Control MSX Virtual Console games with a USB Keyboard

By Spencer . June 5, 2008 . 1:08am

aleste.jpgI’m not sure how many Siliconera readers have seen a proper MSX before, but it doesn’t look anything like standard gaming console. The MSX was a computer co-developed by Microsoft which was also used as a gaming device in Japan. Since the MSX has a full keyboard the games have different input controls compared to what the Wii remote or Classic Controller natively offer.


Late last month Nintendo and D4 Enterprise finally got around to releasing the first MSX game on the Virtual Console. Aleste came and went with a scarce amount of international attention, but there is a neat unannounced feature packaged in the revised Virtual Console release. Aleste supports four control options: Wii remote, Classic Controller, Gamecube controller, and a USB keyboard. Thus far the Wii only supported USB keyboards for the internet browser. Aleste is the first game to utilize the peripheral as a gaming controller.


I wonder if LucasArts is aware of this feature. They have an archive or graphical adventure games that would work well with a Wii Remote / USB Keyboard combination. Imagine The Secret of Monkey Island revised for WiiWare or SCUMM games on the Virtual Console.


Images courtesy of D4 Enterprise.

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  • Mazen

    Konami were the stars of the MSX and the MSX made them a company from a small team that was suing Sega for Frogers rights yearly,
    I can’t wait for their games on VC,
    also MSX was culture level hit in many third world countries people there recognized MSX immediately while know nothing about Commodor or Amiga.

  • thaKingRocka

    i seem to recall reading that lucasarts toyed with the idea of putting their old adventure games on ds, but couldn’t due to size limitations. it may be the same for wiiware, but for a dvd-based product, things would be just fine. with sam & max hitting soon for the wii, maybe decent sales would inspire them to rerelease full throttle, day of the tentacle, and all those other greats.

    as for the msx, it’s always good news to have a new system added.

  • cusman

    I would love to have Quest for Glory, Monkey Island etc type classic games available on the Wii

    The Wii does a great job of playing the games in their original forms.

  • Huh, lucasarts didn’t put their adventure games on DS due to size limitations? That’s odd, considering a ds port of the SCUMM engine was one of the first homebrewn DS apps.

  • John H.

    Actually, there is a little system support for USB keyboards as well. They can be used to enter messages on the message board.

  • Starscream

    The MSX (1) was actually quite successful in a number of countries outside Japan, especially Brazil and the Netherlands.

    Also, SCUMMVM supports offically Wii now. Don’t know about Keyboard support though. The homebrew Linux supports it.

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