Hudson USA discusses digital distribution and Ys

By Spencer . May 5, 2008 . 7:36pm


Hudson is moving full throttle into digital distribution with import TurboGrafx-16 games on the Virtual Console and plenty of Bomberman. I had a chance to ask Sabine Duvall, Vice President of Product Development at Hudson Entertainment, a few questions about their plans starting with something I’ve been personally wondering, where is Ys Book I&II?


Will we see Ys Book I&II will we see this on US Wiis? Can you give us an estimate on the time?

You know, Ys is one of our most-requested titles, along with Bonk and Military Madness (which have come out on the Virtual Console, and people are still asking for them on other platforms). We’d love to make our fans happy, so we’re still evaluating if it’s right to bring Ys over.

It's great that Hudson had a chance to bring Battle Lode Runner and DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure outside of Japan. What other Virtual Console imports can we look forward to in the future?

Good question. There’s a lot of other great games that didn’t make it over to the States. Let me answer your question with another question: What games would you like to see? Drop by our forums and let us know. If we see that there’s a certain game a lot of American gamers would like brought over, we’ll look into it.

Hudson announced Star Solider R for North America, but there wasn't a price. How much will it cost?

We’ll release that information soon.

Recently, Hudson Japan announced two Bomberman games for the Wii. Is Hudson planning on releasing either Bomberman game in North America?

Bomberman has worldwide appeal and is clearly beloved by US gamers, as the success of Bomberman LIVE showed us. Any game we release in Japan is always evaluated for a US release, so I’m sure you’ll see more Bomberman in the US in the future.



Most of the digital download news from Hudson has been about WiiWare. What are Hudson's future plans for Xbox Live Arcade?

We’ve seen great success with the two titles we’ve put out so far, Bomberman LIVE and Omega Five. We’re very happy with our experience on the platform so far and definitely have plans to release more games for it in the future.

So far the Playstation 3 is the only console without an online Bomberman game. Does Hudson have plans to develop Bomberman or any other games for the PlayStation Network?

Bomberman is perfect for any platform, especially any one with online multiplayer capabilities. One of Hudson’s strengths is making fun, easy to pick up games that appeal to all sorts of people and these kinds of games work on any platform.

Is Hudson planning to release more casual titles like Table Games for the Wii or the series of Nintendo DS puzzle games (Jigsaw Puzzle/ Illustlogic) outside of Japan?


With the increasing interest in casual games here in the US, we’re certainly thinking about releasing more casual-oriented games. We will pay special attention if those games will have global appeal or if we should release them to specific territories only.


Images courtesy of Hudson. 

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  • ecco6t9

    Any chance that Hudson will bring out the DS Ys remakes?

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  • Caliban

    I know it is hopeless, but I am still waiting for any kind of Faxanadu game to be done in this modern age of videogames.

  • @ecco6t9 – Since Interchannel Holon and Falcom teamed up to license those I don’t think Hudson will be involved. Other companies may pick them up though. Perhaps… Rising Star?

    @Caliban – Maybe not hopeless, but Hudson won’t be doing it since Faxanadu is actually a Nihon Falcom property.

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  • thaKingRocka

    but isn’t Ys a nihon falcom property too?

  • @thaKingRocka – Yes, Ys is a Falcom property, but Hudson was responsible for releasing Ys Book I&II on the TG-16 CD many. many years ago. If anyone is going to republish the game with the proper translation it’s going to be them.

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  • jeffx

    There’s no point in bringing out the DS games at $30+ each if the virtual console port of YsI+II comes out, since it is superior in every way, especially in price. Sure maybe the new ports have some nifty features but we’re looking at around 25K sales at most.

    Now what the hell takes so long in _evaluating_ the release of a 20 year old game that should appear on the VC just by snapping fingers? They know they’ll sell enough “copies” to cover their costs (what costs?) If fans are asking for it, why not just give it right away? Can someone explain why it seems SO HARD to get anything out on the VC?

    But what would be REALLY interesting would be to see Hudson team up with Nihon Falcom for all of the recent Ys games AND Ys 7. It’s absolutely unjust that America isn’t seeing any of these top quality games.

    A question I’m surprised you didn’t ask is How will the departure of John Greiner affect Hudson USA (I’m assuming you did this interview before the announcement) This guy was monumental in the dev. of Hudson USA and I’m not sure if they can get back on their feet after this terrible loss.

    IMHO they need to look into original IP, not terrible remakes or ports galore or WiiSports-clones. My childhood was marked by a creative Hudson Soft that pumped out some of the best games on THE #1 console that ever existed as far as I’m humbly concerned.

  • @jeffx – Yes, this interview was conducted way before the departure of Mr. Greiner. We are working on something else with them though…

  • Daizyujin

    No offense but this interview stunk. Basically nothing but glorified no comments. The questions were fine but the answers pretty much say nothing.

  • Chris

    We want Ys IV! We want Ys IV! We want Ys IV!

    (And we want Oath of Felghana even more!)

  • Madpacman

    Hey, I was looking for an answer!!!! On the question about Bomberman and PS3 I need more then that. WHEN can we expect it ? ? ? ? – hey just get me Saturn Bomberman and ship it. I think your driving me out of my mind. PS3 owners demand it. PS3 is awesome but it lacks party games. HUDSON is slacking on this title. You did it on the PS2 don’t make the same mistake on PS3. I’ve been playing this game since Desert Storm don’t make me go back to get it.

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