Crisis Core fever hits Japan, Zack appears everywhere

By Spencer . September 13, 2007 . 8:05am


Square-Enix is not taking any chances with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Billboard sized ads are outside when you wait for a train and when you get on the train a silent LCD screen rotates through a Crisis Core ad. Stores are giving Crisis Core premium real estate too with posters and in Shinjuku a stand right when you enter the video game section of Bic Camera. Along with shilling Crisis Core the guide, Final Fantasy VII International and boxes of the 40th anniversary potion are piled up. The only item they are missing are the limited edition Crisis Core PSPs, which sold out earlier this morning.



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  • That just looks awesome, I’d spend so much money if I ever get to Japan. I’m a sucker for stuff like that.

  • Angelous

    I’m right there with you Dan, I’d be maxing out my credit card if I ever travel to Japan. Man, Square-Enix needs to announce the US localization/realease date already! I’d like to playing this in March along with God of War

  • Daigr

    “40th anniversary potion “!!!! I’m gonna have to find all those FF games I’ve missed during the first 20 years. :D

  • Nonoko

    Man, I just wish that we could have that kind of stuff over here. I’m a sucker for RPG’s and Square Enix and just about all the stuff they sell. Plus they had signs for It’s a Wonderful World! Man I hope they release that in the states.

  • I got a few of those potions from FFXII last time I was in Japan, horrible horrible stuff.
    But the funniest thing about Square Enix is how horribly they treat the US market in terms of releases and localization times. I’m not talking about the US division (i’m sure they work extra hard), but the whole philosophy they take on making USA a secondary market despite the obvious demand for sales. Konami on the other hand with the MGS series is much better.

  • Pedro Silva

    curious to see the sales on this one, although I’m not rooting for it, still if I had a job I’d get that FF7 PSP and this game. (while not rooting).

    Nice to see FF7 PSone International edition in stock though (it’s in the first pic) I’ve been thinking of getting it, but no “ultimate hits” version for me.

  • Alexander

    I want this game so badly.

    Judging from Squenix’s history, I believe we have a crappy change of getting that CC psp, which is sad. Hell, I’ve got a job, but I still won’t import it, because it’s like 400+ dollars! Plus, I’d still need a NA psp slim for my umd movies.

    In the first picture, what is that person picking up in his right hand?

  • @Alexander – that’s a copy of Final Fantasy VII: International, ultimate hits (re-release) edition.

  • Thats it. I’m moving to Japan.

    Potions for sale!? Zack billboards!?! *sigh*

    America sucks.

  • Alexander

    That’s what I thought. With international attached to it’s name, is there any bonus content compared to the NA release.

  • @Alexander – actually the bonus content is the stuff from the US release, the scene with Zack extra weapons and stuff like that.

  • Alexander

    Ahhh, thanks.

  • Mays

    You guys are complaining about them disregarding US market. What should I say! I live in Dubai! But, well. At least we eventually got it, yeah? No Billboard Zack, though. Too bad.
    wish I could get my hands on the potion kit… Never knew they even existed. I should look ’round for them.

    I wish the CC PSP limited edition wasn’t white. If it were black, I might’ve considered rebuying the thing.
    maybe that’s a good thing, though. My parent’s would be driven up the wall if I suggested that… XD

  • Halley

    Hey Mays, I live in Dubai too! I just can’t seem to find Crisis Core anywhere though! even with DMC all I found was DMC4 in Virgin.
    If you ever ever come back to this message board, could you please tell me where to find it?

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