Atlus becomes an Xbox 360 publisher, picks up Operation Darkness

By Spencer . November 16, 2007 . 4:00pm

sf3logo.jpgIt’s near the end of the day and Atlus sent over some surprising news. Atlus is now an official Xbox 360 third party publisher and next year they are releasing two games. They picked up the rights to Spectral Force 3, an Idea Factory strategy RPG from 2006. Atlus also has the rights to Success’s only Xbox 360 game, Operation Darkness. I spent sometime with the alternate World War II strategy RPG and it feels different since everyone has guns. No dates have been announced, but I’m glad to see more diversity is coming to the Xbox 360’s line up. Now the next question is will Atlus pick up Idea Factory's other Xbox 360 games like Absolute: Blazing Infinity and Apocalypse Desire Next?

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  • SomeDude

    Sweet! This means Atlus will be the first to bring an SRPG (or TRPG, if you prefer) to the 360.

    Spencer: I haven’t played Apocalypse Desire, but I wouldn’t count on Absolute Blazing Infinity ever coming here…that game is pretty awful.

  • @SomeDude – I haven’t played Absolute: Blazing Infinity. Isn’t it a PS2 port like Diaro: Rebirth Moon Legend? I do find it very interesting that Atlus has a relationship with Idea Factory and that Idea Factory is churning out Xbox 360 games. Maybe (hopefully?) they won’t spend time on Absolute: Blazing Infinity then.

  • ebe

    “Atlus is now an official Xbox 360 third party publisher”

    Does this mean they will be bringing Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series to the XBOX 360 too?

  • SomeDude

    My guess is that if there’s interest in them being on the 360 (i.e. sales) they’ll start putting more stuff onto it. (See: Trauma Center on the Wii.)

  • tt

    I guess Persona would have to get released here in Japan first on 360 then it would get a US release. they wouldnt just port it over from ps2.

  • Yeah, Atlus USA and Atlus (in Japan) are different companies, though the latter owns the former.

    However, Trauma Center did so well for the Wii in the US, the sequel got released in the US first before Japan. So it’s not entirely inconceivable that if Operation Darkness does really really well (which means you have to pre-order it, Atlus always has print runs catered to the amount of pre-orders), Atlus Japan might put Persona on the 360, too. (I would think it would also be on the PS3, since it’s doing much better than the 360 in Japan). Unlikely, but possible, I’d guess.

  • Spike420

    I was wondering when operation darkness was going to be brought over they have been selling gamerpics and stuff on xbl lol

  • Hello Hello

    I like the Spectral series, but I can’t see this (Spectral Force 3) doing well over here in North America. I just don’t think the Xbox 360 user-base will give the game a chance.

  • Well, I can’t see it doing any worse than Spectral Souls did. I mean, the 360 user base is about the size as the PSP user base, but they buy like 10x the software. And while I don’t think SS did well, NISA is still in business (even putting out another IF game 6 months afterwards), so it didn’t completely tank.

    I’m curious how Atlus will price it. I doubt I would go for it at $60 (if I get a 360 by the time it comes out), but $40 would probably move a lot of copies.

  • Hello Hello


    Well, what you neglect to mention is that the PSP user-base is very friendly toward Japanese Strategy-RPGs, while the vast majority of the Xbox 360 base is not. The fact that Spectral Souls bombed so badly only paints a grimmer picture for Spectral Force 3. If games high-profiled games like Eternal Sonata, and the hyped “Final Fantasy Killer” Blue Dragon can’t bring in amazing sales, then what hope does this 2-D turn based series have on the 360?

  • Chris

    Get back to me when the next major Megaten series game is announced.

  • The US PSP user base isn’t friendly towards anything. They buy almost no software at all (which is why most companies don’t make games for it anymore). And as a platform, it’s only got 2 original SRPGs (LOTR Tactics and Jeanne d’Arc), so it’s hardly a bastion for fans.

    And Blue Dragon was never really a FF killer. Sure, it had some of the people who worked on the older games, but that was its problems. It couldn’t even compare with the PS2 Final Fantasies, much less FF13. It was a very old school (Like FFIV-ish) RPG with original Xbox quality graphics.

    I’m sure it Spectral Force III won’t sell tons, but I’m sure it will do far far better than any IF PSP game, and make more money, for basically the same amount of work. PS2 software sales are down dramatically. Atlus has to go somewhere. There aren’t many SRPGs on the DS. That pretty much leaves the 360.

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