Nippon Ichi planning to develop for the Xbox 360 too

By Spencer . August 22, 2007 . 12:22pm

nis.jpgThis time around Nippon Ichi Software is going completely multiplatform since NIS is going to be developing Xbox 360 games. No titles have been announced, but I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see Disgaea 360 sometime in the future.


Idea Factory who created the Spectral Souls and Generation of Chaos series has a good relationship with NIS America. And in Japan they have two SRPGs already out on the market Absolute: Blazing Infinity and Diario: Rebirth Moon Legend. Both are Playstation 2 ports, but neither has been released in North America. I wonder if NIS America is eyeing these games too…

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  • Sprites + Strategy = Fun

  • Chris

    Me not having to pay $600 to play Disgaea 3 = Funner

  • Pedro Silva

    no point in doing a X360 version of a J-RPG since it won’t sell, so it stinks of moneyhatting, still, their games should be easy as hell to port so no damage (same for Wii, the only difference being that Wii actually sells in Japan), but still… No point in doing exclusives.

  • AM

    There’s perfectly good point in doing a 360 J-RPG. Believe it or not, there ARE American 360 owners that want them, and NIS is working on improving their American market penetration (as witness the fact that they opened NIS America offices instead of continuing to just funnel their titles through Atlus, as they did with Disgaea 1). Of course, if Disgaea 3 is released for the 360, I’ll be sad. Not because I don’t want it on 360–I’d be happy to see 360 gamers get to play it–but because I ran out and bought a PS3 on July 18, the day after NIS announced Disgaea 3 for PS3. A fool and his money… *sigh*

  • Jesus

    I want NIS games on my 360 while none have been able to live up to Disgaea 1 (not even Disgaea 2) they are fun nonetheless.

  • Johnny

    Wow, I would’ve thought that NIS would officially announce support for the DS before ever considering the Xbox360! Great news, imho.

  • @Johnny – Actually, NIS officially announced DS support months ago. Their first DS game will be a US exclusive and it is scheduled to come out within this fiscal year.

  • DA

    making disgaea 3 on xbox 360 is a nice plan for more money

  • AD

    make it make the game on xbox 360 . we will be so happy if that’s happend :)

  • Laharl

    I’d like to see Disgaea on the 360 or any other Nippon Ichi strategy game. Who needs to sleep anyway?

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  • Duelingk

    I know a great many people here in america who will be happy to have this over on 360. Many of the people who play jrpgs cannot easily afford a ps3 (including me) and would love to see this on the 360. After all 360 is already acquiring many other jrpgs, why not Disgaea?

  • It’s already been two years since this enws and there’s STILL NO WORD on a 360 game by Nippon Ichi. Some of the Sony playboys are still raving over this news. The most there ahs been is a Phantom Brave port to the Wii, and it really doesn’t seem that wow.

    Y’know, I managed to emulate Phantom Brave on the PCSX2, and I sued an Xbox 360 controller. And geuss what ? I found the game far easier and better to play on the 360 than on the Wii or PS2, partly because the analog stuickw as placed at a convenient location (esp. for a game that over-emphasized ont he use of the analog stick)

    I don’t mind if, since DIsgaea 3 is too big that they cannot put it on the 360. Or if they put some new, compeltekly original game on the 360.

    Please, just put something for us 360 owners. We love your games, so don’t be PS-exclusives and leave us out !

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