What would you ask the President of NIS America?

By Spencer . June 5, 2008 . 10:53am

prinny.jpgLater today, I’m scheduled to do an on the fly interview with Haru Akenaga, the President of NIS America. I already have some questions in mind, but I am aware a number of Siliconera readers are fans of NIS America. So, in the interest of you guys and gals, I want to squeeze in as many reader questions as humanly possible.


Before you post a list of “will you release game X” in North America, please understand this session is going to be short and I may not be able to get to all of them. However, I like to think some is better than none and I’ll do my best while I’m on the field!

Images courtesy of Nippon Ichi Software.

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  • Ramez

    I think I speak for a number of people when I ask: “Will we see the release of Ar Tonelico 2” this year? I’d also be curious to know if they have any unannounced PSP or DS games in the pipeline like the recently mentioned Rhapsody DS.

  • wario4ever

    how hard was it to keep all the voice acting intact Disgaea ds
    what happens to the music and vocal songs?

  • Mazen

    on the opposite I would like to know if they are going to make any 3d game for PS3/Wii/360 are they going to expand the company and work on a more risky high budget projects,
    also if you have time ask him about their PS2 birds simulation game tori no hoshi.

  • Aaron Rudkin

    Most American subsidiaries of Japanese publishers function only as domestic publishers of Japanese-developed titles, but companies like Capcom USA (Okami) and D3 of America (Dark Sector) have been given greater leeway to pursue domestic product development–is an expansion into domestic product development in the cards for Nippon Ichi?

  • Gorvi

    Can we expect to see more PS2 NIS RPGs and SRPGs to show up on the PSP and/or DS? If so, which?

  • FoliathR

    I’m actually interested in Makai Kingdom (known as Phantom Kingdom in Japan), whether there is any plan to remake it, port it or release a sequel?

    And (pretty please) help me thank him for releasing Disgaea DS! I can’t wait for it to be released =D

    Thanks Spencer!

  • aesquire

    I second the request that you ask about Tori no hoshi, and the prospect of releasing it stateside on the PS2 or Wii.

  • CriticalFury

    i always wondered if nis america would ever do a fighter based on their characters. they have so many. it could play like jump ultimate stars or smash bros.

  • pikascratch

    Simply seconding the questions about Tori no hoshi and ar tonelico 2.

  • jeffx

    CriticalFury: Already done.

    Spencer: Ar Tonelico 2.

  • Keriaku

    No one has asked about the Marl Kingdom series? :O
    Could you ask if there’s any way of bringing us this series, probably Angel’s Present as PS2 games are still being released

  • pikascratch

    @jeffx. They made a fighting game with NIS characters?

  • Hero of legend

    All I want to know is, where’s their Wii support?!

    They said that they were considering it, but they haven’t shown A THING!!! :(

  • ZER0

    Any idea on bring Atelier Marie + Elie
    Ar Tonelico 2 on the PS2, Tears to Teira on the PS3 here uncensored and also all future releases in their native language as a first priority because the fans know the origin of the IPs?

  • Mazen

    Keriaku I love the Marl Kingdom series more than the cheap gust games but I think its future depend on the performance of the Rhapsody remake, Well!
    I second your request asking anyhing related to Marl Kingdom interests me even more than Tori no Hoshi, RPGs always my number one things.

  • Justin Bailey

    Ask him to open a US studio and tell him I want a job!

  • Kyrth

    I also am rather curious about where their Wii support is.

  • p1ry

    What about the other Atelier Games in the series for PS2?

  • matty

    How about those games they’re going to publish that aren’t the ones developed by NIS or are RPG games?
    I’m interested on what their planning on bringing that are aimed towards the casual gamers.
    Are they anything like those Simple Series or something?

  • Freddy “Rerun” Stubbs

    I’d ask about Mana Khemia 2, Ar Tonelico 2, Atelier Lise DS, a possible Wii port of Grim Grimoire (this game NEEDS to be on the Wii), and in fact, any future Wii or DS support.

  • A

    I’m wondering if they’re planning to port/create more games for the PSP this year or the next one.
    Thanks Spencer.

  • What does he think about the Disgaea anime?

  • jeffx

    @pikascratch: I had a lapsus moment and thought of Spectral vs. Generation. Sumanai!

  • Jason

    Will Disgaea DS really retain all the VA from the PS2/PSP games?

    NIS announced that they acquired Wii and X-Box 360 dev kits, are they planning to use them anytime soon? *joke* Can we expect 2 more ports of Disgaea? *joke*

  • RiceBoi

    Ar Tonelico 2 and Mana Khemia 2. Are they confirmed for U.S. localization? That is the big question that all us Gust fans dearly want answered!

  • I’d like to know if we will ever see some of NIS’s adventure games localized, like Hayarigami (or the PSP versions). That’s one genre we’ve yet to really see in the US. Is it just too much effort to do so, to even try it?

  • Pichi

    Is it possible we’ll the the Prinny stylus for a pre-order bonus like in Japan for Disgaea DS? Any plans for a NIS fighting game?

  • Keriaku

    I would really love to see Hayarigami as well

  • @Everyone – Thanks for posting questions! The interview went down around 7PM-ish and I think most of you will be happy with it when it gets transcribed.

    And for all the night owls… more NIS America coverage/announcements/etc. are coming soonish.

  • Pichi

    Awesome! Can’t wait! Thanks, Spencer! ^o^

  • alice

    My question, had I seen this thread in time, would have been “Do you think you can break another game or series into the mainstream or will you subsist on publishing remakes of Disgaea games for the rest of time?”

  • mg

    Simple question: When is the Wii getting some NIS games?

  • teasel

    why not ask him why they decided to switch to 3D for their cellphone game after so many 2D games? are they going to do other 3D games?

  • animedemon

    No ask if there a chance to see Agarest Senki for the PS3 in the state

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