White Engine development stalled, Final Fantasy XIII too?

By Spencer . November 19, 2007 . 7:59am

ffxiii.jpgAt Square-Enix’s fiscal meeting they candidly mentioned the White Engine development is moving at a sluggish pace. However, they are not abandoning creating their in house engine. Since the engine is the backbone for Final Fantasy XIII it seems likely that the Playstation 3 game will be further delayed. Square-Enix did not mention a date for Final Fantasy XIII (maybe now 2009? edit: this date is just me speculating) or Dragon Quest IX, which was originally slated to come out this year.


It’s not all gloom for Square-Enix. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII sold quite well in Japan with 710,000 copies in the market. Itadaki Street DS was a hit with 410,000 copies sold, just to put that in perspective It’s a Wonderful World only sold 180,000 units.

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  • Visionnerz

    Interesting. I wonder if this means that the final game won’t meet the quality that was seen in the early screenshots and videos..

  • Amgine

    No, it means you won’t see the game again until probably the end of 2008 or early 2009, even in an incomplete form.

  • EbonySeraphim

    It’s a huge assumption to think that a stall in a games engine halts development. A game can still make heavy progress without the engine being final/completed. RPGs take so long to complete because of content and story production, not the technical constraints of the engine they are running on. Beyond that, an engine is nothing without a game and no one can tell if an engine is technically “incomplete” if a completed game is running on it. All that needs to be done at the time of FFXIII’s release is whatever FFXIII itself needs to use from the engine. If Square needs to continue developing the engine for features later games will use after FFXIII, they will do so and no one will know any better.

  • Spike420

    well looks like im not getting a ps3 till 2009…but this sucks couse ff13 looks good but im really interested in versus wich im guessing would be running on the same engine(or a off set of it)

  • asd

    Probably because the development was switched over to Wii.

  • retrosic

    Way to fail, asd.

  • Ravi

    They better get this one published soon and make PS3 a hit. I am pissed of with 360 it gave me 3 rings of death and no warranty or anything and I am left only with PS2.

  • Aoshi00

    Frankly I don’t know what to make of FF XIII or the FF series anymore, the numerous delay was like FF XII. Have to admit Versus looks great though.

    Meanwhile, I’ll just fill my needs w/ Archaic Sealed Heat (I love it), and Lost Odyssey next month, I’m loving Mistwalker as Sakaguchi still knows how to make fun RPGs.

  • Kyle

    You’re translation is wrong.

  • MagusX

    Ooohhh mannnn… Just a [email protected]#% news…

    I´m hope for a gret news about this game, but only this… later later later

    It´s turning me crazy, you know… I want to play this game as soon is possible.

  • vhero

    sad news but delays probably won’t come as for lost odysee its out in japan next month not on 360 in US or EU till mid 2008 and its probably gonna be on 3 DVD’s like Blue Dragon I am looking forward to LO though as BD sucked. LO looks really good no way near as good as ff13 but its looking great so far.

  • retrosic

    It was a mistranslation guys.


    “Development of White Engine is not Stagnant”

  • retrosic

    Btw guys, MISTRANSLATION, as Kyle pointed out.

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