Marvelous! No More Heroes has a comic book manual

By Spencer . December 20, 2007 . 1:58pm

nomoreheroes.jpgNo More Heroes is all about otaku culture and someone at Grasshopper Manufacture thought of a clever idea to make the instruction book feel like a comic book. The manual doesn’t show the Wii remote controls with frames of hand drawn art, but compared to the sea of bland manuals this creative tie in stands out. Besides the Grand Theft Auto series, few games try to make an immersive manual. Maybe they should because this is rocking. Just in case Ubisoft chooses not to go with this approach I posted some pictures of the Japanese manual past the break.







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  • Man does this game ever stop with the originality? Ok so other games have had different manual styles before but you can’t but love this.

  • tt

    oh! I never read instruction manuals so I didnt notice this in my copy.

    this my favorite game out now its too bad it didnt sell well at all.

  • Shin

    Nice ! hope they keep that for the US realease (finally gatting a Wii for this, that is if I can find one at the regular price in feb’ ^^” )

  • jeffx

    Less than stellar review here:

    If what this guy says is true about the city being devoid of life of any kind (and why would he lie?), then that does suck. Kinda put a damper on my excitement, but I’m most likely still buying this.

  • EvilGamerX

    That is pretty cool. I still have no intention of buying the game though.

  • Aoshi00

    Very cool manual indeed, can’t wait until this game’s US release. I didn’t like how they talk about waving the remote in the game’s tuturiol though…

    @jeffx: I haven’t read your link, but I remember coming across insomnia’s review on “Archaic Sealed Heat” and the guy trashed the game royally. I thought the game, while not perfect, has its mertis and was quite addictive to play, plus I love the story. I wouldn’t put so much faith in that guy, especially opinions tend to differ greatly. I remember years ago I skipped Shadow Hearts because of IGN’s 5.5 review, and what a mistake I made. For games that I alrdy set my heart on playing, I tend to skip reviews before I get my hands on it. And you get IGN’s 6 hrs of Lost Odyssey playtest.. yeah, there is some drop of frame rates, but it’s an awesome game.

    I would have to say siliconera’s reviews tend to be unbiased though :)

  • idioteraser

    Ah the city is just an overworld hub you travel through big freakin deal. Suda 51 isn’t a big budget developer and his games have always sold out of Japan more then inside of Japan. He couldn’t afford to develop for the PS3 or Xbox 360 unless Microsoft or Sony paid for the development of a game.

  • RoyalFlush

    @Aoshi00: I haven’t touched this game so I can’t judge but from the videos I’ve seen I think he might have point when it comes to the 2 moves battle-system. Also what makes you believe that reviews are biased. To me it looks like that site is made out of love for video games, not something that is made to pay the bills. Or does biased in your book means opinions you don’t agree with?

  • ryne11

    I Hope Ubisoft keeps it. But I am doubtful for no reason

  • Aoshi00

    @RoyalFlush: I haven’t played No More Heroes either or read their review, so I can’t say to be fair. The reason I have the perception Insomnia is biased is I remember their comments being quite one-sided and frivolous on a couple of games. Good reviews tend to list both good and bad and which outweighs which depending on the player’s taste, and let the reader decide. The other reason is a majority (not all) of those who import do not have knowledge of the Jpn language, when it comes to RPGs, it means missing out all the dialogues and story, so I find that a minus too as that’s a huge aspect of a game. I was just saying take some review w/ a grain of salt.

    This game scores big just for style alrdy, I hope the gameplay is fun as well. Don’t like Sylvia’s weird accent though…

  • EvilAkito

    If Killer 7 and Contact are any indication, you can’t trust a review of a Suda 51 game. Some people are to love them to death and others are going to hate them with a passion. That just seems to be the nature of his games.

    I’m one of the few that thought Killer 7’s gameplay was unique and fun. I also think Contact is a really interesting RPG and not the flawed mess everyone thinks it is. As for No More Heroes, the combat does look pretty fun, so I’m confident that I’ll end up enjoying the game.

  • “Good reviews tend to list both good and bad and which outweighs which depending on the player’s taste, and let the reader decide.”

    Let the readers decide? Where do you come up with this stuff?

    A review is nothing less and nothing more than the opinion of the author. I hated the game and I explained why. I couldn’t care less what the opinions of the readers are. They can write their own reviews if they want to.

  • Aoshi00

    @icycalm: Not everyone likes all games, that’s a given. I was simply saying a good unbiased review generally takes into account all aspects of a game and serves as a good guide to those on the fence, which is kind of the point of a review. If you feel the urge to tell the world about something you don’t like, it’s certainly your choice. There are dozens of reviews on any given game on gamefaqs and amazon alone, so I think people can’t read and decide for themselves if the games appeal to them.

    eg., Assassin’s Creed has good graphics and other good points, whether you like the story or can stand the missions’ repetitiveness. An unbiased review would list all of it, of course all reviewers are entitled to their own opinions, since, again, people have different preference and taste.

  • Aoshi00, unbiased reviews do not exist. They are like Santa Claus.

    You seem to think that a review is a list of “good” and “bad” points, or in some way related to a Wikipedia article, but it couldn’t be further from that. Go read some Roger Ebert reviews and perhaps you’ll understand.

    Also, the point of a review is most certainly not to be a “good guide for those on the fence”. Reviews — good reviews at least — are about passing judgement on a game. Reviews are about 100% honest, unmerciful criticism. As for taste — the only taste that matters in a review is the author’s.

  • Aoshi00

    @icycalm: If you and Ebert have similar taste, you would go to his reviews to see if a move is worth spending $10 for because you know that chances are you will like what he likes. Ebert or the other movie critics would say which aspects of the movie they “appreciate”, like composition, music, script, actor’s skills, story, directing, etc. Sometimes he gives a thumbup because the good outweighs the bad, and vice versa. There’s a difference to bashing and critiquing. For me, I tend to read Roger’s comments after viewing the movise to see if he agrees w/ what I think, and if not why, same w/ me for games.

  • kris


    you can’t take a reviewer who gave bullet witch four stars seriously at all.

  • There’s no difference betweens bashing and “critiquing”. Ebert has a whole damn book titled “Your movie sucks” where he basically bashes several dozen movies. You praise the games you like and you bash the games you hate. That’s what reviewing is, and there’s no room for objectivity. It’s not exactly rocket science.

  • Aoshi00

    @icycalm: Just read the reviews of Archaic Sealed Heat from here and Insomnia and see which one has room of objectivity, the reviewer here clearly listed the bad points of the game but did not dismiss everything else entirely (objective) while the other guy seems to just did not like Sakaguchi at all (biased), period.

    Sometimes I wonder how some importers review RPGs when they don’t even know Jpn, do they just skip talking to the hundreds of NPCs and miss out the entire story? If that’s the case, to me that’s “biased” because they neglect one of the most essential part in an RPG.

    Ebert knows what he’s talking about because he has experience, I respect his views because he’s seen more movies in the last 50 years than me.

    I usually read a wide range of reviews for games that I’m interested, one source is general customers from Amazon Japan as I can see opinions from both Jpn players and compare to those of American players who have different taste. The bottomline is you don’t just read one review from an arrogant know-it-all and not give a game a chance if the so-called score is low, otherwise you would be missing out a heck of a lot of good games.

    Do you ever notice that at the end of a review where there’s a comment section that lets readers rate whether it’s helpful or not? If a guy gives 1 out of 10 for everything, my first reaction would be “is he serious, this guy knows what he’s talking about?” And I would go on to read some others to gather a wide range of opinions and decide for myself.

    This whole point of discussion is quite pointless anway, back to Lost Odyssey :)

  • I did not list the good points of ASH because I didn’t find any. As for not liking Sakaguchi, I don’t see how anyone could possibly like him with all the trash he keeps churning out. Case in point: Lost Odyssey. 1/5 and one of the worst videogames ever made.

  • Aoshi00

    @icycalm: You’re certainly entitled to your opinion. I have played Blue Dragon, ASH, and am playing Lost Odyssey right now, and so far I have enjoyed every single minute of it. The only thing that I didn’t like from Sakaguchi, FF Spirits Within. And after that, I’m definitely looking forward to Cry On.

    As for Lost Odyssey, from Amazon Jpn, out of over 150 customers who’ve played the game (not the commercialized Famitsu magazine), 4.5 out of 5 stars on average, and I did not just look at the meaningless number, I’ve read every single one of the review.
    I don’t know 150 people vs. 1 person?

    To me, a quick generalization is it reminds me of FF IX, X, and Shadow Hearts, w/ jaw-droppic graphics and memorable Uematsu music, and a touching story to boot. Did you read or skip the short novels of Thousand years of Dream? Wait, can you even read Japanese? Voice-acting-wise, some Jpn cast are better and some US cast are better.

    So sure, you go ahead and think that it’s one of the worst five games, while I’m sure there are much worse games. The US players will get to play it in Feb and decide for themselves.

  • Oh yes, I forgot about the Amazon reviews. Of course if they are positive it means the game must be good. I bet you also love Britney Spears albums and Tom Clancy novels.

    The future of the world is in the hands of people like you. Armageddon can’t come soon enough.

  • Aoshi00

    Not Amazon editorial review, but reviews written by gamers or regular folks who play games and are not affailiated with any business organization.

    Frankly, I have no idea who you try to express w/ your childish remarks, I was simply saying why I liked certain games, and that most people should play the games for themselves instead of listening to some guy’s random comments, not to mention not understanding Jpn when playing an import.

    What topic are we on? Right, games. I was initially skeptical of Lost Odyssey as well as the release date drew near, as neither Blue Dragon (didn’t turn out to be the spiritual succeor of Chrono Trigger that most hoped for) nor ASH were perfect games and certainly could use improvement. But after reading mostly positive reviews and most importantly geting my hands on the game for a good 15 hrs, I’m glad my doubt were unfounded.

  • Aoshi00

    Also have you even played Lost Odyssey yet? If not, it’s better to refrain from bashing it for no apparent reasons, unless FF IX, X, or Shadow Hearts are among some of your worse games again, which most people seems to like (and accordingly to you the same people who like Britney Spears :)

  • I speak Japanese perfectly well and I’ve been playing LOL since day one. It is a terrible videogame.

    And yeah, I see your point. It”s the gamefaqs mentality of “every game is good as long as it has fans”. And since all games have fans they are all good. Pulitzer-prize winning mentality right there. You are making your country proud, son.

  • Aoshi00

    Never said that every game is good.

    So which part of Lost Odyssey did you find to be so terrible? Care to elaborate since you’ve played or finished the game? Or you were just making inane comments from the few trailers you’ve seen?

    I just finished disc one not so long ago, did you like that part where it ends?

    Actually do you just plain hate turn-based RPGs or all the past FFs in general, because this game’s elements just remind of some of the best FFs in the past, and then some.

  • Aoshi00

    Since you claim to be fluent in Jpn, what was the story in Kaim’s first dream about? Didn’t like that one huh?

  • @icycalm

    I know this discussion has ended already, but I just wanted to congratulate you.

    You just made me realize that I had no previous notion of how arrogant one person can be. I didn’t knew your site util a few minutes ago. Read some things, kinda liked actually, but I’m never coming back, now will I ever tell anybody about it, because of how “asshole-ish” you sounded in this thread’s comments.

    And before you respond something, let me clarify two things:
    1. Don’t bother, I’ll never come back to see your answer.
    2. Although you may think “pff, this guy’s only one”, I’m actually the only one who choose to be vocal about how you disgusting you seem to be. I bet anything that most of the people who read your words here and left without leaving a comment would fully agree with me.

  • *nor will I tell

  • *nor will I…

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