Save and slay friends with Shiren the Wanderer 3

By Spencer . February 11, 2008 . 2:17pm

shiren3op.jpgChunsoft played Nintendo Wi-Fi connectivity to the DS version of Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer 2. For Shiren’s Wii debut Chunsoft is upping the online features. The rescue system where friendly players can revive fallen dungeon explorers returns in addition to an online versus mode. Since Mystery Dungeon games typically move in frames in reaction to the player’s movements it will be interesting to see how Chunsoft fleshes this mode out. Will they add time limits to force opponents to move? Or will the action move to a crawl while an opponent goes out to cook a rice ball? A clock on the bottom right hand corner suggests Chunsoft has some kind of solution to prevent the latter from happening.


In addition to the online play modes Shiren 3 will also have leaderboards and downloadable dungeons. New dungeons? That’s a surprise since the core game is based on random dungeons. Perhaps, this feature will be more appropriately used for specific dungeon tile sets and monsters

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  • Lord Gek

    Cool beans! This better get over here to the US, gosh dangit!

    The Leaderboards + Downloadable Dungeons is actually nothing new for the Shiren franchise.

    Fushigi no Dungeon: Furai no Shiren Gaiden: Jokenji Asuka Kenzan! (both on DC and PC) introduced the concepts of online rescues (ala Mystery Dungeon: Pokemon), leaderboards, downloadable dungeons, and even an online store where you could buy special online only items with some sort of online achievement points earned by ranking onto any of the various dungeon leaderboards back in July 2002. The catch then, however, is you had to pay a subscription fee (something incredibly minor as I recall, like $5/yr but I maybe off on this).

    What is meant by downloadable dungeons in a random dungeon game? These were more a case of clever variant rules than actual new creatures, art, or items.

    Like one dungeon where your end score was all about how much cash you had on hand when you died. To further go with this theme the ONLY items found in the dungeon or dropped by monsters was cash and each and every level was guaranteed to have a random shop (with a normal assortment of random game items). So the big dilemma in this dungeon was trying to balance progressing through the dungeon while saving up your cash. You can’t get far in this game without items but items cost cash which are what your end ranking is entirely based on.

    They also had a dungeon that was normal in all aspects but you were only allowed to play for 10,000 turns (this is about the time 10 food rations would give you in the game). So to get a great ranking you have to make sure your every move is efficiently increasing your score (which is based on experience level, dungeon level, and cash on hand) besides just surviving that long.

  • @LordGek – Thanks for all the info. I wasn’t aware Chunsoft had downloadable dungeons in other Shiren games, but I imagined the downloads would add in tiles or monsters. The rules sound neat though and I’m looking forward to twists beyond gathering items and poking slimes with three players.

  • Lord Gek

    Here is some video coverage of the game at TGS ’07 in English (although heavily accented):

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