Talim joins the cast of Soulcalibur IV

By Spencer . January 11, 2008 . 12:22am

soulivtalim.jpgI mentioned this in the Soulcalibur IV party live blog, but in case you didn’t wade through the text Talim will be in Soulcalibur IV. While Talim was not in last night’s build the news comes directly from one of the Namco Bandai staff members working on Soulcalibur IV. Beyond confirming her as a playable character I couldn’t get any information about how she plays or her role in the story.



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  • scott

    I wonder if she’ll get balloon-boobs like the others…

  • mikael

    *scott* I hope not, in that case
    It really turns me off about this game, but vader/yoda as a character helped the appeal for me

  • If she plays like SC3 Talim then it doesnt even matter… Talim is so bad in Soul Calibur 3 that she is nigh unplayable in all situations.

  • Amen Jaxel. As a SC2 Talim user, I consistently got my ass handed to me by novices when using Talim in SC3. As glad as I am that she wasn’t excluded from IV, but I hope they fix the wrongs of III

  • ChrisUlt

    Decent news.

    And, here’s some new news: Darth Vader and Yoda are in. I’m serious. Darth Vader is exclusive to the PS3 verision and Yoda is in the Xbox 360 verision.

    Here’s proof if you don’t believe:


  • @ChrisUlt – well aware of this news.. I was at the event when they announced the partnership!

  • Shadowmarth

    She was crazy overpowered in II. Button-mashing did the trick.

  • Marcel H

    Ok, ok… If they make Talim to a”balloon-boob”-Monster, i’ll kill the one who’s in case for this, or sacrifice him to Cthulhu (rather the last).

    Talim as a “sexy-bitch”… this, ergh. Idiotic, Blasphemic, stupid, daft… It just doesn’t fit, and at least, not beeing the “Bunny” but the unerotic cute one, is, in my opinion, her unique Image- and I hope, that they don’t get their horny on Talim.

  • diamond

    i hope talim s on SC IV. they really need to improve on her because she sucks real bad on SC III. i also hope that they let julie parker play her voice because the person who did talim on SC III, talim sounded like a kid.

    Thank you Julie parker for doing the voice of Talim on SC II. you sounded way better than Hynden Walch.

  • Nick

    Sorry Marcel, but to people in my age-group (15-18), there is nothing “unerotic” about Talim. After all, she still has a curvy body and nice legs (which are more accurately the characteristics of a 17-18yr. old girl, rather than a 15yr. old one). Just because she’s not some slutty whore, who has watermelon sized boobs, it does NOT mean that she cannot be considered hot.

    If you want a girl in the SC series who’s just cute but NOT in an erotic way, I suggest you look at Amy. She’s just a standard 12 year old girl, the ONLY female in the series who should NEVER be considered sexually attractive.

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