Tidbits on the Kingdom Hearts spinoffs and side stories

By Spencer . September 26, 2007 . 9:26pm

Dr. Zaius sent over a tip (thanks!) that a bunch of scans from Famitsu featuring the new Kingdom Hearts games are online. While the trailers have not been released to the public, there are enough pictures to give you a good sense of what we saw at Tokyo Game Show ’08.


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep




The prequel stars Terra (pictured in the blue) and Ven who looks a lot like Roxas who are trying to track down Master Xehanort. In battle the menu on the bottom left rotates commands. From there you can select keyblade attacks indicated by a red key and spells like Blizzaga indicated by the purple hat.


Kingdom Hearts: 368 / 2 Days




In the DS interlude you play as Roxas and join the ranks of Organization XIII. During four player battles Axel, Xigbar and Saix will also be playable. H.a.n.d. who developed Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales is going to handle developing this title.


Kingdom Hearts: Coded


In Kingdom Hearts: Coded you get to re-visit Disney Worlds and play as “virtual” Sora. The key element here is the debugging mode where you need to remove the cubes.

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  • Prince

    Why can’t they just do the inevitable Kingdom Hearts 3?
    I want to see what happens with Sora and his gang. I am interested in these spinoffs. Especially Birth by Sleep. Only because they say its a prequel and it seems to be related to the secret ending of KHII..

    So we’ll see… we’ll see.

  • Reinallt

    as usual DS ports look crappy

  • Pedro Silva

    The PSP one looks awesome, shame for no PS2 version/port (and Square-Enix really should bring the KH2 Final Mix with Chain of Memories remake over from Japan).

    @ Reinallt

    … it’s not a port, it’s a new game.

  • I think that the DS version looks fine but I guess I’ll have to wait for the video.

    I also wish that they had focused on developing the series on the home consoles rather than the portables.

  • Alexander

    Birth of Sleep looks simply kickass. The ds game looks good to. Controlling Org 13 = pure win. I’m also abit intrested in the cellphone game, it reminds me of the Matrix.

    Multiplatform games and ports aren’t Squenix’s fortay, so I can’t say I’m not surprised that there will only be one version of the game. But if they did shockingly decide to port or make console version of a game, then I hope it would be 352/2. Hell, they could make a psp port.

    I’m wondering, does Ven = Roxas?

  • Pedro Silva

    “Multiplatform games and ports aren’t Squenix’s fortay, so I can’t say I’m not surprised that there will only be one version of the game.”

    No doubt, they’re not a “multiplatform” company; even supporting various brands this gen is kinda new to them; still… would be nice.

    PSP port with those (DS) graphics though? you’d have to ask for a remake; and of course, they’re giving that game to DS since PSP is getting the other want (and I don’t want the PSP one ported into DS) that would defeat the purpose.

    Still… a “remake” later on, on a home console for 352/2 could happen, hell… it happened to Chain of Memories. IMO, the PSP one is the one with the most chances to be left untouched (as in “exclusive”), it looks to be the perfect realization of what they wanted (as in, doesn’t need more power); the 352/2 could use that. (still it’s good to see DS being pushed and that they didn’t opt for 2D)

    How ace would be a Chain of Memories remake+Birth by Sleep PS2 pack though :) (hell, I really want that chain of memories remake the japanese got and we didn’t, packed with whatever or not) If the issue is the dubbing process for such game… Square should take the oportunity and kill two bunnies with one stone on this one, they could dub two games at a time. (perhaps three, if the DS one has voice acting)

  • ChrisUlt

    Opinons of each specfic game:

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP): Since the Kindgom Hearts started on PS2, and since the PSP is PS2 is the PS “birth child” (just like the Wii to the Nintendo DS). Birth by Sleep is probably gonna to the most silimar to the PS2 game. This game might be the prequel to the invitable game, Kindgom Hearts Next (probably the sequel series Nomura was talking about).

    Kindgom Hearts: 358/2 Days (DS): I was actually hoping for Kindgom Hearts: Chain of Memories II. I’m not very sure about this one. Instead of playing as a hero, you play as villians instead. The graphics aren’t sharp either. Chocobo Tales was a least a half-decent game (yes, I played it). It probably will be action-based that focusing about a RPG element. DS ports have sometimes go well (Super Mario 64), but I’m having doubts about this one.

    Kindgom Hearts: Coded (Mobile): This one is probably gonna to be the least like the Kindgom Hearts game for PS2. The game might be a platformer, but at least the “Disney Worlds” element is included. This one might be the least sucessful, but surpises can happen.

    Sadly, since I own a DS, I’ll have Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, which I’m most worried about (I’m not to fond about playing as villians). But again, some surpises might happen.

    The probably next project in the works is Kindgom Hearts Next for PS3. The PS2 is almost done it’s run and Nomura said that Kindgom Hearts 3 WILL NOT feature Sora as a playable character. Probably the game will be a Action RPG like the first 2 games, but will probably include the characters from the secret cutscene in Kindgom Hearts 2. It might not include traveling to Disney worlds either.

  • monkeypox

    er… is that… sasuke from naruto?

  • Marco


    Wow, it doesn’t take much thought to know that the DS game is a new game and not a port. Your comment fails.

  • Nammyseflipaellasola

    Vaya Vaya ò.o podremos manejar a los de la organizacion!! pero… A todos? =O … Y qué hacen los de la organización juntitos?… Y que hace el chico este cojiendo al posser de Roxas con cara de “esmionolotoques!¬¬” xDD creo que si en cada kh subian la edad para jugar, en este solo podran jugar los de mayores de edad, no habra que explicar por quee! Me aburroo xD

  • Fullmetal

    In my honest opinion, I’d buy the DS game just to play as Axel. xD
    I want to play Birth by Sleep though. It looks awesome.

  • bobster

    u all suck ds sucks :)

  • The cellular phone game is only available in Japan (I’m almost sure) and I don’t think it’s ever going to come to the US. But I would absolutely love to waste my phones battery and the precious moments of my life on something like that.

    And hell yes to Birth by Sleep! I wanted to see more Roxas. I was sad when I had to go back to being Sora because he’s a retard.

    ::I invite you all to take a look at my DeviantArt:: ^_^;

  • Teruptis

    well i prefer 358/2 insted of chain of memories 2 cuz that is lame chain of memories is the name of the story

  • Ansem

    What game is this…..I never knew you could play as Organazation X||, and who’s that Dr. Z-something? I never played this game you speak of. I am english, not japenese please. Please answer me.
    Thank you for your patience of reading this. And yes, I have played Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. I have finished both stories, thank you again. Have a nice day.

  • Ziggy

    Birth By Sleep I think will kick ass, because you finally get to see what happened and how things led up to KH 1 and 2. Not to mention it will probably leave questions open, and when a game leaves questions open they almost always have a sequal.

    358/2 Days I think has kickass graphics for the DS, I mean it is the DS not a damn PS3 you can’t expect to have monster graphics on it, so stop complaining. Also I think it’s great that they are finally having a “GAME” for the DS instead of these stupid mini games like Brain Age and Nitindo Dogs. Finally a game with a story to it. Anyway, I can’t wait to play as the Organization, because technically, the Organization wasn’t a bad group, Namine even says so at the beginning of KH2. She says, “Bad or Good, Nobody Knows” And even if they are bad, everyone likes them and almost everyone has a favorite Organization member, thats why they made the game.

    The cell phone game, I think will suck, just because our cell phones, unlike the ones from Japan, aren’t made for games.

    Kingdom Hearts 3, whenever it does come out, I think will be good, even though I would like to play as Sora again, but if they do take out the Disney worlds I think the game is going to hear crickets. Because that would mean no Disney character’s as well, also you take out the Disney worlds and you’re taking out what Kingdom Hearts really is.

  • 0SHADOW0

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days comes out 9/27/09. I think.

  • 0SHADOW0

    Kingdom Hearts rules!

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