Wait a second… Square Enix has a lineup of Xbox 360 titles?

By Spencer . May 21, 2008 . 12:41pm


Yes, according to the Infinite Undiscovery press release. Here is the eye catching statement, “the first in a completely new lineup of Square Enix titles for Xbox 360, this fantasy RPG (role-playing game) is a collaborative project with fan favorite development studio tri-Ace Inc.”


“Completely new lineup?” Square Enix has openly supported the Xbox 360, but beyond the Last Remnant there aren’t any other announced Xbox 360 games in the pipeline. Of course, Square Enix could and probably does have other Xbox 360 games in development regardless of the statement. The question has always been “how many” and lineup sounds like some. Since the Last Remnant, a multiplatform PS3 / Xbox 360 game, doesn’t have a date it’s part of the “lineup.”


To date Square Enix has only published one Xbox 360 game in North America, Final Fantasy XI. Microsoft handled Project Sylpheed as if it was a second party game in regions outside of Japan.


So what could these other games be? Xbox Live Arcade games? Brand new IPs?


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • hopefully star ocean 4 on x box

  • Mazen

    Sony are really hurting themself with their new philosophy of not paying for exclusives, these games will give a push for the 360 west and east.

  • wario4ever

    omg please annouce “Last Remnant” soon i’ve been wait’n a freaking year for this! A Year dang it~

  • i want final fantasy 7 remake

  • Pedro Silva

    * sigh * “the first in a completely new lineup of Square Enix Microsoft-moneyhatted titles for Xbox 360” :/

    When will this generation start to make sense.

  • Kay

    There’s also the new MMO Square is working on codenamed “Rapture” that’s set for an Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows release.

    I’m not a fan of the 360, but since it’s cheaper to pick it up to play The Last Remnant than a PS3, I’m in. xD

  • @Kay – Ah yes the unnamed MMO. I forgot about that one. Alright we’re up to three games now :). Thanks for this one!

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  • nika

    lineup? that would mean there would be other games besides last remnant (please give us a release date fot it square >__<)

    I hope they won’t be exclusive, or squeenix would actually get me to but an XBOX in the future…

    btw mark; I somewhat doubt there will be a FFVII remake, and I doubt it even more that it would come to XBOX (unless it will be multiplatform) And they’d better make on heck of a remake if they plan on doing that, or I fear that the entire fanbase will be pissed.

  • Pedro Silva

    Square would be dumb to make a FF7 remake this gen. They’d best wait for the next one when the consoles are all leveled up in power and make it cross platform.

    Xbox exclusives from Square-enix are a ridiculous thought though.

  • asdf asdf

    no way.. they better wait til the consoles are all leveled up in power and they’ve collected all their 4 star ruby gems and have all their powerups and spells then they can release it multiplatform!!

  • Whorl

    Dunno but.. That screenshot is of Last Remnant, not Infinite Undiscovery.

  • nika

    no, really? =P
    since both of them will be on XBOX it doesn’t really matter for the article anyways.

  • Xbox360 RPG exclusives ridiculous?

    Definitely not!

    Square-Enix has “The Last Remnant” time-exclusive, followed by Infinite Undiscovery and Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope both exclusives.

    Then I’m sure they have FF 13 Haerseis and FF13 Versus Novalus in development somewhere for the 360.

    To my understanding of it, that is quite a lineup and MS didn’t have to pay all that much for it since they want to expand in Europe also.

    Oh AND since FF13 is sony exclusive, SO4 is xbox exclusive, and Kingdom Hearts 3 is WII exclusive, then no one has yet to say anything about chrono trigger……..

    LOST ODYSSEY is also xbox exclusive (the whole series) so MS Japan is going to come out swinging……..I would not be surprised they never give up on japan. MS Japan will probably sell over 1 million 360s finally which was goal and make multiple profits off the new Xbox live games. Smart decision for MS Japan to open up custom-creator RPG for developers!

    Then all the independent studios can get out there with their product, and this will significantly slow down sony, in its own hometown of japan!!

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