Talking about multiplatform Beautiful Katamari

By Spencer . September 24, 2007 . 12:21pm


Over at Namco Bandai’s HQ I spoke to Jun Moriwaki, the producer of Beautiful Katamari. I mentioned how I enjoyed seeing items like the Xbox 360 consoles and controllers in the demo and he told me they would be in the final game too. Then I asked him questions burning on every Katamari fan’s mind. Will Beautiful Katamari head to other consoles?


I remember Beautiful Katamari being a Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 game when it was first announced. Whatever happened to the Playstation 3 version?


*laughs* It’s TBD now.


Will you ever consider making a Wii version of Katamari?


*laughs again* Right now it’s TBD. But the team, if they have an opportunity, they would like to make a Wii version.


There you have it it's a clear "maybe"! Notice that paper underneath Moriwaki-san's hands? On my way out I noticed he was scribbling away on it. So I took a glance and I noticed he was making a doodle of the King of All Cosmos. Ahh… I wish I snapped a picture of that too. 

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  • Pedro Silva

    what a photo! 8|

    They should have done Katamari on the Wii already.

  • Alexander

    Do you ever stop wining about what system a game isn’t on? Geez, you’re a broken record. :/

  • Pedro Silva

    ^ likewise; but I don’t want to be rude.

    Thing is people started asking for Katamari Damacy Wii since Nintendo unveiled the controller; it’s kind of a no brainer and there has been “rolling stuf” games since then.

    Them saying right now that “they’re still thinking about it” sounds… well, late; In all seriousness… they should have made it already.

  • Alexander

    “^ likewise; but I don’t want to be rude.”

    That doesn’t even make any sense.

    You just always seem to be complaining about how a game isn’t being ported to another system, or how a game isn’t coming to the Wii. It’s quite sad really.

    With the Sixaxis controller, this game should also be on the ps3. But if it doesn’t come to ps3 – meh.

  • Pedro Silva

    It makes all the sense it needs to, and bare in mind I’m no native speaker.

    Seriously though, like I said, I don’t want or have no need be rude; I could though, go to dust off some older coments you did and hold them against you, like you seem to be doing with me; I could, but I won’t. Instead I’m commenting this piece of news.

    My point is not “look X platform has it” my point is… should have been made before, be it a PS2 port, whatever, because it was a obvious choice. So… I’ve voiced my opinion, whether you like it… or not; I don’t care.

    Voice your opinion about the interview if you will (oh, you did it already, bitching it was not on Ps3 because of sixaxys) instead of going don’t go after my reply’s… simple.

  • Alexander

    “It makes all the sense it needs to”

    Actually, it doesn’t, so please explain me to me how it does. I could dust some of your old comments off, to support my first point, but I don’t think I want to be that rude. :)

    “oh, you did it already, bitching it was not on Ps3 because of sixaxys”

    Lmao. Could you also explain to me how I was bitching in my 2nd comment. I simply said that the game “should” be on the ps3, just like you said it “should” be on the Wii. *sigh*

    I believe the only person bitching here is you, seeing as you’ve made yet another post complaining about how games aren’t being made for systems you want them on.

  • matty

    Personally, with the exception of a few first-party games, I really don’t care about the idea of having exclusives on consoles.

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