Atari spends a pretty penny to keep the Dragon Ball Z license

By Spencer . December 10, 2007 . 5:43pm

dbzl.jpgDragon Ball Z comes with a hefty price tag. Atari had to make a $2.7 cash payment to FUNimation and lose $0.8 million in recoupable royalty advance. The total sum of $3.5 million means Atari has the exclusive rights to publish Dragon Ball Z games in the USA until January 2010. Since the Dragon Ball Z license is one of Atari’s strongest assets, it’s expected they would come to an agreement with FUNimation. But is Goku really worth $3.5 million?

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  • No, he’s not.

    Piccolo, on the other hand, is worth two times that exactly.

  • Aoshi00

    I’m actually a little surprised the DBZ fighting games are still going strong after the anime ended over 10 years in Jpn.. My favorite ones are still the SFC ones and the first RPG Super Saiya Legend.. The first 3D one on the PS2 (half cel shaded on gamecube) was quite refreshing w/ today’s graphics, but after a while all the iterations wear thin, despite me being a big DB fan.

  • Hello Hello

    I think FUNimation is giggling all the way to the bank after this deal.

  • Thores

    At least Atari does the best it can to make the series work in video game form. I don’t really like the Budokai Tenkaichi installments, but Budokai 3 was crazy fighting game bliss.

  • Yakusoku20

    I have to say I’m enjoying these series of games. Some have ben huge flops, but lately they just get better and better. Goku is not work 3.5 million though. Mystic Gohan yes.

  • I hope now that this has worked well in Atari’s favour, they will now find real Developers
    & actually take their while to bring out the best in the next DB Game. I am seriously
    getting impatient, & concerned in regards to this aspect of Development. This is why I
    chose to not purchase DBZ: BT3. I have all the others from DBZ:B1-DBZ:BT2, but the
    sequel is not that great. I expect to see the following for the 7th Generation Consoles,
    PS3 most especially:

    *Better Character Voices & Emotion
    *More Attacks & variety in them
    *Music from Bruce Faulconer for FUNimation for certain scenes
    *Monsters & Beasts to be huge
    *The Battlegrounds, no Planets to be massive as possible
    *Run & walk, whether fighting or not.

  • I didn’t buy the BT3 English version due to hating the edited BGM’s. I bought the Japanese version *Sparking Meteor* solely to play it 1 & 1/2 months faster. To be frank, i too wanted a larger scale of BattleGrounds but i knew it couldn’t be done *at least when it’s released for the PS2*. About the Voices, they had a co-op with Funimation so it should turn out good unless you hate english VoiceOvers. Budokai Tenkaichi 3 does have Wider Combo system and Defensive measures. It’s the real deal out of all 3 games as people think it’d be the last DBZ game on the PS2 *I hope not coz i don’t have any money to buy PS3 yet*. Run & Walk? I don’t think we need this kinda stuff unless it’s an RPG, People would just want to speed-up and give a helluva blast already.

    The Features i especially like in BT3 are:
    – Speed-up to the back of your enemy (L2 + X 2 times) + Can add combo
    – Evading attacks without stepping back (Triangle + Round)

    Atari is just Importing DBZ games made from Japan *i MAY be wrong*. So i didn’t think that getting a better developer would change anything much unless the games itself back in Japan had a revolution. Nevertheless, i’m relieved to see DBZ still there in Next-Gen gaming.

  • Spike420

    Lol, mystic gohan, just becouse you sit infront of a old guy all day dosen’t make you mystic ^_^

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