development. Audition Online has a PSP port too and if that can get a release than anything can.

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  • Wow, that looks pretty slick. I’m definitely interested. Please keep us posted.

  • Indeed, do keep us posted. This game looking really interesting, if possible I’d like to play it when it out in Korea.


  • clocker

    air gear meets jet set radio

  • @Ninjeff / Soulcaster – Gotcha! I’ll be scoping out more stuff on Street Gears as it comes out.

  • philemon

    Character animation looks creepy :

  • Ryu Kazama

    Looks pretty good. But…still like JSR more in terms of looks.

    I’m a little worried about playing this. I’ve heard a lot about the people who play Maple, Audition etc and it’s not good. A whole load of them are a bunch of freaking emo’s who are desperate to flirt with a bunch of pixels. Bunch of stupid 14 year old kids (some are even in their 20’s…so they claim). I’ve never heard of so many emo people in my life. These games are just full of them. It’s kind of why I avoid those games. The people who play them are very unsafe who always seem to have a new “girlfriend” every day. Ugh.

  • Kropser

    Wow… Long live Jet Set Radio !!! I sure would hope it would really be a Jet Set game but still its good news.

  • Pico

    Ah, Koreans never fail to rip-off. Game doesn’t even look good along with the majority of their online games.

  • justin vason


  • This seems ok..but u never no….the game might b good…it has some elements of jsrf or jgr but when the air gear game(rumored in japan) it’ll b better..cause a couple of my japanese friends that they might end up making an air gear game in japan…an it’ll have online play….goin through the city an havin parts war with ppl u don’t even know…an they say u can also form groups…hopefuly they realy do make this game…it’ll b koo to play…but ill keep any1 up on the info just email me @ [email protected]….

  • BeerheadBob

    What’s the worst part about buying rollerblades? Telling your parents you’re gay.

  • BOOOOOOOOOooooned

    Youtube pulled the vid? That’s a boner.

  • jimmy

    No, the user removed the video themselves… pretty lamesauce :\

  • No i didnt. I think this was either youtube or someone that hacked my account. I’ll have it fixed tomorrow.

  • test bugaga

  • tessssssssssssssssst

  • Looks interesting, but it has JSRF written all over it.

  • rikako

    >.o i am a huge fan jsr and jsrf but you do know! not all skating is associated with it! there are aggressive skaters near where i live and they never even heard of JSR/F or Air Gear!the Tony Hawk games and jsr/f are grind skating but people don’t say they copied each other!!! anyways i’d play this game!!! it looks interesting! and from what i can see it’s a racing game! looks like fun!!

  • Leanback is going to bring this game in June out too.

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