Plight of the region locked hard drive transfer kit

By Spencer . March 18, 2008 . 7:56pm

xbox360rl.jpgI spoke with Siliconera reader Aoshi00 who owns a Japanese Xbox 360 and recently purchased a 120GB hard drive from the US. Before installing the drive he planned to transfer the data over with an official Microsoft hard drive data transfer kit. Unfortunately, the hard drive transfer disc bundled with the cable is region locked for North American consoles only.


We know Microsoft has the ability to region lock or not region lock discs, which makes locking an essential disc an awkward choice. I suppose there aren’t many people sitting around with imported an Xbox 360 so this probably doesn’t affect many. However, if this news is relevant to you, take this information as a warning before you purchase the necessary equipment for a hardware upgrade and make sure you thank Aoshi00 for sharing this with us.

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  • Angelous

    Just when I think I can’t loose more respect (terrible DRM, faulty hardware, terrible customer service) for Microsoft, I find out another fact that makes me loathe them more.

  • Aoshi00

    Yep, woe is me. Usually I’m pretty careful by checking compatibility first, never have I imagined they would pull a stupid stuntlike this, especially having successfully installed the US ver. of 20Gb onto my Jpn 360 before.

    I brought up this issue w/ customer service, and only gotten a “you’re on your own” response, guess that’s how they treat their customers who have bought two overly priced hard drives. Consoles just aren’t consoles these days..

    The only saving grace is I have yet to experience the infamous RROD *knock on wood*.. all the games that I’ve enjoyed on this machine so far hasn’t made me hate Microsoft yet.

    I’m looking for a Region 2 install disc right now. If no luck, I might sell this baby on ebay.

  • TacoBeaver

    aoshi00 ans angelous

    havent you noticed that nintendo kicks mocrosoft´s ass, btw they have the best costumer service EVA!!!!!!!
    u can send you wii to nintendo and they clean it FER FREH, I called saying, the stupid SSBB wont work on my wii n the dood (or doodet) told me to send it to a place, my friend sent them a letter and they relpied to him (they even replied him in spanish when they saw he was from mexico xD)and a bunch of other things. (they dont mind for free loaders too)

    qad wii is the best console till now

  • thaKingRocka

    how about writing in to MS japan’s customer service to ask if the disc is available separately? i had a RROD while living there, and they were helpful and prompt. i have a jp 360, so i’m glad to get this info before getting screwed. i had been considering it, but i was hesitant because it was such a rip-off. now i know it’s more than just that.

  • Aoshi00

    @thaKingRocka – I have actually considered contacting Microsoft Jpn too, I thought I would try out the states side first. Not sure if they would give me the same response since I’m not currently residing in Jpn. Essentially the answer I got was “you own a machine not from your region, so tough luck”. I would give it a try if my contacts aren’t able to obtain this disc.

    I know the price is ridiculous, that’s why I’ve waited a long time and am finally able to get one at a relatively good price, and now this. I’ll try shooting an e-mail to Microsoft Jpn and see what they say, have a feeling it won’t be that easy.

  • Adam

    Datel’s Xport might be an option to help transfering data. I used it to get my Xbox saves onto my Xbox 360’s hard drive, and it also allows you to make back-ups of the 360 hard drive.

  • Daniel

    Aoshi00: I just got my 120GB HDD (Asian Version) with transfercable + CD (+ customs) from Play-Asia, but the disc does not work on my PAL-console! :-/ I can send it to you if you want as it should work on your console! :-)

  • Aoshi00

    Could you please Daniel? My personal e-mail is [email protected], shoot me an e-mail and we could arrange something, thanks!

  • Daniel

    E-mail sent! :-)

  • Aoshi00

    Double-thanks Daniel! Sry some of my e-mails didn’t show up correctly.

  • Daniel

    It’s no problem! :-) I will send you the disc on monday as promised!

  • Joe Rush

    I know this sounds dumb but I lost the disk. Does anyone know where I can download an ISO of the transfer disk for the US.

  • that’s pretty weird. I transferred my Japanese HD to my U.S. Elite with zero problems whatsoever. Then I lent my Japanese 360 to a friend, then he got a new 360 in the U.S. (not elite) and it worked just fine too. Something’s odd here!

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