Contest – What “soul” would you put in Soulcalibur IV

By Spencer . January 12, 2008 . 10:31am

sc4.jpgAdding Yoda and Vader in Soulcalibur IV stirred up quite a bit of discussion. People seem to fall in one of three camps: love it, hate it, or perplexed by it trapped in a "WTF" moment. Katsutoshi Sasaki, the director of the Soulcalibur IV, would like to see Pac-Man. Unfortunately he doesn't have any weapons. I suggested Pac-Man could roll around the arena or throw the other ghosts. I don't think Sasaki is going to take my spur of the moment advice.


But, I digress. If Yoda and Vader are Soulcalibur IV anyone can be in it. So, which characters would you like to see? Post your creative thoughts in the comments and one random winner will win a Soulcalibur IV shirt that says "I got soul" .


Update: Great discussion everyone, but only one can have the Soulcalibur (t-shirt). Congrats to Ja!monster you won! Please send an e-mail to [email protected] I'll verify with the e-mail you used in your comments.

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  • manwolf5000

    i would put link,ike,roy,marth,metaknight and pit

  • Daizyujin

    Seriously how about a power ranger. Lots of them use weapons. This wouldn’t even be that far a stretch since Bandai co-owns the super sentai series with Toei in Japan and thus holds at least partial rights to designs. Others I can think of would be Blade from Marvel fame or maybe Cloud. Ratchet and clank could use Ratchet’s wrench. Seriously, none of these sound all that far off anymore.

  • Dan Zuccarelli

    Kratos from God of War. He’s already got the weaponry, and the combo system would even fit in rather nicely!

  • laharsama

    KOS-MOS, Margulis or Jin Uzuki from Xenosaga could be great fighters

  • R Pilot

    Grey Fox from MGS would be an awesome character to play as in any fighting game.

  • EvilGamerX

    The South Park characters from Good Times With Weapons episode. You know you would want Bulrog (Cartman) would want the Soul Edge to rid the world of hippies.

  • Mr. Mee

    I personally would like to see the Prince, from the Prince of Persia Sands of TIme Trilogy. He has the skills and weaponry. They could use some of his Sands of Time powers for his special attacks. They could also have the Dark Prince as another character or a transformation for the normal Prince character. The Dark Prince would have his own set of moves and weapons as well. The Prince’s speed kill could be implemented in some way no doubt. I think that he’d fit right in with the traditional Soulcalibur characters.

  • Mr. Mee

    Prince from Prince of Persia: Two Thrones. He’d fit right in with the character roster. He has the skills and weaponry. The dagger of time’s power can be used in his special attacks. Even his transformation, the Dark Prince, can be used as a separate character or a transformation of the Prince in-battle. Speed kills could be used as well I’m sure, but in a different manner than used in PoP: TT.

  • Mr. Mee

    Sorry for the double post!!!! Didn’t think that the first one went through!

  • Take a leaf out of Soul Calibur Legends and give us some Tales characters! They’ve got the colorful outfits and with some tweaking, their looks would be really consistent with the universe. Give us some Cless, Lloyd, hell ANY of the Oracle Knights from Tales of the Abyss. Legretta the Quick’s dual-gun style would be awesomely unique to see in the SC series; combine hand-to-hand combat with magic-bullet stuff. It’d be wild!

  • Juan

    Afro Samurai or Grey Fox from Metal Gear Solid.

  • duduman05

    rygar from…. rygar i think he would be a very cool addition, Now be honest he would almost be a perfect match for the soul calibur world, he pretty much seems like he is. With his variety of Diskarmor moves and techniques, as well as his grabs, and dont forget his secret weapon the pizza diskarmor. Its almost like he is supposed to. Thank you for your time.

  • Ryu Kazama

    Dante and Vergil Sparda from DMC (take Dante from any, and Vergil from DMC3. Add Nero Angelo as well). Capcom’s initial idea was to have the Vergil boss fights play using a similar system to Soul Calibur. So, why not just put them into Soul Calibur instead?

    Other popular choices that no doubt will attract even more n00bs to ignore the true cast are Cloud and Sephiroth. Sephiroth having naturally huge length (much like Hwang had with his Phantom Sword or something way back in Soul Edge), then again, so will Cloud, but about the same as Siegfried, really (funny enough, I think they look somwhat similar at times, just one with longer hair and armour).

    It would be nice if they somehow managed to tie in Kunimitsu into the series. Yoshimitsu was added but it wasn’t the same person. Kunimitsu can’t be added in the same way as she’s just a one off in the Tekken series. No one inherits anything (which is the case with Yoshimitsu). But if they could find a way to add her, that’d be sweet. Then again…Taki reminded me of her plenty.

    Another character (or a bunch) that would be interesting would be the Thundercats. Lion-O and his Sword of Omens…Oh. My. God! That would be so sweet! Tygra would also be really interesting. Think Ivy, only his weapon is just a whip that splits into three. I can even imagine a throw of his actualy tossing the enemy out of the ring (CHEAP!).

    Other character worth mentioning would be Ichigo (Bleach), Samanosuke (Onimusha), Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Haohmaru and many more.

  • RayFoxSith

    How about a Castlevania character? A Belmont? Alucard, perhaps?

  • ECM

    Wow, nobody mentioned Ash from Evil Dead? I must be old…

  • twilightsamurai

    HE-MAN and Skeletor… that’s right. HE-MAN and Skeletor. I’ll say it again HE-MAN and Skeletor.

  • What about Shadow (ffvi) , that would be so awesome ^_^

  • Guy

    A Klingon with a Bat’leth.

  • bigmac996

    The Prince from Katamari Damacy! He could use his katamari to attack and to roll up various objects in the ring. On the plus side, he’s a Namco character, right?

    On another note, Kratos from God of War seems to be a great idea as well.

  • shion16

    LUKE FON FABRE or some “tales of” charactes

  • thaKingRocka

    gordon freeman with his crowbar please. ooh, and a grav gun throw or special.

  • em

    Ice Climbers!!!!

  • TacoBeaver


  • TacoBeaver

    Id say Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones, rent they a couple ike those two, they could have a reasonable moveset.

  • ryne11

    The Terminator from the First Movie. Governator could provide the voice and likeness

  • Lungkisser

    The Prince of All Cosmos would be my personal pick, but more appropriately I agree with anyone who mentioned a Tales or Xenosaga character. There’s no reason not to!

  • Tofuuu

    Hard Gay D: his pelvis thrust will dominate the arena!!!

  • Easy… The Corrupted Wanderer from Shadow of the Colossus (the main character).

  • Arekusu

    I recon Kratos from Tales of Symphonia should be in it, he has plenty of good moves and hes an all round awesome character ^_^ Ir Lloyd, but hes already got his staring role in Legends, so i recon Kratos belongs here.

  • Ishaan

    Nariko from Heavenly Sword. She’d fit perfectly as a PS3 exclusive. Her looks, style and background all fit the Soul Calibur universe perfectly.

    Sure, Vader and Yoda are completely random, but if we’re going to be putting crazy characters in, lets at least make it so they’re appropriate.

  • tt

    Kratos or Nariko for the Sony Version and Kaim from Lost Odyssey for the Microsoft version.

  • Naruto


  • Drkirby

    I would love to see Cless from Tales of Phantasia, or Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia. While Cless is a bit a long shot, Lloyd has a decent chance, since he did show up in Soul Caliber Legends.

    Or how about Mario in the surprise Wii Version of the game :D

  • BlackFreefall

    Sora from the Kingdom Heart series. His keyblade is unique in itself. His story can be how he has open a gate to the world of soul calibur.

  • TacoBeaver

    I knew some1 would say that

    both Darth and Yoda for wii version cuz its delay : p

  • protoman

    guts, from berserk.

  • jacob

    Green ranger from might morphin power rangers! with the dragon dagger and sword of darkness

  • Geez… why does everyone recommend Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia or Luke von Fabre from Tales of the Abyss? Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss are two of the worst Tales games out there! Better choices would be Leon from Tales of Destiny, or Judas from Tales of Destiny 2 (same person). Leon not only has the Majinken, but he also has the Majin Rengokusatsu!

    In order to get Majin Rengokusatsu, you must beat the game THREE times.

  • HL

    Regal Bryant from Tales of Symphonia. Leg Greaves would be a really interesting weapon.

  • shion16

    dont say stupid things jaxel!!!

  • Hmm, Who Would I like to Duke it out with SC’s Cast.

    First, if we think about it, SC is all about the weapons, right? who is the mightiest wielder of the Soul Calibur or the Soul Edge… and those who seek it for power or greed. Themselves are counterparts of each other, making each one necessary for the thriving and life of each other. They cant be without the other and therefore there is balance…

    Where had I heard this? Oh Yeah, the balance of the world based on 2 super powers and those who wield them. Its everywhere, wherever you look, theres someone who is your mirror or counterpart in skills, theres your doppelganger in looks and even someone who even thinks like you.

    Wait, theres Three concepts in there… Looks, Wits and Skills (guts) that make a whole of the Original. So you might be the rival of other 3 individuals that you might had met or hadn’t.

    Can you see it yet?

    3 Individuals, living between 2 power planes.
    3 Choices between Good and Evil.

    No, This isnt God or Jesus. He isnt here to help you do a choice by Love or Power. Because

    So, who will you choose?

    A fight for a Weapon of Dark or Light Powers with a Broken Person who might be easily corruptible by the sheer amount of Power.

    James Sunderland.
    Perhaps, better known by his obscured alter ego.

    Pyramid Head.

    Not only would he have an alter ego to defeat himself, but at the same time conquer what he fears the most, himself.
    If he decides to turn in to the darkness, his power to manipulate reality and tremendous power of the Soul Edge combined with his might, might make him almost stoppable… but he would surrender to the power of the Edge because without his other self, he is just lost.

    The choice between great power or love would depend on the player, If he choses James, aligned with the Soul Calibur, he could easily defend himself from his inner demons, subduing them to his bidding and will. In his search of Love, he would find, perhaps, a way to return to his loved one and aid him with his Inner conflict.

    The Choices depend on the Player, because, after all… He is just a Puppet.

  • Icupnimpn2

    It’s not a far stretch from Link, so why not Legolas from LotR? Or Gimli or Strider? From the baddies’ side, the Witch-king of Angmar would make an awesome fighter. Or for that matter, Sauron would be a killer boss battle. A Knightmare vs. Sauron match would look awesome.

  • TacoBeaver

    Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones, they fit in what you said

  • Gringo 2K8

    I super agree on Afro Samourai, Jack Sparrow and Blade :P

    Other good ones would be:

    Mace Windu (especially for a Wii version if there’s one planned)
    Jubei Kibagami – Ninja Scroll
    Wolverine – X men
    Travis Touchdown – No More Heroes
    Kaguro – Kekkaishi
    the Headless Horseman – Sleepy Hollow.

  • Imboredsoimhere

    Yuffie Kisaragi from FF7! yeah… cool.

  • SCBarnabas

    Kei and Yuri from the Dirty Pair!…uh,Lovely Angels. :D

  • Batman, Tidus, Ryu, or Burning Gundam.

  • DasInchworm

    Thonolan from kickmaster for the NES. He would be bloddy brilliant.

  • donkey brawler

    Raziel from Soul Reaver
    Optimus Prime
    The Swedish Chef

  • Justin Bailey

    Ryu Hayabusa! Come on people. He’s an obvious choice! Ninja Gaiden’s best versus Taki.

  • benjamin marrero

    ha why not tifa lockhart from ff7???

    or Kos-mos final version from xenosaga 3

    nariko would be cool too

    tifa would be amazing to have tho, she cud use her limit breaks *final heaven!!!*

    wouldnt ryu hayabusa or kasumi be cool from DOA??? i guess for 360 since they are with xbox more

  • Max Power

    Arbiter with an energy sword for the 360 version, and…

    New Raiden from MGS4

  • Well… anybody from Final Fantasy would make sense
    [so much so that perhaps Namco should consider making a proper Final fantasy fighting game on the Soul calibur engine]
    Other good characters would be Kratos , Jill valentine / Barry burton and… Gordon freeman :D

  • Brian

    It’s a pretty simple choice for me. Since Lloyd (From Tales of Symphonia) will be in Soul Calibur Legends, why not put him in Soul Calibur IV too? He fits the look for a Soul Cal. character, and he would definitely be a better choice than Cervantes for a two-sword character. It would also be a breeze to create moves for him, since all of his moves from Tales of Symphonia could be incorporated into the game. It would be cool to see him use moves like Rising Phoenix as a Soul Charge move, and have Sword Rain: Beta as one of his throw moves. Apart from that, the creators of Soul Cal. IV wouldn’t even have to use very much creativity for him.

    With all of this, and the fact that he could definitely be one of the best people to put into Soul Cal. IV. Oh, and he’s really cool and pwns everyone else. Need I say more?

    Ryo Hantano

  • Id have to say: Heero Yuy

    Heero Yuy is from Mobile Suit Gundam who pilots the Wing Gundam.

    Such possible weapons used could be:

    At long range his buster rifle- a powerful beam weapon which can only be fired 3 times before it must be recharged.

    And at close range its shoulder-mounted machine cannons, and beam saber stored in its shield.

    The Wing Gundam can also transform into a winged “bird mode”-superior to any conventional fighter plane, capable of surviving re-entry and flying in Earth’s atmosphere.

  • Devin

    how about altair from assassins creed

  • I vote for Guybrush Threepwood from the Monkey Island games. He’s one of my all time favorite characters, and could use a variety of insult-stances in Soul Calibur. Can’t wait to see Tim Shcaefer’s next game Brutal Legend.

  • Rabid Rabbit

    Going off of Katsutoshi Sasaki’s idea of Pac-Man, we might as well suggest characters from the Namco realm since it would be a more viable option than, say, Dante or Nero from DMC. Dig Dug and Klonoa would seem interesting characters to put into the game; however, since the game is somewhat serious, it would make more sense to include characters from either the “Tales of” series or from Eternal Sonata. I think that Altair would be an interesting addition to the series and would definitely fit, but realistically, it’s probably likely that a Namco character would appear in this game.

  • Soccer Genius

    I think that Rick from the Splatterhouse series or even Valkyrie from the Legend of Valkyrie series would be great additions. Otherwise, I think that Namco Bandai should capitalize on a “cosplay” type situation like in King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 and have the Soulcalibur characters obtain costumes for characters from other Namco series.

  • 7egend

    Cloud – FF
    Squall – FF
    Sora – KH
    Vaan – FF
    Tifa – FF
    Sephiroth – FF

    Cloud and Seph with their awesome weapons would make for a great battles, especially matching them up in a game with SC4 battle system. I already can’t wait to have a battle of the force in SC4 supposedly Yoda will be a downloadable extra for the PS3, Yoda Vs Vader with a great battle system = org*sm.

  • Misticaltom

    who would not want to see Austin Powers beat up sephiroth with a 70’s umbrella? that would an awsome fight

  • JaBBa

    Tifa from Final Fantasy: Advent Children
    her weapons are leather gloves
    *drools* ……..

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