The World Ends With Neku wearing a dress

By Spencer . April 29, 2008 . 7:11am


While we’re discussing the World Ends With You, did you notice how Square Enix crafted the equipment system? Instead of regulating “threads” (read: armor) by level, bravery determines what you can wear.


Shiki, Neku’s female friend and first partner, has her bravery over 100 at the beginning of the game while Neku's bravery is hovers around 30 points. Male vestments like shirts and slacks are set at a lower brave so Neku can wear them. Since the bravery requirement for male clothes is low Shiki can put on Neku’s clothes too. However, any bonuses specifically for Neku are not passed on. Female clothes typically require over 100 bravery points to equip. This means Shiki can wear lace bonnets and high heels while Neku initially cannot.


The keyword is initially because if you boost Neku’s brave high enough he can wear a dress. Surprisingly, some items like the Gothic Lolita style lace bonnet (pictured, bottom right item in Neku’s equipment) give Neku special abilities. If you’re wondering none of these items actually change Neku’s appearance.


In the real world Shibuya has a diverse sense of fashion, but even there it still requires actual bravery for a male to walk across scramble crossing in a dress. It almost feels like the equipment system is an intentional design choice rather than an oversight. In previous Square Enix games players there is gender specific equipment like the perfume in Final Fantasy Tactics. Now if only Orlandu was brave enough to wear the Chantage…


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • Shuyin

    haha, indeed it seems it was intentional from SE. You need to be very brave in real life to walk in Shibuya (or any other place in the world) wearing a dress and you need to have high bravery in the game to wear dresses too :P

  • Hah, I noticed that too. My first task was to get Neku’s bravery up so he can wear dresses. It’s unfortunate that the in-game character doesn’t reflect what s/he’s wearing though.

  • Danielle

    Great post, have to say it was quite intuitive on the part of the developers to make such intricacies. Very funny about the bravery/dress connection.

  • QBasic

    You forgot to mention the fact that you yourself can set the trends to your advantage and within the bravery mark. :)

    If Neku, for example is wearing a NaturalPuppy poodle skirt and loafers, with maybe one or two NP pins, fighting a few battles in the crossing will make NaturalPuppy the #1 brand.

    That effectively makes NP poodle skirts and loafers the latest and greatest in guy’s fashion! :-D

  • I cannot wait to play this, this just only makes it better.

  • WolvesKin

    lol, yes i figured that out when i was playing! Except i had Neku wearing a bikini instead of a dress XD lol o_O

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