Questing with friends in (Secret of) Soma Bringer

By Spencer . January 21, 2008 . 11:11am

sbringer.jpgMonolith Soft’s first after Nintendo’s acquisition project, Soma Bringer, is scheduled to come out in Japan on February 28. Unlike their typical core RPG projects, Soma Bringer is an action RPG where you assign attacks to the ABXY buttons and consecutively attack monsters with the break system by timing your button presses. With about a month away from its release Soma Bringer is getting little attention, but the three player wireless cooperative play feature makes it noteworthy.


When you team up with two friends each of you can freely explore the world, including entering towns without having to worry about where the other players are placed on the screen. If you’re flying solo the AI takes control of the two other party members and the game continues. Sounds vaguely like good old Secret of Mana! Here’s hoping Soma Bringer delivers a solid multiplayer experience. The thought of bringing a customized character into a game with two friends is quite appealing, especially if Soma Bringer has a decent combat system that doesn’t rely on button mashing. Am I asking for too much and setting myself up for a disappointment? 

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  • I’m hoping for the same thing Spencer and hoping this one gets a NA release date soon. Anyway, I was under the impression that the multi-player features were also Wi-Fi compatible, was that wrong?


  • @SoulCaster – I don’t believe Soma Bringer supports Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection that way. The official page only mentions wireless play for three people. It doesn’t say Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or proudly show a stamp of with blue circle. I could be wrong though and I hope I am because Wi-Fi play sounds like a perfect fit!

  • jeffx

    Spencer, have you tried From The Abyss yet? It is everything Chilren of Mana should have been. Soma Bringer looks cool but I’m having tons of fun with FTA, so that’s my pick for a swift localization. Don’t know who could take care of it, though… XSEED?

  • @jeffx – No I haven’t picked From the Abyss up :( I have too many other unplayed games like Patapon US and so forth that need write ups. No more new games (besides Smash!) until I catch up!

  • Well, I found out where I heard that is had Wi-Fi features it was from an article over at GoNintendo:

    I hope it turns out to be true, be even more of a reason for it to have a NA release date.


  • @SoulCaster – Ah! Thanks for the heads up. The link you sent over links back to a NeoGAF thread ( that says:

    Ok, I just read the article. Here is what it mentions.

    – Coming out in 2008 in Japan.
    -The unique feature is that the main story mode can be played with up to 3 players and it can played over LAN (maybe Wifi though unsure as of this time).
    – There is an action move called “break,” which you can use under some circumstances, that’ll allow you to continuously attack your opponent, thereby bringing out huge damage,
    – There are special co-op specific attacks.

    They say “maybe” too and I haven’t seen anything straight from Nintendo that says otherwise. Like I said before though, I hope I’m wrong because Wi-Fi play is what will sell Soma Bringer.

  • EvilAkito

    “Am I asking for too much and setting myself up for a disappointment?”

    I think you set yourself up for disappointment when you made the Secret of Mana connection. This is just from personal experience, but I’ve learned that every time an action RPG looks like it could be the next Secret of Mana, it never is. The newer Mana games strayed far away from the SNES games. I had high hopes for Shining Tears, but I’ve heard nothing but bad things about it. The newer Ys games are awesome, but there is no multiplayer. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Gamecube version), was more of a hassle than it was worth. The most recent disappointment for me was Dragon Quest IX, which looked like it could have been that game I was waiting for, but then it went back to being turn-based.

    Of course, I’m enough of a masochist to set myself up for disappointment as well, so I expect great things from Soma Bringer.

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