Post-E3 chat with NIS America

By Spencer . August 24, 2007 . 2:08pm

nis_logo.jpgIn just a month Soul Nomad and the World Eaters is coming to stores and later this year, Disgaea Portable with a brand new mode where you replay the game as Etna. But what is beyond those two games? Unfortunately NIS America was not at E3 to talk about their plans, but I caught up with them via e-mail to talk about their plans.



It's been about half a year since NIS opened up RosenQueen. How has that turned out for the company? Do you plan to add any other items? Maybe new character goods?


Well, NISA and RosenQueen are not the same company, although we do work with them. They carry all the NISA games, and some exclusive character goods. And we heard that they were making some new NISA game-related goods. So, please don’t forget to check them out!



nis_ha.jpgI noticed that there was a Hayarigami item in the store. Is NIS America thinking about localizing Hayarigami Portable?


Hayarigami is a very interesting game. It features lots of Japanese urban legends, and some are very scary. We will have to see how everything goes to see if we can localize this game. Our question for you is…how much would you be interested in a game like Hayarigami?


Editors note: Hmm… while the urban legend references may be lost, Asian horror movies are becoming more popular in North America. The branching system where you can solve quests with logic or spiritual intuition makes it a very intriguing title.


We recently saw screenshots from Tori no Hoshi: Aerial Planet and our readers reacted positively to the title. Is there a chance that will come to North America?


We are happy to hear that the readers liked the screenshots from Tori no Hoshi.

To answer your question, we may be bringing the title out to North America, but we're not sure yet at this moment…




nis_arton2.jpgWhat about Ar Toenlico 2? There are some fans out there that are hoping it's going to come out!


Ahhh, Ar tonelico 2…trust us, we have had many fans emailing us asking for this title. We were very happy to hear from the fans, really. We are just hoping that we can answer our fans’ requests.



Does NIS America plan to release PS2 games next year or are you shifting focus to other systems?


We will still be working with PS2 games, and at the same time, we are hoping to work with other consoles as well.


I remember there was some discussion about NIS America and the DS. Is there a title coming out soon and does it have anything to do with Gust?


Sounds like you guys have some ideas about what we might bring to the DS.

Well, at this moment, we cannot really say much about it, but we can say that you can all expect to see NISA and the DS together in the future…well, in the near future.


Editors Note: If you didn’t catch the reference I was hinting at Lise no Atelier, which Gust released in Japan earlier this year.


If you can translate one NIS America game other than Disgaea to the DS what would it be?


This question is more like what we would like to ask you guys. :)


What about the Wii? Is NIS America planning to bring games over there too? I imagine strategy RPG games could be enhanced with the point and click nature of the Wii remote.


We totally agree with you. Wii would be a great console for a Strategy RPG. We would definitely love to try that out whenever we get an opportunity to do so!


What does NIS America think about the Xbox 360? Idea Factory has some of their SRPGs on it…


Xbox360 is one of the popular consoles in the U.S., and it would be very exciting if we could explore this great console as well. As other consoles NISA hasn’t been explored yet, we would like to go for it if there are opportunities.


I'm sure our readers are wondering about Disgaea 3. Is there anything you can tell us about it?




Disgaea 3 has been announced in Japan, and we are sure excited about it. Disgaea 3 has the usual NIS humor, if not more…and we know anybody who enjoys the Disgaea series will love it! We don’t know when or if it will come to the US, but we do hope to bring good news to you guys soon!


Lastly, NIS America would like to thank you all for giving us this opportunity. Hope you enjoyed it, and thank you very much for your support as always!

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  • Pichi

    Nice chat!

    Really hope Lise no Atelier comes over, been eyeing it forever!

  • jeffx

    Good news all around, here’s my NIS wishlist in case anyone’s reading

    2) Mana Khemia
    3) More DS / PSP games (lise no atelier)
    4) no “next-gen” games…

    also, Hayarigami… yes, yes, yes.

  • Pedro Silva

    I wanted to hear of the prospects of Disgaea 3 going multiplatform :(

  • Hello Hello

    No news on Makai Wars? It was announced a long time ago, and then it vanished never to be heard from again. :(

  • matty

    It’s probably pointless to ask if there are any plans involving the Marl Kingdom series, huh?

    At any rate, I’m looking forward to what they have planned for the upcoming year.

  • Considering how poorly the stlus is in the few strategy RPGs on the DS, I would think using waggle on the Wii would be nightmarisly frustrating, not “enhanced”.

  • Teknoman

    It doesnt have to be “waggle” for the wii. It could just be point and click for navigating (which would be pretty darn fast, like a mouse or something. Doesnt have to have motion). Also im sure the DS could do some good stylus based tactics controls (FFTA2 hopefully will prove that) though not all DS games need touch controls either. The two screens are helpful enough in RPGs anyway.

    “no “next-gen” games…”

    Why not? It would be pretty cool to see any NIS games on PS3, Wii, or 360…im sure they’d have extremely insane special attacks. Especially seeing what they can do on PS2 and PSP.

  • EvliAkito

    I’d love to see Hayarigami in the US, personally.

  • jeffx

    “no next-gen games…” cause I don’t have any of the systems yet and I would die of jealousy ;)

  • Pichi

    lol! I don’t mind if they wen to Next-Gen. Its just that I’ll have to get them later on instead of right now. One of those “late” gamers nowadays. Get everything in 2012!! XD

  • Chris

    I hope badly Disgaea 3 comes to 360 in the US. I really, really don’t want to have to get PS3 to play all the best new RPGs.

  • Saithus

    I won’t lie, Disgaea 3 looks like a PS2 game all the way. But I am so happy they kept the traditional look.

    I own a 360, PS3, and Wii. And I would love to see a NIS translated game on one of the next and new gen consoles. It would be an honor to play them. I mean they can’t just rely on Disgaea. But a game on the SRPG or RPG on the Wii is a dream come true! Don’t let Nintendo be the only one making games for their own console.

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