Restoring red blood in Metal Slug 3 XLA

By Spencer . January 3, 2008 . 6:58am

mgxla.jpgSNK chose to censor the red goo in the Xbox Live Arcade version of Metal Slug 3, but with a simple trick you can change the white zombie vomit back to its original form. Insert Credit points out switching your 360’s language to Japanese resolves the issue. However, console settings does not fix a more serious problem with the Metal Slug 3 port, slowdown. The animation feels choppy compared to other Metal Slug 3 ports, a disappointing note considering Metal Slug 3 is double the price of other direct arcade games. Also much to the ire of the purist crowd you cannot remove the enhanced graphic filter and play the unadulterated version.

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  • Yeah, on the MS XBL board they were going ape over some of the shortcomings of this version.

    I was psyched, but I decided to play the demo a bit before buying.

    I’m gonna rummage through the bargain bin and get the Metal Slug 4&5 for Xbox1.


  • TacoBeaver

    haha, the wii version ownz (all 6)

  • Veilknight

    Thanks for the head’s up on SNK Playmore’s sloppy port of Metal Slug 3 on XBLA, Spencer. If the lag really is this much of a problem, I’m surprised Microsoft even approved the title in the first place, which brings to question their honesty on what they allow to be published on Xbox Live Arcade is only of the highest quality in terms of performance capabilities when experienced online through Xbox Live.

    In particular, SNK Playmore has no excuse for this sloppily put together port of Metal Slug 3, arguably the best installment in their critically acclaimed run and gun series. With this game being quite a fan favorite among players, not to mention the fact they had plenty of time since the title’s announcement to sharpen up any flaws in the title’s online play, SNK really dropped the ball this time. Really, waiting long for a game is one thing, but when you finally deliver the finished product there’s not any right reasons for apparent bugs such as slowdown when I’m pretty sure any video game tester could have picked up and noted this very problem with the port when playing online especially.

  • @Veilknight – The lag isn’t cripplingly bad in single player, but other Metal Slug 3 ports feel more fluid. I mean I guess it’s nice that Metal Slug 3 has online play, that’s the real draw to get this. Maybe the graphics are another draw? Not for me though!

    Yeah, it’s disappointing that the Metal Slug 3 turned out this way, but the sadder thing is the Metal Slug series is still rather obscure and gamers playing this version may just think that’s how it’s always been.

  • thaKingRocka

    just a word of warning about switching the language to japanese:

    if this game has been or will be released in japan, there will be japanese language achievements associated with it. judging from the engrish used in the achievements, the english achievements were translated from japanese by the same squad of electronic-dictionary-wielding monkeys that handled zero wing. if you unlock an achievement while your system is set to japanese, that achievement will forever be displayed on your system in japanese. you can view the achievement in english through, and i believe others will see that achievement in english, but you cannot change it on your system. my first two achievements in nba street are in japanese, but everything after i switched my system back is in english.

  • Daizyujin

    This is an unfortunate problem with all of SNK’s games. You never know until they are released if they are the censored or uncensored version. Take into account KOF 2000/2001 which was censored but 2002/2003 was not. Then we get KOF XI for PS2 and it is uncensored but I hear that KOF 94 for the Wii is censored in Europe. It is very confusing because they are just so damned inconsistent. There is no reason that SNK can’t just turn the English language on and the Japanese censor level on. The funniest thing is that the ratings don’t really make a good excuse since most of the changes were done before or in the early days of ESRB and wouldn’t even change the rating regardless if they were censored or not. Case in point is Mai’s booby bounce in KOF 94. Don’t see that raising a T rated game to a M.

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