Meet the protagonist of Persona -trinity soul-

By Spencer . November 9, 2007 . 11:25am


Persona -trinity soul- takes place ten years after the apathy syndrome problem and since the main characters from the game are well out of high school (they should be!) it features a new cast. Shin is the main character, a 17 year old high school student at Naginomori Gakuen. His older brother Ryou works at the police department. Through a series of events Shin gains the ability to use a Persona…

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  • What’s interesting is if you look in the artbook you got with Persona 3, I think the original design of the main character is basically what Shin ended up looking like. Which is cool, because I thought either design would’ve worked well enough.

  • @Nick – Good point that I didn’t notice right off the bat! There is some resemblance between proto-protaganist and Shin.

  • I actually like Shin’s design a lot more than the protagonist of Persona 3 (emo haircut? Please..).

    He does, indeed, look like the concept art for the protagonist in the P3 artbook. Darn cool.

  • Emo is such a retarded term, that I actually laugh at people who use it to justify things they can’t find any other words for. The word “emo” isn’t even a word, just a stupid stereotype no different than “nigger.” >.> I like “Shuu’s” haircut!

    But, I’m glad the anime is keeping to the original style. I just hope it doesn’t succumb to the same animation quality as the anime scenes in P3. Doing that, pretty much kills the new series.

  • SoulCaster

    I’m looking forward to this anime, after seeing some of the clips in P3 I always thought the Persona series would make an excellent anime, so I can’t wait :D.


  • Mr47

    Reminds me of Tatsuya and Katsuya from Persona 2 =p
    a High school boy + Older detective brother

  • chinadoll_sakura

    I love the idea of the anime, and this is something that my friend and I have talked about before. I remember us saying wouldn’t it be cool if persona was an anime. He showed me the article for this show, and I thought the same thing he looks like the main guys original art. I actually liked the original better. The only thing I wished was I could see like sort of what are the p 3 characters doing now 10 years later……… I would love to see what yuka tan, ken who is now maybe 20????? or was he older then 10 in the show? I’d love to see Junpei, fuuka, akihiko and mitsuru and I can’t forget about the main guy.

  • Not Emo Guy… -.- now STFU

    This anime seems cool…
    but id have prefer it wih the last protagonist… (ya… the one with emo hair.. xP)
    but… how can ppl still summon personas if theres no more DARK HOUR….
    remember main char sacrificed to destroy Dark Hour… T_T hes DEAD!!!… T_T
    but id like it more if the protagonist had left a Son… with i ionno which one to choose… (Mitsuru, Takeba, Fuuka, Nerdy Girl, Niggy Girl, Koromaru)… >__

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